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web page URL; URI template from which "$1" can be automatically replaced with the effective property value on items. If the site goes offline, set it to deprecated rank. If the formatter url changes, add a new statement with preferred rank.

  • URL pattern
  • URL template
  • URL Formatter
  • URL Fomat string

Data type



özelliklerin tanımında kullanılır (Turkish)
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用于属性的声明中 (Simplified Chinese)
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用於屬性的陳述中 (Traditional Chinese)
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使用サイトが廃止になりデッドリンクになった場合、ランクを非推奨ランクに設定してください (Japanese)
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속성의 서술로 사용하는 속성이며, "$1"에서 "$1"는 자동으로 항목의 설정값으로 바뀝니다. (Korean)
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use in statements on properties to generate links for external-identifiers and string properties; (English)
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