Star Trek: The Next Generation: Birth of the Federation

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Birth of the Federation (English)
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Acamar I
Acamar II
Acamar III
Acamar IV
Acamar VI
Acamar VII
Acamar VIII
Acamar IX
Acamar System
Acamar V
0 references
Alpha I
Alpha II
Alpha III
Alpha IV
Alpha V
Alpha VI
Alpha VII
Alpha VIII
Alpha IX
Alpha System
0 references
Altair I
Altair II
Altair III
Altair IV
Altair V
Altair VI
Altair VII
Altair VIII
Altair IX
Altair System
0 references
Andor I
Andor II
Andor III
Andor IV
Andor V
Andor VI
Andor VII
Andor VIII
Andor IX
Andor System
0 references
Angel One I
Angel One II
Angel One III
Angel One IV
Angel One V
Angel One VI
Angel One VII
Angel One VIII
Angel One IX
Angel One System
0 references
Angosia I
Angosia II
Angosia III
Angosia IV
Angosia V
Angosia VI
Angosia VII
Angosia VIII
Angosia IX
Angosia System
0 references
Antica I
Antica II
Antica III
Antica IV
Antica V
Antica VI
Antica VII
Antica VIII
Antica IX
Antica System
0 references
Antos I
Antos II
Antos III
Antos IV
Antos V
Antos VI
Antos VII
Antos VIII
Antos IX
Antos System
0 references
Arcturus I
Arcturus II
Arcturus III
Arcturus IV
Arcturus V
Arcturus VI
Arcturus VII
Arcturus VIII
Arcturus IX
Arcturus System
0 references
Axanar I
Axanar II
Axanar III
Axanar IV
Axanar V
Axanar VI
Axanar VII
Axanar VIII
Axanar IX
Axanar System
0 references
Babel I
Babel II
Babel III
Babel IV
Babel V
Babel VI
Babel VII
Babel VIII
Babel IX
Babel System
0 references
Bajor I
Bajor II
Bajor III
Bajor IV
Bajor V
Bajor VI
Bajor VII
Bajor VIII
Bajor IX
Bajor System
0 references
Benzar I
Benzar II
Benzar III
Benzar IV
Benzar V
Benzar VI
Benzar VII
Benzar VIII
Benzar IX
Benzar System
0 references
Bolarus I
Bolarus II
Bolarus III
Bolarus IV
Bolarus V
Bolarus VI
Bolarus VII
Bolarus VIII
Bolarus IX
Bolarus System
0 references
Bre'el I
Bre'el II
Bre'el III
Bre'el IV
Bre'el V
Bre'el VI
Bre'el VII
Bre'el VIII
Bre'el IX
Bre'el System
0 references
Bynarus I
Bynarus II
Bynarus III
Bynarus IV
Bynarus V
Bynarus VI
Bynarus VII
Bynarus VIII
Bynarus IX
Bynarus System
0 references
Canopus I
Canopus II
Canopus III
Canopus IV
Canopus V
Canopus VI
Canopus VII
Canopus VIII
Canopus IX
Canopus System
0 references
Cardassia I
Cardassia II
Cardassia III
Cardassia IV
Cardassia V
Cardassia VI
Cardassia VII
Cardassia VIII
Cardassia IX
Cardassia System
0 references
Castor I
Castor II
Castor III
Castor IV
Castor V
Castor VI
Castor VII
Castor VIII
Castor IX
Castor System
0 references
Ceti Alpha I
Ceti Alpha II
Ceti Alpha III
Ceti Alpha IV
Ceti Alpha V
Ceti Alpha VI
Ceti Alpha VII
Ceti Alpha VIII
Ceti Alpha IX
Ceti Alpha System
0 references
Cheron I
Cheron II
Cheron III
Cheron IV
Cheron V
Cheron VI
Cheron VII
Cheron VIII
Cheron IX
Cheron System
0 references
Coridan I
Coridan II
Coridan III
Coridan IV
Coridan V
Coridan VI
Coridan VII
Coridan VIII
Coridan IX
Coridan System
0 references
Delta Vega I
Delta Vega II
Delta Vega III
Delta Vega IV
Delta Vega V
Delta Vega VI
Delta Vega VII
Delta Vega VIII
Delta Vega IX
Delta Vega System
0 references
Deneb I
Deneb II
Deneb III
Deneb IV
Deneb V
Deneb VI
Deneb VII
Deneb VIII
Deneb IX
Deneb System
0 references
Deneva I
Deneva II
Deneva III
Deneva IV
Deneva V
Deneva VI
Deneva VII
Deneva VIII
Deneva IX
Deneva System
0 references
Dimorus I
Dimorus II
Dimorus III
Dimorus IV
Dimorus V
Dimorus VI
Dimorus VII
Dimorus VIII
Dimorus IX
Dimorus System
0 references
Dorvan I
Dorvan II
Dorvan III
Dorvan IV
Dorvan V
Dorvan VI
Dorvan VII
Dorvan VIII
Dorvan IX
Dorvan System
0 references
Eden I
Eden II
Eden III
Eden IV
Eden V
Eden VI
Eden VII
Eden IX
Eden System
0 references
Ekos I
Ekos II
Ekos III
Ekos IV
Ekos V
Ekos VI
Ekos VII
Ekos IX
Ekos System
0 references
Exo I
Exo II
Exo IV
Exo V
Exo VI
Exo IX
Exo System
0 references
Farius I
Farius II
Farius III
Farius IV
Farius V
Farius VI
Farius VII
Farius VIII
Farius IX
Farius System
0 references
Ferenginar I
Ferenginar II
Ferenginar III
Ferenginar IV
Ferenginar V
Ferenginar VI
Ferenginar VII
Ferenginar VIII
Ferenginar IX
Ferenginar System
0 references
Galen I
Galen II
Galen III
Galen IV
Galen V
Galen VI
Galen VII
Galen VIII
Galen IX
Galen System
0 references
Gamma I
Gamma II
Gamma III
Gamma IV
Gamma V
Gamma VI
Gamma VII
Gamma VIII
Gamma IX
Gamma System
0 references
Gamma Tauri I
Gamma Tauri II
Gamma Tauri III
Gamma Tauri IV
Gamma Tauri V
Gamma Tauri VI
Gamma Tauri VII
Gamma Tauri VIII
Gamma Tauri IX
Gamma Tauri System
0 references
Gothos I
Gothos II
Gothos III
Gothos IV
Gothos V
Gothos VI
Gothos VII
Gothos VIII
Gothos IX
Gothos System
0 references
Kataan I
Kataan II
Kataan III
Kataan IV
Kataan V
Kataan VI
Kataan VII
Kataan VIII
Kataan IX
Kataan System
0 references
Kholfa I
Kholfa II
Kholfa III
Kholfa IV
Kholfa V
Kholfa VI
Kholfa VII
Kholfa VIII
Kholfa IX
Kholfa System
Zakdorn I
Zakdorn II
Zakdorn III
Zakdorn IV
Zakdorn V
Zakdorn VI
Zakdorn VII
Zakdorn VIII
Zakdorn IX
Zakdorn System
0 references
Krios I
Krios II
Krios III
Krios IV
Krios V
Krios VI
Krios VII
Krios VIII
Krios IX
Krios System
0 references
Ktaria I
Ktaria II
Ktaria III
Ktaria IV
Ktaria V
Ktaria VI
Ktaria VII
Ktaria VIII
Ktaria IX
Ktaria System
0 references
Marcus I
Marcus II
Marcus III
Marcus IV
Marcus V
Marcus VI
Marcus VII
Marcus VIII
Marcus IX
Marcus System
0 references
Mintaka I
Mintaka II
Mintaka III
Mintaka IV
Mintaka V
Mintaka VI
Mintaka VII
Mintaka VIII
Mintaka IX
Mintaka System
0 references
Mizar I
Mizar II
Mizar III
Mizar IV
Mizar V
Mizar VI
Mizar VII
Mizar VIII
Mizar IX
Mizar System
0 references
Moab I
Moab II
Moab III
Moab IV
Moab V
Moab VI
Moab VII
Moab IX
Moab System
0 references
No'Mat I
No'Mat II
No'Mat III
No'Mat IV
No'Mat V
No'Mat VI
No'Mat VII
No'Mat IX
No'Mat System
0 references
Polaris I
Polaris II
Polaris III
Polaris IV
Polaris V
Polaris VI
Polaris VII
Polaris VIII
Polaris IX
Polaris System
0 references
Pollux I
Pollux II
Pollux III
Pollux IV
Pollux V
Pollux VI
Pollux VII
Pollux VIII
Pollux IX
Pollux System
0 references
Psi 2000 I
Psi 2000 II
Psi 2000 III
Psi 2000 IV
Psi 2000 V
Psi 2000 VI
Psi 2000 VII
Psi 2000 VIII
Psi 2000 IX
Psi 2000 System
0 references
Ramatis I
Ramatis II
Ramatis III
Ramatis IV
Ramatis V
Ramatis VI
Ramatis VII
Ramatis VIII
Ramatis IX
Ramatis System
0 references
Rigel I
Rigel II
Rigel III
Rigel IV
Rigel V
Rigel VI
Rigel VII
Rigel VIII
Rigel IX
Rigel System
0 references
Rubicun I
Rubicun II
Rubicun III
Rubicun IV
Rubicun V
Rubicun VI
Rubicun VII
Rubicun VIII
Rubicun IX
Rubicun System
0 references
Sarpeidon I
Sarpeidon II
Sarpeidon III
Sarpeidon IV
Sarpeidon V
Sarpeidon VI
Sarpeidon VII
Sarpeidon VIII
Sarpeidon IX
Sarpeidon System
0 references
Selay I
Selay II
Selay III
Selay IV
Selay V
Selay VI
Selay VII
Selay VIII
Selay IX
Selay System
0 references
Shelia I
Shelia II
Shelia III
Shelia IV
Shelia V
Shelia VI
Shelia VII
Shelia VIII
Shelia IX
Shelia System
0 references
Sirius I
Sirius II
Sirius III
Sirius IV
Sirius V
Sirius VI
Sirius VII
Sirius VIII
Sirius IX
Sirius System
0 references
Sol I
Sol II
Sol IV
Sol V
Sol VI
Sol IX
Sol System
0 references
T'Lani I
T'Lani II
T'Lani III
T'Lani IV
T'Lani V
T'Lani VI
T'Lani VII
T'Lani IX
T'Lani System
0 references
Tarsas I
Tarsas II
Tarsas III
Tarsas IV
Tarsas V
Tarsas VI
Tarsas VII
Tarsas VIII
Tarsas IX
Tarsas System
0 references
Tarsus I
Tarsus II
Tarsus III
Tarsus IV
Tarsus V
Tarsus VI
Tarsus VII
Tarsus VIII
Tarsus IX
Tarsus System
0 references
Thalos I
Thalos II
Thalos III
Thalos IV
Thalos V
Thalos VI
Thalos VII
Thalos VIII
Thalos IX
Thalos System
0 references
Tiburon I
Tiburon II
Tiburon III
Tiburon IV
Tiburon V
Tiburon VI
Tiburon VII
Tiburon VIII
Tiburon IX
Tiburon System
0 references
Torman I
Torman II
Torman III
Torman IV
Torman V
Torman VI
Torman VII
Torman VIII
Torman IX
Torman System
0 references
Trill I
Trill II
Trill III
Trill IV
Trill V
Trill VI
Trill VII
Trill VIII
Trill IX
Trill System
0 references
Vendikar I
Vendikar II
Vendikar III
Vendikar IV
Vendikar V
Vendikar VI
Vendikar VII
Vendikar VIII
Vendikar IX
Vendikar System
0 references
Yridia I
Yridia II
Yridia III
Yridia IV
Yridia V
Yridia VI
Yridia VII
Yridia VIII
Yridia IX
Yridia System
0 references
Chalna I
Chalna II
Chalna III
Chalna IV
Chalna V
Chalna VI
Chalna VII
Chalna VIII
Chalna IX
Chalna System
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