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This template displays a link to an entity (item or property) aliased to the label in the current language. It is effectively equivalent to {{Q}} or {{P}}, omitting the item or property ID in parenthesis.

It allows manual change of a language of the item, using second parameter.


{{LinkedLabel | entity id }}

{{LinkedLabel | entity id | language code }}

The language code parameter is optional, if not provided it will default to selected user language.


universe (Q1)
{{LinkedLabel | Q1 }}universe
{{LinkedLabel | Q1 | en }}universe
{{LinkedLabel | Q1 | es }}universo
{{LinkedLabel | Q1 | ru }}Вселенная
{{LinkedLabel | Q1 | ja }}宇宙
instance of (P31)
{{LinkedLabel | P31 }}instance of
{{LinkedLabel | P31 | en }}instance of
{{LinkedLabel | P31 | es }}instancia de
{{LinkedLabel | P31 | ru }}это частный случай понятия
{{LinkedLabel | P31 | ja }}分類
subclass of (P279)
{{LinkedLabel | Property:P279 }}subclass of
{{LinkedLabel | Property:P279 | en }}subclass of
{{LinkedLabel | Property:P279 | es }}subclase de
{{LinkedLabel | Property:P279 | ru }}подкласс от
{{LinkedLabel | Property:P279 | ja }}上位クラス

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