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Joined 4 June 2014

Hi I'm Ambrosia10. I'm interested particularly in Women in Science and New Zealand endemic species. I'm definitely still learning.

Query page can be found here.


Work currently being undertakenEdit

Working through the Biodiversity Heritage Library dataset in Mix'n'Match to assist with the linking of metadata within that digital library and Wikidata. Adding images to Wikicommons and linking them to Wikidata via their creators - with an emphasis on women scientific illustrators.

Notes to selfEdit

  • For illustrators contributing to work see P3919 - contributed to published work
  • For example of newspaper reference see Douglas Noël Adams entry.
  • For model on how to cite scientific paper see this.
  • See lion [1] for a model to add more detailed data to particular species in Wikidata.
  • See this for basionym use and this for its inverse
  • See this for an example of how to deal with subspecies in Wikidata.
  • See [2] for discussion on how to deal with books split into volumes.
  • See Q60572861 as an example for extra info regarding married and birth names.
  • See this for things to try out!
  • See this (No. 42) [3] discussion started by Quentin re scientific names
  • See this toolcalled cradle to help manually create wikidata items.

Examples of scientific articlesEdit

Try this one first.

Examples of scientific book propertiesEdit

This tool is fabulous for adding works

Examples of synonym of speciesEdit


original combination (P1403) see this

See this for how to add in original description of species and making reference to BHL page id. Could also add BHL bibliographic id too?

Invasive SpeciesEdit

Copyright statusEdit

See this item Q1356297 as an example for Copyright status!!!

See this item Q1462485 as an example of an appropriately modelled copyright dispute.

Example of iNaturalist reference for source of imageEdit


Example for BHL citation See this

See Wikidata Property P6605 Plant Illustrations artist ID for when putting BHL illustrators into Wikidata.

Slide that may help replicate Wikidata Wales images projectEdit

See this
Also check out "Wikidata:Projects" as they have very useful documentation!

Remember to write, record and DOCUMENT if you decide to self create a project!

Useful linksEdit

New Zealand queryEdit

See this for info on different years of NZ. Also UNION is "or"!