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This page is currently tracking my work on the WikiFactMine project.

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Wikidata statementsEdit

Status Task Comments
OK Prioritise properties encodes (P688) is initial choice
 Y Adjust dictionaries Wikidata:WikiFactMine/Dictionary list
 Y Warehouse for yes/no choices on facts
OK Load snorkel Early steps taken
 Y Research running Jupyter Notebook on Chromebook Route via ubuntu and python. Read ubuntu under crouton literature.
OK Trial Tom's WikiFactMine Javascript tool Loaded, one line in User:Charles Matthews/common.js


Status Task Comments
OK Wikipedia {{citation needed}}, remove 100 in biomedical area Measure 2(c) below
OK WikiCite "I would particularly suggest us focusing on [...] socialising and collecting feedback/requirements." (TA) See Wikidata:Sources.


Status Task Comments
 Y Promotion to bioscience WikiProjects on Wikipedia WikiProject Biology, WikiProject Chemistry, WikiProject Genetics, WikiProject Molecular and Cell Biology, WikiProject Medicine, WikiProject Neuroscience, WikiProject Psychology, WikiProject Species (absent), WikiProject Taxonomy (redirects), WikiProject Tree of Life

Done via newsletter, NB WikiProject Medicine's talk page does not allow this.

OK Promote links between the scientific literature, Wikidata and Wikipedia Drawing on expertise from scientific librarians, researchers and interested Wikipedians; broken down per four bullets below
? Coordinate volunteers from all relevant WikiProjects to suggest and help compile Wikidata dictionaries Dictionaries are being documented at Wikidata:WikiFactMine.
OK Find early adopter editors and curators for 4-8 dictionaries to assess the usefulness of the results emerging and to co-design integration of tools with editing workflows, ensuring this work and the results are communicated to interested communities at each step in the process Progress made at Wikimania, four contacts. Communication to Medicine and Chemistry WikiProjects, Project Chat on Wikidata. Listeria illustrative lists at w: User:Charles Matthews/Liliales and w:User:Charles Matthews/Listeria communicated to WikiProject Plants.
OK Run in-person events in Cambridge and online looking at channelling scientific information from the literature into WikiData, with the aim to recruit more volunteer editors and developers. Software workshop 3 September
? Online engagement with the broader open science and open data community to ensure work is complementary and valuable


Status Task Comments
 Y Blog "Engaging with Data" Appeared over 12 weeks at
 Y Training events Took place on 22 June, 29 June, 6 July. Link lists available.
 Y Talk for text mining symposium in Cambridge Took place on 12 July. Video available.
OK Wikimania talk T Arrow gave 30 minute talk, Charles Matthews a lightning talk in the WPMEDF conference. Program listings.
OK Wikimania workshop Took place at Hackathon, day 2.
OK Wikimania stall With flyer and posters. Photo available.
 Y Meetups in Makespace Presentation given at first, second on 3 September. Meta pages.
 Y Newsletter Facto Post mass message on enWP, first issue 14 June 2017, July issue circulated, August issue at Wikimania.


Task Comments
Internal reporting 1-2 times weekly
External reporting 1-2 times monthly


Task Measures in grant application Comments
Use dictionaries derived from Wikidata to index the daily literature 4-8 dictionaries successfully deployed creating an index of facts from up to 10k papers on a daily basis. We anticipate reliably indexing around 200k terms, generating upwards of 10k facts per day by M10. Documentation started as wiki page.
Create a feed of scientific facts in context with associated citations for Wikipedia and Wikidata editors (a)Feeds actively used on a weekly basis by at least 10 Wikipedia and Wikidata editors by M12
(b)Contributions to 1000 Wikidata entries by M12
(c)Contribution to 100 Wikipedia entries by M12
Promote a combination of the scientific literature, Wikidata and Wikipedia as powerful resources for the scientific community and build a community of editors who facilitate interlinking between these three resources 1-2 members of each active WikiProject actively contributing to feedback on dictionaries and tools/250 people attending in-person or online events relating to linking the scientific literature, Wikidata and Wikipedia


  • Underlined text indicates a requirement for tech support.
  • Status OK means can proceed, not known to be blocked.
  • Status  Y means blocked.
  • Status  Y means completed (see comments for any caveats)