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I work at the University of Washington Libraries as a cataloger. My goal is to contribute useful information to Wikidata and I welcome constructive feedback.

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property (Q31208391) value (Q19798642)
given name (P735) Crystal (Q13582300)
family name (P734) Clements (Q16865623)
sex or gender (P21) female (Q6581072)
occupation (P106) cataloger (Q33109310)
Wikidata editor (Q28859215)
languages spoken, written or signed (P1412) English (Q1860)
Spanish (Q1321)
employer (P108) University of Washington (Q219563)
e-mail address (P968)

November 2019

Helped to organize Editing as Activism, Edit-A-Thon to Correct Systemic Bias in Wikipedia at the University of Washington Libraries Research Commons. The event was co-sponsored by the UWL Research Commons, The Labor Archives of Washington, and the Cascadia Wikimedians.

August 2020 I am currently participating in the PCC Wikidata Pilot Project as part of the University of Washington Libraries' team.

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