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When will Wikidata have its first lame edit war because two sister projects disagree on how to structure their shared data?

Interwiki fixes edit

My multi-cultural identity means that I often find myself fixing correspondences between similar concepts in different languages. Below are groups of easily confused items that I've tried to fix:

  • posthumous (Q1395509) - three-way merge of two European and one East Asian concepts, all referring to the act of conferring honour after someone's death

Property migration tools edit

My greatest (and perhaps most controversial) contribution to Wikidata so far has been the creation of two pywikibot scripts that perform property+qualifier migration semi-automatically. This allowed the deprecation of P794 ("as" - deprecated because it is untranslatable to non-European languages), the Pokedex merge and a few other property/qualifier deprecation batch jobs.

Wikidata talks edit

I have given a few Wikidata talks at Wikimedia conferences, and some of them have dedicated wiki-pages or slide-decks:

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