Neil M. Frau-Cortes, PhD, MLIS, from Deerfield Beach FL.

Cataloger, Libraries Division - Collection Management at Broward County Library (Q4975894): public library system.

Hebrew language and metadata cataloger. Researcher interested in Digital Humanities and Jewish Studies, particularly the Jews of the Crown of Aragon.


  • Project lead of Portrait of the Kahal (mapping Jewish authors, scientists, and rabbis in the Crown of Aragon; project page coming soon).

Some queries I build for fun

Other queries for projects I am working on

This is part of the Portrait of the Call, a Digital Humanities project tracing medieval authors in the Crown of Aragon. The ultimate goal is to use the data for several kinds of visualizations: timeline and geography (to figure out who may have coincided with whom), relationships between student and disciple (tracing clusters such as the Kabbalist Circle of Girona or the school of the Ran), interaction between communities (like how Provencal Kabbalah arrived in Catalonia, relationship between post 1391 exiles and those who remained in land), etc. Throughout this year I started establishing a number of authorities as items on Wikidata and linking them to VIAF and to the LC authorities. At the moment, the project has some 150 authors. We have created or edited Wikidata entities for 72 of them. After finishing this I will add another ~100 physicians of the same time and location. I'll try to keep this information updated as the project advances.

This is part of WikiProject University of Maryland Libraries, a series of linked data projects dealing with authority control for collections archived at Special Collections and University Archives, and Special Collections in the Performing Arts of the University of Maryland. For more information, visit our project page.

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