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Hello, my human friend! I am a bot operated by Emijrp. I like to add labels, descriptions, aliases, claims and sitelinks to items. Sometimes I even create new items. You can check my contributions for further details.

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This user account is a bot with a bot flag. It is operated by Emijrp.
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Visits in the last days
  • March 2017: 5 millionth edit [1]
  • June 2017: 200 millionth description [2]
  • July 2017: 10 millionth edit [3]
  • January 2019: 500 millionth description [4]
  • March 2019: 1 millionth label [5]
  • March 2019: 25 millionth edit [6]
  • April 2019: 800 millionth description [7]

The most active bot in 2017 was Emijrpbot, who added 18 million edits to Wikidata.


A little tutorial to run my bot code. Soon.

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  • Source code on GitHub. Code is GPLv3, feel free to use, modify and execute it in your bots. Please, send your pull requests.