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  • Random things that could be improved: (please feel free to update any links that have gone bad due to archiving etc.)
  1. Common name items for Humans and certain other species. It makes sense to describe a human as instance of Human, but not as an instance of the "common name of Human", human (Q5). Discussed at Talk:Q5#Discussion on human (Q5) vs Homo sapiens (Q15978631)
  2. A lot of the items for entries in nl:Categorie:Wereldkampioenschap dammen and nl:Categorie:Nederlands kampioenschap dammen could use some work, plus the women's competitions.
  3. Usage of sports club (Q847017) vs sports team (Q12973014) is thoroughly confused.
  4. Set recipients for awards: Cuthbert Peek Award (Q56016343), Eureka Prizes (Q5411214), Göran Gustafsson Prize (Q3376522), Davida Teller Award (Q56568737), Troland Research Awards (Q7845154), Ernest Guenther Award (Q1256023), Charles F. Prentice Medal (Q57193500), Frederic Ives Medal (Q1452721), Verriest Medal (Q57256580), Howard Crosby Warren Medal (Q18402723), President's Medal (Q39089691)
  5. short story collection (Q1279564) is often used with genre (P136). Questionable and violates a constraint.
  6. artificial object (Q3619132) seems to be a conflation, its items can be moved and the item deleted.
  7. usage of platform (P400) and operating system (P306). See Wikidata:Project_chat/Archive/2018/06#relation_between_platform_(P400)_and_operating_system_(P306) and Property_talk:P306#Restrict_to_devices
  8. There's general confusion between work (Q386724), artificial object (Q16686448), creative work (Q17537576), Произведение (Q23817623), intellectual work (Q15621286). In some cases the labels/descriptions and Wikipedia pages are completely different in different languages.
  9. Commons categories for architectural structures often don't map properly to category items. Commons categories are named like c:Category:Structures in the Netherlands which corresponds to en:Category:Buildings and structures in the Netherlands.
  10. Category items for "structures and buildings" are often linked via category combines topics (P971) to building (Q41176) instead of architectural structure (Q811979).
  11. Australian Minister for Agriculture (Q6865745) has office holders who actually had different titles, and were heads of organisations with separate items in Wikidata.
  12. There are thousands of articles published by Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Geneeskunde (Q1891153) [1] where the title has been set to an English translation from PubMed, but should be in the original Dutch. That should also be the Dutch label. It'd also be nice to have the URL of the article at (since there are no DOIs), and set language of work or name (P407) to Dutch.
  13. Classes for defunct entities, like former municipality (Q19730508), seem redundant. Wikidata:Project_chat/Archive/2019/04#Classes_for_defunct_entities
  14. locality (Q3257686) is apparently a duplicate of human settlement (Q486972).
  15. Non-symmetrical API leading to the creation of redundant inverse properties. I.e., for a given item, you can't obtain information about statements where the item appears on the right-hand-side of statements, except by using the query service. In particular, it's not available to Wikipedia templates or Lua code. The inverse statements are also not visible by default on the items' Wikidata pages. See also Wikidata:Project chat#Membership of music groups.
  16. No mechanism for dealing with large numbers of statements on an item. This is related to the non-symmetrical API problem, because obviously some items like human (Q5) would be impossible to load if every inverse instance was displayed on the page. A possible solution would be to omit the data for such statements, and instead display a link to a paged-interface (in the way that Special:WhatLinksHere etc., are paged.) The API would need something similar.
  17. Are path (Q5004679) and footpath (Q3352369) the same thing? Should some of the sitelinks be moved to trail (Q628179)?