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Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
Gertrude identifierP1529External identifierbien recensé dans l'inventaire général du patrimoine culturel and Gertrude database: identifier for a cultural property per the Glad database of French cultural heritageQ1601882 <Gertrude identifier> IA22000298-
parent of this hybrid, breed, or cultivarP1531Itemhybrid: no descriptionMagnolia × soulangeana <parent of this hybrid, breed, or cultivar> Magnolia denudata-
country for sportP1532Itemnationality for sports: country a person or a team represents when playing a sportWayne Rooney <country for sport> England-
family name identical to this given nameP1533Itemlast name that is the same as a given first name. Use on items for given namesLouis <family name identical to this given name> Louis-
end causeP1534Itemend cause and Wikidata end cause: qualifier to use together with the end date qualifier (P582) to specify the causeJoseph Ratzinger, Sr. <end cause> resignation-
used byP1535Itemuser: item or concept that makes use of the subject (use sub-properties when appropriate)remote control unit <used by> television watcheruses
immediate cause ofP1536Itemcause: immediate cause of this effectAmerican Civil War <immediate cause of> assassination of Abraham Lincolnhas immediate cause
contributing factor ofP1537Itemthing that is significantly influenced by this cause, but does not directly result from it. See 'Help:Modeling causes' for examples and discussion.obesity <contributing factor of> heart diseasehas contributing factor
number of householdsP1538Quantityfamily: total number of households in this place, includes dwellings of all typesEijsden-Margraten <number of households> 10,551-
female populationP1539Quantitynumber of female people inhabiting the place; number of female people of subjectProperty talk:P1539-
male populationP1540Quantitynumber of male people inhabiting the place; number of male people of subjectProperty talk:P1540-
CQ Ranking male cyclist IDP1541External identifierCQ Ranking: identifier for a male cyclist at cqranking.comLance Armstrong <CQ Ranking male cyclist ID> 7-
has effectP1542Itemeffect and cause: effect of this causemercury <has effect> mercury poisoninghas cause
monogramP1543Commons media filemonogram: image of a person's monogramIvan VI of Russia <monogram> John III Russia Monogram.gif-
Federal Register Document NumberP1544External identifierFederal Register: Authority file ID in the United States Federal RegisterExecutive Order 13233 <Federal Register Document Number> 01-27917-
series ordinalP1545Stringordinal number: position of an item in its parent series (most frequently a 1-based index), generally to be used as a qualifier (different from "rank" defined as a class, and from "ranking" defined as a property for evaluating a quality).B <series ordinal> 2-
mottoP1546Itemmotto: description of the motto of the subjectRéunion <motto> Florebo quocumque ferar-
depends on softwareP1547Itemsoftware dependency: subject software depends on object softwareSMPlayer <depends on software> MPlayer-
maximum Strahler numberP1548QuantityStrahler number: highest Strahler number of a stream, creek, or riverFishing Creek <maximum Strahler number> 5-
demonymP1549Monolingual textdemonym: demonym (proper noun) for people or things associated with a given place, usually based off the placename; multiple entries with qualifiers to distinguish are used to list variant forms by reason of grammatical gender or plurality.Mexico <demonym> Mexicain, Mexikaner, meksikano and Mexicaan-
Orphanet IDP1550External identifierrare disease, orphan drug and Orphanet: identifier in the database (without ORPHA prefix)pneumocystosis <Orphanet ID> 723-
Exceptional heritage of Wallonia IDP1551External identifierexceptional heritage of Wallonia: unique identifier of the "Patrimoine immobilier exceptionnel de la Région wallonne"Charleroi City Hall <Exceptional heritage of Wallonia ID> 52011-PEX-0001-02-
has qualityP1552Itemquality: the entity has an inherent or distinguishing non-material characteristichuman <has quality> gender-
Yandex Music artist IDP1553External identifierYandex Music: identifier for an artist on Yandex MusicQueen <Yandex Music artist ID> 79215-
UBERON IDP1554External identifierUberon: identifier from UBERON ontology (without prefix)head <UBERON ID> 0000033-
Executive Order numberP1555External identifierUnited States executive order: identifier for an executive order of the USExecutive Order 6102 <Executive Order number> 6102-
zbMATH author IDP1556External identifiermathematician: identifier of a person in the Zentralblatt MATH databaseNiels Bohr <zbMATH author ID> bohr.niels-
manifestation ofP1557Itemmanifestation: inherent and characteristic embodiment of a given conceptorganism <manifestation of> life-
tempo markingP1558Itemtempo: indication about the speed or pace of a given musical pieceÉtude No.1 from Trois nouvelles études <tempo marking> adagio-
name in native languageP1559Monolingual textname: name of a person in their native language. Could be displayed in addition to the label, if language has a different scriptAlbert Einstein <name in native language> Albert Einstein-
given name version for other genderP1560Itemequivalent name (with respect to the meaning of the name) in the same language: female version of a male first name, male version of a female first name. Add primarily the closest matching oneRiccardo <given name version for other gender> Riccardagiven name version for other gender
number of survivorsP1561Quantitynumber of people surviving an eventEssing bridge accident <number of survivors> 1-
AllMovie movie IDP1562External identifierAllMovie: identifier for a film on the website AllMovieBeverly Hills Chihuahua 2 <AllMovie movie ID> v516677-
MacTutor biography IDP1563External identifierMacTutor History of Mathematics archive: identifier of the person's biography in the MacTutor History of Mathematics archiveThoralf Skolem <MacTutor biography ID> Skolem-
At the Circulating Library IDP1564External identifierAt the Circulating Library: identifier in the At the Circulating Library Victorian literature databaseFrank Barrett <At the Circulating Library ID> 343-
Enciclopedia de la Literatura en México IDP1565External identifierEnciclopedia de la Literatura en México: identifierFrancisco J. Santamaría <Enciclopedia de la Literatura en México ID> 1004-
GeoNames IDP1566External identifierGeoNames: identifier in the GeoNames geographical databasePiton de la Fournaise <GeoNames ID> 935877-
NIS/INS codeP1567External identifierStatbel and NIS code: Belgian municipality codes maintained by Statistics BelgiumEast Flanders <NIS/INS code> 40000-
domainP1568Itemdomain of a function: set of "input" or argument values for which a mathematical function is definedsquare function <domain> real number-
codomainP1571Itemcodomain: codomain of a functionlogarithm <codomain> real number-
BBC Genome IDP1573External identifierBBC Genome: identifier for a single episode/programme in the BBC Genome database of Radio Times programme listingsThe End <BBC Genome ID> 80e68eee3d7d4965b02ec5d443ef2fd4-
exemplar ofP1574Itemdocument: property for manuscripts, autographs, incunabula, distinct printed copiesIsaiah scroll <exemplar of> Isaiah-
RISS catalogP1575External identifierunion catalog of South Korea and Japan, maintained by RISSUnkenrufe (1st German edition) <RISS catalog> M9738793-
lifestyleP1576Itemlifestyle: typical way of life of an individual, group, or cultureSadegh Hedayat <lifestyle> vegetarianism-
Gregory-Aland-NumberP1577External identifierInstitute for New Testament Textual Research: identifier for Greek manuscripts of the New TestamentRylands Library Papyrus P52 <Gregory-Aland-Number> P52-
Gmelin numberP1578External identifierGmelin database number: identifier for inorganic chemical compounds, in the Gmelin databaseacetone <Gmelin number> 1466-
Reaxys registry numberP1579External identifierReaxys registry number: identifier for chemical substance in Reaxysacetone <Reaxys registry number> 635680-
University of Barcelona authority IDP1580External identifierAutoritats UB: register of authorities of the University of BarcelonaPieter van der Aa <University of Barcelona authority ID> a1160658-
official blogP1581URLofficial blog: URL to the blog of this person or organizationJohn Green <official blog>
natural product of taxonP1582Itemsecretion or excretion: links a natural product with its source (animal, plant, fungal, algal, etc.)sunflower seed <natural product of taxon> sunflowerthis taxon is source of
MalaCards IDP1583External identifieridentifier in the Malacards database of diseasesHuntington disease <MalaCards ID> huntington_disease-
Pleiades IDP1584External identifierPleiades: identifier for a place in Pleiades hosted at pleiades.stoa.orgGortyn <Pleiades ID> 589796-
Brazilian municipality codeP1585External identifiermunicipality code of Brazil: identifier for municipalities in BrazilFortaleza <Brazilian municipality code> 2304401-
Catalan object of cultural interest IDP1586External identifierCatalan object of cultural interest ID: no descriptionSagrada Família <Catalan object of cultural interest ID> 53-MH-
Slovene Cultural Heritage Register IDP1587External identifiercultural heritage site in Slovenia: identifier for a cultural monument in the Slovene Cultural Heritage RegisterLjubljana Castle <Slovene Cultural Heritage Register ID> 340-
village code of IndonesiaP1588Stringvillage code of Indonesia: village identifier by Statistics IndonesiaBelok <village code of Indonesia> 5103060007-
lowest pointP1589Itemdeepest point and lowest point: point with lowest elevation in the country, region, city or areaEarth <lowest point> Challenger Deephighest point
number of casualtiesP1590Quantitynumber of people dead or injured because of this event. Used when precise data on number of deaths and number of injured is unavailable.Hurricane Patricia <number of casualties> 8-
defendantP1591Itemdefendant: person or organization accused, at a trialTrial of Thomas Paine <defendant> Thomas Paineplaintiff
prosecutorP1592Itemprosecutor: person representing the prosecuting authority, at a trialTrial of Thomas Paine <prosecutor> Sir Archibald Macdonald, 1st Baronet-
defenderP1593Itemcriminal defense lawyer: person representing the defendant, at a trialTrial of Thomas Paine <defender> Thomas Erskine, 1st Baron Erskine-
judgeP1594Itemjudge: judge, magistrate or equivalent, presiding at a trialTrial of Thomas Paine <judge> Lloyd Kenyon, 1st Baron Kenyon-
chargeP1595Itemoffense report: offence with which someone is charged, at a trialTrial of Thomas Paine <charge> seditious libel-
penaltyP1596Itemsentence: penalty passed at a trialtrial of Saddam Hussein <penalty> capital punishment-
consecratorP1598Itemconsecrator: bishop who presided as consecrator or co-consecrator of this bishopFrancis <consecrator> Antonio Quarracino-
Cambridge Alumni Database IDP1599External identifierCambridge Alumni Database: identifier in the Cambridge Alumni Database/Alumni Cantabrigienses (ACAD)William Wordsworth <Cambridge Alumni Database ID> WRDT787W-