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all remaining results have the same score 8.37E-8: Schiaparelli (Q617030) Legio Martia (Q268347) Tuesday (Q127) Acidalia Planitia (Q2382563) March (Q110) Arabia Terra (Q623857)
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Fixed list of recurring characters in Star Trek: Enterprise (Q1613623) now in the live data; it was misdescribed as a fictional person
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all remaining results have roughly the same score 1.74E-5: Peter Coyote (Q354873) Carlo Antonelli (Q3658999) Karen Black (Q232333) John Perry Barlow (Q534428) Gabriel Gascon (Q955525) Josh Kornbluth (Q6289066) Thomas Jay Ryan (Q7791234) Tom McCamus (Q2439878) Sean McCann (Q3476750) Francesco Melzi d'Eril (Q718537) Luca Guadagnino (Q1335528) Timothy Leary (Q211731)
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