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Note: I'm intensively studying Chinese, so I'm not spending as much time as I used to do in Wikidata. However, this doesn't mean that I've lost interest on contributing to this project.

Why I contribute to Wikidata? edit

I love answering granular questions to find unknown facts on different domains of knowledge. SPARQL and all the knowledge bases on the public domain are useful tools in that purpose.

I also contribute to Wikidata because

  • It is a community driven project
  • It can enhance education on developing countries
    • In the future, I hope, Wikidata can be used to improve the education in Peru, the country I was born.
  • Minority groups are not (seem to be) left behind

My interests edit

I'm interested in computer science, knowledge graphs, semantic data, structured data and data science.

I was introduced to linked data through Wikidata in one of my database courses. What caught my attention about Wikidata was how my teacher was able to show universities in a map of any country just by changing the name of a variable in a SPARQL query which initially showed museums around the world.

Wikimedia project's personal wishlist edit

Some projects related Wikimedia projects I'm looking forward to contribute

  • Structured data on subtitles of videos at Commons
  • Structured data on SPARQL examples
  • Structured data on Wikiquote

I've shared some ideas, experiments, thoughts and code snippets here.

Pages you might be interested in edit