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My name is David and I was born in Montreal to a Czech mother and a French-Canadian father. I have grown up and lived in several different countries, on four different continents. I currently reside in Edmonton, Canada. My biggest passion in life is learning about the myriad topics that interest me, and this takes several different forms: I spend a lot of time reading books, articles, wikipedia pages, and I also invest a good amount of time, energy, and money into travelling the world. I do long journeys ranging from 6-12 months at a time, and I work in between to pay my way. At the moment I'm saving up for a long trip to Africa with my sister in early 2020.

Some of my interests include music, which has always been a huge part of my life. I used to play drums and I also sang (not at the same time), but I mostly engage in this pursuit in a passive manner, listening to different styles of music, looking up new musicians, etc. I don't read much fiction, most of the material I peruse is on the topics of science, psychology, history, society, light philosophy, current events, technology, medicine, etc. I also engage in physical activities such as slacklining, indoor climbing, squash, cycling, swimming, and formerly gymnastics and parkour. Sometimes I enjoy watching films, mostly indie and foreign.

My main focus when it comes to editing Wikipedia articles is spelling and grammar. The reason for this is that my English grammar is strong, and that type of edit is relatively superficial. Of late I have been doing lots of work on music-related pages, mostly those of artists and their discographies. I have also been cross-referencing articles from different languages and checking for discography consistency. To date I have created two original articles, both related to musical artists.

Here are some articles I've done extensive edits on, or ones I'm currently in the process of editing:

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Original published articlesEdit

Planned articlesEdit

  • Žentour
  • Janek Ledecký
  • Kreyson
  • Ladislav Křížek
  • Metalinda
  • Wanastowi Vjecy


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