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2021: Wikidata:WikiProject COVID-19
2023: Working on source reliability, funded in part by a grant from NYU.

From WDC:

Notes on potential imports!
DNB + Europeana: 1k institutions. How to act as a data import hub? We have lots of CSV tables, JakobV's Cokoder tool;
Remembering ALih (2y ago) talking about this.
  • Henry Thorsten - Stanford - LD4P, on how to use OpenRefine to import datasets
SPARQL: db tools w/o fixed schemas are freeing. Good to work w/ people who know nothing about [dbs, dbpedia]
Worst people to train are dbpedia experts? used to a very different approach...
  • WikiCite devs: much of this work is individual contributors: setting up a pipeline so you can make refs in WP easily hooked into WD items, multilingually &c.
Talk with ESievers, Liam, others.
  • GLAM institution estimates: 130k on WD. 3M+ total? most school libraries...
  • Integrationg ORefine into WD workflow
allow linking directly to the OR .tar outputs. [fix Commons]
or OR --> Commons Data Table --> back? or explicit plugin that supposrts this via GDrive/IPFS
  • Making ORefine a service: can be run on a server, interact via API...
G! is resource-consuming; dropped authentication piece on release; needs to be readded.
  • Finishing the FB import
  • Expanding articles to include affiliation + email, noting other needed properties
Q28071746 - wants P:update-date
  • Wikidata Subsetting (doc)
Naming subgraphs
tabular data
fusion of graphs from different source contexts.

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With OSP

Identifiers, pretty and permanent.
Human-curated subtitles or alt titles are essential: as redirects, aliases, indicators. --> OSP discussion
/Open Syllabus Project alignment
Wikibase for OSP data: syllabus itself, citation graph, ?
Wikibase ACLs? How do private wikibases work?
Start with 1M fully-open syllabi!

GLAMping: hoping for a summer gathering in the US

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