confusion between cirque and cirque glacierEdit

There's a big mess among the links of the two concepts:

  • cirque glacier (Q388227) - glacier formed in a cirque
  • cirque (Q184368) - geological feature and glacier-formed valley

Tried to fix an incorrect wikidata link on the French page for cirque and ended up in the briar patch. Turns out some languages, like English and others, have separate pages for the concepts of en:Cirque (more general) and en:Glacial cirque (a type of cirque) and other languages don't. This left the wikidata links for these two in a big mess, as various users in various languages with both concepts either pointed to the correct one in languages with both, and the 'only' one in languages with just one, and users in languages with just one concept pointed to whichever one they found first, I suppose.

I don't have the time to lay out the whole problem, but polyglots will see it by examining a few of the links. Here's a summary of some of the links on Q184368/cirque as kind of showing the tip of the iceberg of this problem:


So what is needed here, is this, imho:

  • someone to go through the whole list of links on both concepts, figure out which languages have an article on just one of the concepts in their language, and which languages have both.
  • those languages having both concepts, should have one link each from each article-concept to the two separate articles in all the other dual-concept languages.
  • for those languages having only one concept, it's more complicated:
    • delete the link to that language from wikidata in whichever concept-list it appears, more or less randomly currently
    • read the article in that language
    • figure out if it's more about the general concept, or the more specific glacial cirque one. Possibly it's about both, since they only have the one article in that language.
    • based on which it is, assign it to either the general topic, or to the more specific one.

The current situation is unsatisfactory. My attempted fix might have been an improvement, had English and French been the only two languages with articles and links on these topics, but as it stands now, my change probably just adds to the confusion. Reverting my changes, however, would revert to a version that is clearly incorrect, and just as confused. Mathglot (talk) 23:22, 7 February 2015 (UTC)