Wikidata:Contribute/Suggested and open tasks

Open tasks

Language content

  • Add words in your languages to the Lexicographical data project.
  • Add images to different lexemes.
  • Add translations between different senses of lexemes
  • Add synonyms, antonyms, etymologies, gender and other grammatical properties to the lexeme entries
  • Add or fix labels in your language for the 90 million Q-items
  • Add pronunciation audio files for words using Lingua Libre


Content management & creation

Define and propose processes

Update pages

Create pages

  • A page for running/coordinating local Wikidata events (e.g. label-a-thons); develop collection of promotional materials and toolkits
  • A page with commonly used properties with examples of values and data types clustered by theme/topic - this could be a top 30, 40, 50+ list that helps new users know what properties are available to them when first editing
  • Basic documentation on how to translate SVGs (for example, Wikidata Main page banners) using freely available software
  • For sister projects, a page with commonly used properties specifically for use on infoboxes
  • coordinate a new WikiProject for translations (suggested by User:Giftzwerg 88; WikiProject would ensure that there are translations for most notable content (e.g. a predefined list of top 20 pages)


Current tours

How you can help

  • editing tours, for example if you notice any typos or mistakes
  • translating tours into new languages
  • leaving feedback at Wikidata_talk:Tours if you encounter any technical problems or usability issues
  • contacting User:Thepwnco and/or User:Bene* if content is no longer current or appropriate, for example because of a software/feature update

List of tours

As of time of writing, 21:03, 22 August 2014 (UTC), we have the following tours implemented:

  • Items
  • Statements

To edit or translate these tours, see the Items script and the Statements script.

Future tours

How you can help

  • reviewing and proofreading drafts of tours
  • volunteering to help with implementation (we use the Guided Tours extension); please contact User:Bene* if interested
  • expressing interest in participating and/or conducting user testing for tours once implemented; please add your name to the list of drafts
  • suggesting ideas for new tours (for example, if there were particular concepts or features you struggled with as a contributor)
  • writing content and creating new tours; please indicate you are doing so by creating a new section on this page

List of drafts

Drafts of tours still to be implemented include the following:


  • A behind-the-scenes look at Wikidata
    • there is a draft script available at Wikidata:Tours/Behind_the_Scenes. It so far covers the community portal, different contributor roles, applications available at Wikidata:Tools, project chat and discussion processes (e.g. for creating new properties; an example of good discussion behaviour), and WikiProjects
  • Anatomy of an item page - this would differ from the Items tour by not just pointing out the editable components (label, description, etc.) but explaining how they fit in with the goals and purpose of the Wikidata project, for example by showing all the sitelinks for an item, and discussing how values for statements are also items in Wikidata allowing for all items in the system to be linked together
  • More on participating in the community, specifically on using talk pages (as was part of the focus of the Wikipedia Adventure)
    • if we are assuming new users don't have any wiki experience this may be important; however, if the tours are mostly for becoming a good data editor then they are less essential. It may also be possible to point users to the Wikipedia Adventure as some of its lessons are still relevant to Wikidata contributors
  • Adding sitelinks
  • Creating items, perhaps focus on creation of a source item to support a statement
  • Quizzes!
    • Somewhat similar to the anatomy of an item page, this quiz could highlight different components of an item page and ask the user to answer what they are by multiple choice/linked text (the idea is that this tour would be taken after the other editing ones)
    • Another option is to include various questions about "what's wrong with this data?" or "how could it be improved" questions on an item page
  • Queries