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Case Description Sample
Main enwiki
multi-script Wikimedia site (Q21286559) sites, such as Wikipedia language versions, in more than one script: e.g. Latin and Cyrillic. Can include 2 pages with the same article in different scripts. In Wikidata, one can be added to sitelinks, the other on a separate "duplicate" item srwiki
multi-languoid Wikimedia site (Q21286561) sites, such as Wikipedia language versions, including articles on the same topic in several language variants. In Wikidata, one can be added to sitelinks, the other on a separate "duplicate" item
redir Chinese projects with redirecting language codes zh-min-nan & nan
redir projects with depreciated language codes be-x-old & be-tarask
WMF language code projects with language codes that primarily describe the language used by the project
changed language projects where the language scope/writing system changed nowiki
closed projects Should have dissolved, abolished or demolished date (P576), at least with "unknown"

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Wikibooks language edition Edit

databaseid label language langcode QID inception official website instance of #
aawikibooks Afar Wikibooks Afar aa Q33109677 Wikibooks language edition
closed wiki
afwikibooks Afrikaans Wikibooks Afrikaans af Q33109620 Wikibooks language edition 2
akwikibooks Akan Wikibooks Akan ak Q33109649 Wikibooks language edition
closed wiki
alswikibooks Alemannic Wikibooks Alemannic als Q33109642 Wikibooks language edition 4
angwikibooks Old English Wikibooks Old English ang Q33109580 Wikibooks language edition
closed wiki
arwikibooks Arabic Wikibooks Arabic ar Q33109507 Wikibooks language edition 6
astwikibooks Asturian Wikibooks Asturian ast Q33109632 Wikibooks language edition
closed wiki
aswikibooks Assamese Wikibooks Assamese as Q33109679 Wikibooks language edition
closed wiki
aywikibooks Aymara Wikibooks Aymara ay Q33109669 Wikibooks language edition
closed wiki
azwikibooks Azerbaijani Wikibooks Azerbaijani az Q33109492 Wikibooks language edition 10
bawikibooks Bashkir Wikibooks Bashkir ba Q33109687 2017-08-21 Wikibooks language edition 11
bewikibooks Belarusian Wikibooks Belarusian be Q33109596 Wikibooks language edition 12
bgwikibooks Bulgarian Wikibooks Bulgarian bg Q33109550 Wikibooks language edition 13
biwikibooks Bislama Wikibooks Bislama bi Q33109689 Wikibooks language edition 14
bmwikibooks Bambara Wikibooks Bambara bm Q33109646 Wikibooks language edition 15
bnwikibooks Bengali Wikibooks Bengali bn Q30535076 Wikibooks language edition 16
bowikibooks Tibetan Wikibooks Tibetan bo Q33109658 Wikibooks language edition 17
bswikibooks Bosnian Wikibooks Bosnian bs Q33109624 Wikibooks language edition 18
cawikibooks Catalan Wikibooks Catalan ca Q22000974 Wikibooks language edition 19
chwikibooks Chamorro Wikibooks Chamorro ch Q33109668 Wikibooks language edition 20
cowikibooks Corsican Wikibooks Corsican co Q33109634 Wikibooks language edition 21
cswikibooks Czech Wikibooks Czech cs Q22000362 Wikibooks language edition 22
cvwikibooks Chuvash Wikibooks Chuvash cv Q33109587 Wikibooks language edition 23
cywikibooks Welsh Wikibooks Welsh cy Q33109629 Wikibooks language edition 24
dawikibooks Danish Wikibooks Danish da Q22000281 Wikibooks language edition 25
dewikibooks German Wikibooks German de Q22000929 Wikibooks language edition 26
elwikibooks Greek Wikibooks Greek el Q33109545 Wikibooks language edition 27
enwikibooks English Wikibooks English en Q22000859 Wikibooks language edition 28
eowikibooks Esperanto Wikibooks Esperanto eo Q33109536 Wikibooks language edition 29
eswikibooks Spanish Wikibooks Spanish es Q22000399 Wikibooks language edition 30
etwikibooks Estonian Wikibooks Estonian et Q33109585 Wikibooks language edition 31
euwikibooks Basque Wikibooks Basque eu Q33109592 Wikibooks language edition 32
fawikibooks Persian Wikibooks Persian fa Q21999841 Wikibooks language edition 33
fiwikibooks Finnish Wikibooks Finnish fi Q33109477 Wikibooks language edition 34
frwikibooks French Wikibooks French fr Q22000915 Wikibooks language edition 35
fywikibooks West Frisian Wikibooks West Frisian fy Q33109607 Wikibooks language edition 36
gawikibooks Irish Wikibooks Irish ga Q33109683 Wikibooks language edition 37
glwikibooks Galician Wikibooks Galician gl Q33109511 Wikibooks language edition 38
gnwikibooks Guarani Wikibooks Guarani gn Q33109682 Wikibooks language edition
closed wiki
gotwikibooks Gothic Wikibooks Gothic got Q33109667 Wikibooks language edition 40
guwikibooks Gujarati Wikibooks Gujarati gu Q33109650 Wikibooks language edition 41
hewikibooks Hebrew Wikibooks Hebrew he Q33109463 Wikibooks language edition 42
hiwikibooks Hindi Wikibooks Hindi hi Q33109524 Wikibooks language edition 43
hrwikibooks Croatian Wikibooks Croatian hr Q33109497 Wikibooks language edition 44
huwikibooks Hungarian Wikibooks Hungarian hu Q33109447 2004-10-16 Wikibooks language edition 45
hywikibooks Armenian Wikibooks Armenian hy Q22000307 Wikibooks language edition 46
iawikibooks Interlingua Wikibooks Interlingua ia Q33109577 Wikibooks language edition 47
idwikibooks Indonesian Wikibooks Indonesian id Q33109480 Wikibooks language edition 48
iewikibooks Interlingue Wikibooks Interlingue ie Q33109609 Wikibooks language edition 49
iswikibooks Icelandic Wikibooks Icelandic is Q33109521 Wikibooks language edition 50
itwikibooks Italian Wikibooks Italian it Q22000495 Wikibooks language edition 51
jawikibooks Japanese Wikibooks Japanese ja Q33109449 Wikibooks language edition 52
kawikibooks Georgian Wikibooks Georgian ka Q33109527 Wikibooks language edition 53
kkwikibooks Kazakh Wikibooks Kazakh kk Q33109595 Wikibooks language edition
wiki with script conversion
kmwikibooks Khmer Wikibooks Khmer km Q33109576 Wikibooks language edition 55
knwikibooks Kannada Wikibooks Kannada kn Q33109652 Wikibooks language edition 56
kowikibooks Korean Wikibooks Korean ko Q33109504 2004-11-15 Wikibooks language edition 57
kswikibooks Kashmiri Wikibooks Kashmiri ks Q33109659 Wikibooks language edition 58
kuwikibooks Kurdish Wikibooks Kurdish ku Q33109621 Wikibooks language edition
wiki with script conversion
kywikibooks Kirghiz Wikibooks Kyrgyz ky Q33109623 Wikibooks language edition 60
lawikibooks Latin Wikibooks Latin la Q33109571 Wikibooks language edition 61
lbwikibooks Luxembourgish Wikibooks Luxembourgish lb Q33109654 Wikibooks language edition 62
liwikibooks Limburgian Wikibooks Limburgish li Q33109556 Wikibooks language edition 63
lnwikibooks Lingala Wikibooks Lingala ln Q33109676 Wikibooks language edition 64
ltwikibooks Lithuanian Wikibooks Lithuanian lt Q33109528 Wikibooks language edition 65
lvwikibooks Latvian Wikibooks Latvian lv Q33109603 Wikibooks language edition 66
mgwikibooks Malagasy Wikibooks Malagasy mg Q33109626 Wikibooks language edition 67
miwikibooks Maori Wikibooks Māori mi Q33109684 Wikibooks language edition 68
mkwikibooks Macedonian Wikibooks Macedonian mk Q33109519 Wikibooks language edition 69
mlwikibooks Malayalam Wikibooks Malayalam ml Q33109572 Wikibooks language edition 70
mnwikibooks Mongolian Wikibooks Mongolian mn Q33109651 Wikibooks language edition 71
mrwikibooks Marathi Wikibooks Marathi mr Q33109589 Wikibooks language edition 72
mswikibooks Malay Wikibooks Malay ms Q33109561 Wikibooks language edition 73
mywikibooks Burmese Wikibooks Burmese language my Q33109685 Wikibooks language edition 74
nahwikibooks Nahuatl Wikibooks Nahuatl nah Q33109671 Wikibooks language edition 75
nawikibooks Nauruan Wikibooks Nauruan na Q33109647 Wikibooks language edition 76
ndswikibooks Low Saxon Wikibooks Low German nds Q33109660 Wikibooks language edition 77
newikibooks Nepali Wikibooks Nepali ne Q33109601 Wikibooks language edition 78
nlwikibooks Dutch Wikibooks Dutch nl Q22000234 2004-07-23 Wikibooks language edition 79
nowikibooks Norwegian Wikibooks Bokmål no Q33109508 Wikibooks language edition 80
ocwikibooks Occitan Wikibooks Occitan oc Q33109591 Wikibooks language edition 81
pawikibooks Punjabi Wikibooks Punjabi pa Q33109599 Wikibooks language edition 82
plwikibooks Polish Wikibooks Polish pl Q33109455 Wikibooks language edition 83
pswikibooks Pashto Wikibooks Pashto ps Q33109661 Wikibooks language edition 84
ptwikibooks Portuguese Wikibooks Portuguese pt Q22000456 2004-12-21 Wikibooks language edition 85
quwikibooks Quechua Wikibooks Quechua qu Q33109643 Wikibooks language edition 86
rmwikibooks Romansh Wikibooks Romansh rm Q33109681 Wikibooks language edition 87
rowikibooks Romanian Wikibooks Romanian ro Q33109512 Wikibooks language edition 88
ruwikibooks Russian Wikibooks Russian ru Q33109486 Wikibooks language edition 89
sawikibooks Sanskrit Wikibooks Sanskrit sa Q33109523 Wikibooks language edition 90
sewikibooks Northern Sami Wikibooks Northern Sami se Q33109657 Wikibooks language edition 91
simplewikibooks Simple English Wikibooks Simple English simple Q33109541 Wikibooks language edition 92
siwikibooks Sinhalese Wikibooks Sinhala si Q33109558 Wikibooks language edition 93
skwikibooks Slovak Wikibooks Slovak sk Q33109542 Wikibooks language edition 94
slwikibooks Slovenian Wikibooks Slovene sl Q33109565 Wikibooks language edition 95
sqwikibooks Albanian Wikibooks Albanian sq Q33109481 Wikibooks language edition 96
srwikibooks Serbian Wikibooks Serbian sr Q33109500 Wikibooks language edition
wiki with script conversion
suwikibooks Sundanese Wikibooks Sundanese su Q33109641 Wikibooks language edition 98
svwikibooks Swedish Wikibooks Swedish sv Q33109495 Wikibooks language edition 99
swwikibooks Swahili Wikibooks Swahili sw Q33109635 Wikibooks language edition 100
tawikibooks Tamil Wikibooks Tamil ta Q33109516 Wikibooks language edition 101
tewikibooks Telugu Wikibooks Telugu te Q33109616 Wikibooks language edition 102
tgwikibooks Tajik Wikibooks Tajik tg Q33109613 Wikibooks language edition
wiki with script conversion
thwikibooks Thai Wikibooks Thai th Q21999967 Wikibooks language edition 104
tkwikibooks Turkmen Wikibooks Turkmen tk Q33109637 Wikibooks language edition 105
tlwikibooks Tagalog Wikibooks Tagalog tl Q33109518 Wikibooks language edition 106
trwikibooks Turkish Wikibooks Turkish tr Q33109502 Wikibooks language edition 107
ttwikibooks Tatar Wikibooks Tatar tt Q33109532 Wikibooks language edition 108
ugwikibooks Uyghur Wikibooks Uyghur ug Q33109666 Wikibooks language edition 109
ukwikibooks Ukrainian Wikibooks Ukrainian uk Q33109522 Wikibooks language edition 110
urwikibooks Urdu Wikibooks Urdu ur Q33109570 Wikibooks language edition 111
uzwikibooks Uzbek Wikibooks Uzbek uz Q33109638 Wikibooks language edition
wiki with script conversion
viwikibooks Vietnamese Wikibooks Vietnamese vi Q22000473 Wikibooks language edition 113
vowikibooks Volapük Wikibooks Volapük vo Q33109644 Wikibooks language edition 114
wawikibooks Walloon Wikibooks Walloon wa Q33109675 Wikibooks language edition 115
xhwikibooks Xhosa Wikibooks Xhosa xh Q33109655 Wikibooks language edition 116
yowikibooks Yoruba Wikibooks Yoruba yo Q33109663 Wikibooks language edition 117
zawikibooks Zhuang Wikibooks Zhuang za Q33109674 Wikibooks language edition 118
zh_min_nanwikibooks Min Nan Wikibooks Southern Min zh-min-nan Q33109630 Wikibooks language edition 119
zhwikibooks Chinese Wikibooks Chinese zh Q33109483 Wikibooks language edition
wiki with script conversion
zuwikibooks Zulu Wikibooks Zulu zu Q33109673 Wikibooks language edition 121

Wikimania Edit

databaseid label language langcode QID inception official website instance of #
wikimania2005wiki Wikimania 2005 English Q3619309 Wikimania
recurrent event edition
wikimania2006wiki Wikimania 2006 Q3619349 Wikimania
recurrent event edition
wikimania2007wiki Wikimania 2007 Q14507065 Wikimania
recurrent event edition
wikimania2008wiki Wikimania 2008 Q11756041 Wikimania
recurrent event edition
wikimania2009wiki Wikimania 2009 Q14507063 Wikimania
recurrent event edition
wikimania2010wiki Wikimania 2010 Q14507062 Wikimania
recurrent event edition
wikimania2011wiki Wikimania 2011 Q14507061 Wikimania
recurrent event edition
wikimania2012wiki Wikimania 2012 Q11756045 Wikimania
recurrent event edition
wikimania2013wiki Wikimania 2013 Q13375018 Wikimania
recurrent event edition
wikimania2014wiki Wikimania 2014 Q14506843 Wikimania
recurrent event edition
wikimania2015wiki Wikimania 2015 Q17505730 Wikimania
recurrent event edition
wikimania2016wiki Wikimania 2016 Q19291990 Wikimania
recurrent event edition
Wikimedia project page
wikimania2017wiki Wikimania 2017 Q21113296 Wikimania
recurrent event edition
Wikimedia project page
wikimania2018wiki Wikimania 2018 Q28914449 Wikimania
recurrent event edition

Wikimedia chapter Edit

databaseid label language langcode QID inception official website instance of #
mkwikimedia Wikimedia Macedonia Q12905543 2009-09-21
2009 Wikimedia chapter
nonprofit organization
mxwikimedia Wikimedia Mexico Q18559782 2011
Wikimedia chapter 2
nlwikimedia Wikimedia Netherlands Q2406378 2006-03-27
Wikimedia chapter 3
nowikimedia Wikimedia Norge Q6985258 2007-06-23
2007 Wikimedia chapter 4
nycwikimedia Wikimedia New York City‎ English Q18559925 2008
2009 Wikimedia chapter
nonprofit organization
501(c)(3) organization
Meetup group
plwikimedia Wikimedia Polska Q9346299 2005
Wikimedia chapter
public benefit organization
ptwikimedia Wikimedia Portugal Q10393567 2009-09-21
2009 Wikimedia chapter
rswikimedia Wikimedia Serbia Q18559846 2005-12-03
2005 Wikimedia chapter 8
ruwikimedia Wikimedia RU Q4110960 2008-05-24
2008 Wikimedia chapter
nonprofit organization
sewikimedia Wikimedia Sverige Q15279144 2007-10-20
2007 Wikimedia chapter
nonprofit organization
uawikimedia Wikimedia Ukraine‎ Q4110961 2009-05-31
2009 Wikimedia chapter
nonprofit organization
non-governmental organization

Wikimedia chapter wiki Edit

databaseid label language langcode QID inception official website instance of #
amwikimedia Wikimedia Armenia wiki Armenian Q118642570 2017-10-05 Wikimedia chapter wiki
Wikimedia fishbowl wiki
arwikimedia Wikimedia Argentina wiki Spanish Q118719811 2011-07-12 Wikimedia chapter wiki 2
bdwikimedia Wikimedia Bangladesh wiki Bengali
multiple languages
Q118719914 2011-10-15 Wikimedia chapter wiki 3
bewikimedia Wikimedia Belgium wiki English
Q118719939 2012-02-01 Wikimedia chapter wiki 4
cawikimedia Wikimedia Canada wiki English Q118719971 2014-09-10 Wikimedia chapter wiki 5
cowikimedia Wikimedia Columbia wiki Spanish Q118725089 2009-08-12 Wikimedia chapter wiki 6
dkwikimedia Wikimedia Denmark wiki Danish Q118725126 2009-12-24 Wikimedia chapter wiki 7
etwikimedia Wikimedia Eesti wiki Q108029180 Wikimedia chapter wiki 8
fiwikimedia Wikimedia Finland wiki Finnish Q118726330 2009-09-29 Wikimedia chapter wiki 9
idwikimedia Wikimedia Indonesia wiki Indonesian Q118726617 2018-06-07 Wikimedia chapter wiki
Wikimedia fishbowl wiki
ilwikimedia Wikimedia Israel private wiki Q63214377 Wikimedia chapter wiki
Wikimedia private wiki

Wikimedia content project Edit

databaseid label language langcode QID inception official website instance of #
commonswiki Wikimedia Commons multiple languages Q565 2004-09-07 Wikimedia content project
wiki with script conversion
Wikimedia Foundation project
photo library
specieswiki Wikispecies multiple languages Q13679 2004-09-14
Wikimedia content project
wiki with script conversion
wikidatawiki Wikidata multiple languages Q2013 2012-10-29 Wikimedia content project
semantic wiki
wiki with script conversion
MediaWiki website
knowledge base
online database
knowledge graph
crowdsourced project
self-depicting entity

Wikimedia fishbowl wiki Edit

databaseid label language langcode QID inception official website instance of #
donatewiki Wikimedia Donate Wiki multiple languages Q33120946 Wikimedia fishbowl wiki 1
fixcopyrightwiki fix copyright wiki Q65494619 Wikimedia fishbowl wiki 2
nostalgiawiki Nostalgia Wikipedia English Q22046598 Wikimedia fishbowl wiki 3
thankyouwiki Wikimedia Thank You Wiki English Q98456630 2020-08-17 Wikimedia fishbowl wiki 4
votewiki Wikimedia Vote Wiki Q33120980 Wikimedia fishbowl wiki 5

Wikimedia private wiki Edit

databaseid label language langcode QID inception official website instance of #
advisorswiki Wikimedia Advisors Wiki Q54858393 Wikimedia private wiki 1
arbcom_cswiki Czech Wikipedia Arbitration Committee internal wiki Q33120931 Wikimedia private wiki 2
arbcom_dewiki German Wikipedia Arbitration Committee internal wiki Q33120932 Wikimedia private wiki 3
arbcom_enwiki English Wikipedia Arbitration Committee internal wiki Q33120933 Wikimedia private wiki 4
arbcom_fiwiki Finnish Wikipedia Arbitration Committee internal wiki Q33120935 Wikimedia private wiki 5
arbcom_nlwiki Dutch Wikipedia Arbitration Committee internal wiki Q33120936 Wikimedia private wiki 6
auditcomwiki Wikimedia Audit Committee wiki Q33120937 Wikimedia private wiki 7
boardgovcomwiki Wikimedia Board Governance Committee wiki Q33120938 Wikimedia private wiki 8
boardwiki Wikimedia Board of Trustees wiki Q33120939 Wikimedia private wiki 9
chairwiki Wikimedia Board Chair wiki Q33120940 Wikimedia private wiki 10
chapcomwiki Wikimedia Affiliations Committee wiki Q33120941 Wikimedia private wiki 11
checkuserwiki Wikimedia CheckUser wiki Q33120942 Wikimedia private wiki 12
collabwiki Wikimedia Collab Wiki Q33120944 Wikimedia private wiki 13
electcomwiki Wikimedia Foundation elections committee wiki English Q65494490 2017-11-06 Wikimedia private wiki 14
execwiki Wikimedia Executive wiki Q33120947 Wikimedia private wiki 15
fdcwiki Wikimedia Funds Dissemination Committee wiki English Q33120948 2012-10-10 Wikimedia private wiki 16
grantswiki Wikimedia Grants Wiki English Q33120950 2004-11-07 Wikimedia private wiki 17
id_internalwikimedia Wikimedia Indonesia internal wiki Q65494596 2018-08-02 Wikimedia private wiki 18
iegcomwiki Wikimedia Individual Engagement Grants Committee wiki Q33120951 Wikimedia private wiki 19
internalwiki Wikimedia's internal wiki Q33120952 Wikimedia private wiki
closed wiki
legalteamwiki Wikimedia Legal Team Wiki Q33120956 Wikimedia private wiki 21
movementroleswiki Wikimedia Movement Roles wiki Q33120958 Wikimedia private wiki 22
noboard_chapterswikimedia Wikimedia Norway Internal Board Q33120959 Wikimedia private wiki 23
officewiki Wikimedia Foundation Office Wiki Q33120960 Wikimedia private wiki 24
ombudsmenwiki Wikimedia Ombudsman Commission wiki Q33120961 Wikimedia private wiki 25
otrs_wikiwiki Volunteer Response Team wiki Q33120962 Wikimedia private wiki
projectcomwiki Wikimedia Project Grants Committee wiki Q33120965 Wikimedia private wiki 27
searchcomwiki Wikimedia Search committee wiki Q33120968 Wikimedia private wiki 28
spcomwiki Wikimedia Special Projects committee wiki Q33120969 Wikimedia private wiki 29
stewardwiki Wikimedia Steward wiki Q33120970 Wikimedia private wiki 30
sysop_itwiki itwiki sysops wiki Q99333732 Wikimedia private wiki 31
techconductwiki Code of conduct committee wiki Q65494466 Wikimedia private wiki 32
transitionteamwiki WMF Transition Team wiki Q33120978 Wikimedia private wiki 33
wg_enwiki Working Group on ethnic and cultural edit wars Wiki Q33120981 Wikimedia private wiki 34
wikimaniateamwiki Wikimania Team Wiki Q33120982 Wikimedia private wiki 35
zerowiki Wikimedia Zero Wiki Q33120983 Wikimedia private wiki 36

Wikimedia special project Edit

databaseid label language langcode QID inception official website instance of #
advisorywiki Wikimedia Advisory Board Wiki Q33120928 Wikimedia special project
closed wiki
apiportalwiki Wikimedia API Portal Q99333993 Wikimedia special project 2
foundationwiki Wikimedia Foundation Governance Wiki multiple languages Q57077840 2018-07-30
2004 Wikimedia special project
MediaWiki website
labswiki Wikitech English Q104819161 2011-06-03
Wikimedia special project
MediaWiki website
labtestwiki Testing Wikitech Q33120954 Wikimedia special project 5
loginwiki Wikimedia Login Wiki English Q33120957 Wikimedia special project 6
mediawikiwiki multiple languages Q15633578 2004-08-04 Wikimedia special project
MediaWiki website
wiki with script conversion
official website
metawiki Wikimedia Meta-Wiki multiple languages Q1063116 2001-11-09 Wikimedia special project
wiki with script conversion
multi-languoid Wikimedia site
multi-script Wikimedia site
outreachwiki Wikimedia Outreach Wiki Q33120964 Wikimedia special project
wiki with script conversion
qualitywiki Wikimedia Quality Wiki Q33120967 Wikimedia special project 10
strategywiki Wikimedia Strategy Wiki Q33120971 Wikimedia special project 11
tenwiki Wikipedia Ten Wiki Q33120972 Wikimedia special project
Wikimedia fishbowl wiki
test2wiki Wikipedia Test2 Wiki Q33120974 Wikimedia special project 13
testcommonswiki Test Wikimedia Commons Q65494664 Wikimedia special project 14
testwiki Wikipedia Test Wiki Q33120975 Wikimedia special project
wiki with script conversion
testwikidatawiki Test Wikidata Q33120977
Wikimedia special project
official demo website
usabilitywiki Wikimedia Usability wiki Q33120979 Wikimedia special project 17

Wikimedia user group Edit

databaseid label language langcode QID inception official website instance of #
brwikimedia Wiki Movement Brazil User Group Q28378968 2013
Wikimedia user group
nonprofit organization
cnwikimedia Wikimedia User Group China Chinese Q23977963 2014-07-30 Wikimedia user group
wiki with script conversion
ecwikimedia Wikimedistas de Ecuador Q27131135 Wikimedia user group 3
hiwikimedia Hindi Wikimedians User Group Q35212815 Wikimedia user group 4
maiwikimedia Maithili Wikimedians User Group Q21962219 2016-02-08 Wikimedia user group 5
punjabiwikimedia Punjabi Wikimedians Q23008463 Wikimedia user group 6
romdwikimedia Wikimedians of Romania and Moldova User Group Q51032162 Wikimedia user group 7
trwikimedia Wikimedia Community User Group Turkey Turkish Q22133438 Wikimedia user group 8
wbwikimedia West Bengal Wikimedians User Group Q28859468 2017-02-16
Wikimedia user group 9

Wikimedia user group wiki Edit

databaseid label language langcode QID inception official website instance of #
gewikimedia Wikimedia Community User Group Georgia Wiki Georgian Q75847675 2019-11-20 Wikimedia user group wiki 1
grwikimedia Wikimedia Community User Group Greece wiki Greek el Q89575308 2020-04-06 Wikimedia user group wiki
Wikimedia special project
ngwikimedia Wikimedia User Group Nigeria Wiki English Q84850642 2020-02-11 Wikimedia user group wiki 3

Wikinews language edition Edit

databaseid label language langcode QID inception official website instance of #
arwikinews Arabic Wikinews Arabic ar Q21281261 Wikinews language edition 1
bgwikinews Bulgarian Wikinews Bulgarian bg Q21281262 Wikinews language edition 2
bswikinews Bosnian Wikinews Bosnian bs Q21281263 Wikinews language edition 3
cawikinews Catalan Wikinews Catalan ca Q21281264 2006-05-26 Wikinews language edition 4
cswikinews Czech Wikinews Czech cs Q21281265 2008-05-26 Wikinews language edition 5
dewikinews German Wikinews German de Q21281266 2004-12-03 Wikinews language edition 6
elwikinews Greek Wikinews Modern Greek el Q21281267 Wikinews language edition 7
enwikinews English Wikinews English en Q21281268 2004-11 Wikinews language edition 8
eowikinews Esperanto Wikinews Esperanto eo Q21281269 Wikinews language edition 9
eswikinews Spanish Wikinews Spanish es Q21281270 2005-01-29 Wikinews language edition 10
fawikinews Persian Wikinews Persian fa Q5725285 2010-10-17 Wikinews language edition 11
fiwikinews Finnish Wikinews Finnish fi Q21281271 Wikinews language edition 12
frwikinews French Wikinews French fr Q21281272 2005-01-29 Wikinews language edition 13
guwwikinews Gun Wikinews Gun guw Q117808670 2023-04-20 Wikinews language edition 14
hewikinews Hebrew Wikinews Hebrew he Q21281273 2005-11-03
2006-01-01 Wikinews language edition 15
huwikinews Hungarian Wikinews Hungarian hu Q33109709 Wikinews language edition 16
itwikinews Italian Wikinews Italian it Q21281274 2005-03-31 Wikinews language edition 17
jawikinews Japanese Wikinews Japanese ja Q21281275 Wikinews language edition 18
kowikinews Korean Wikinews Korean ko Q24576293 Wikinews language edition 19
liwikinews Limburgish Wikinews Limburgish li Q58833054 2018-11-14 Wikinews language edition 20
nlwikinews Dutch Wikinews Dutch nl Q21281276 2005-01-28 Wikinews language edition 21
nowikinews Norwegian Wikinews Norwegian no Q21281277 Wikinews language edition 22
plwikinews Polish Wikinews Polish pl Q21281278 2005-02-19 Wikinews language edition 23
ptwikinews Portuguese Wikinews Portuguese pt Q21281280 2005-02-19 Wikinews language edition 24
rowikinews Romanian Wikinews Romanian ro Q21281281 Wikinews language edition 25
ruwikinews Russian Wikinews Russian ru Q21281283 2005-11-01 Wikinews language edition
online newspaper
sdwikinews Sindhi Wikinews Sindhi sd Q21281284 Wikinews language edition 27
sqwikinews Albanian Wikinews Albanian sq Q21281286 Wikinews language edition 28
srwikinews Serbian Wikinews Serbian sr Q21281287 2005-05-21 Wikinews language edition
language conversion
svwikinews Swedish Wikinews Swedish sv Q21281288 Wikinews language edition 30
tawikinews Tamil Wikinews Tamil ta Q21281289 Wikinews language edition 31
thwikinews Thai Wikinews Thai th Q21281290 Wikinews language edition 32
trwikinews Turkish Wikinews Turkish tr Q21281291 Wikinews language edition 33
ukwikinews Ukrainian Wikinews Ukrainian uk Q21281293 Wikinews language edition 34
zhwikinews Chinese Wikinews Chinese zh Q21281294 Wikinews language edition
wiki with script conversion

Wikipedia language edition Edit

databaseid label language langcode QID inception official website instance of #
aawiki Afar Wikipedia Afar aa Q8558395 Wikipedia language edition
closed wiki
abwiki Abkhaz Wikipedia Abkhaz ab Q3568035 2008 Wikipedia language edition 2
acewiki Acehnese Wikipedia Acehnese ace Q3957795 2009-08-12 Wikipedia language edition 3
adywiki Adyghe Wikipedia Adyghe
ady Q22676953 2016-02-11 Wikipedia language edition 4
afwiki Afrikaans Wikipedia Afrikaans af Q766705 2001-11-16 Wikipedia language edition 5
akwiki Akan Wikipedia Akan ak Q8558731 Wikipedia language edition 6
alswiki Alemannic Wikipedia Alemannic als Q1211233 2003-11-13 Wikipedia language edition 7
altwiki Altai Wikipedia Altai alt Q105630329 2021-02-22 Wikipedia language edition 8
amiwiki Amis Wikipedia Amis ami Q109660988 2021-10-28 Wikipedia language edition 9
amwiki Amharic Wikipedia Amharic am Q3025527 2002 Wikipedia language edition 10
angwiki Old English Wikipedia Old English ang Q8558960 Wikipedia language edition
anpwiki Angika Wikipedia Angika anp Q117306515 2023-03-22 Wikipedia language edition 12
anwiki Aragonese Wikipedia Aragonese an Q1147071 2004-07-21 Wikipedia language edition 13
arcwiki Aramaic Wikipedia Aramaic languages arc Q8569951 Wikipedia language edition 14
arwiki Arabic Wikipedia Arabic ar Q199700 2003-07-09 Wikipedia language edition 15
arywiki Moroccan Arabic Wikipedia Moroccan Darija ary Q97393767 2020-07-20 Wikipedia language edition 16
arzwiki Egyptian Arabic Wikipedia Egyptian Arabic arz Q2374285 2008-04-02 Wikipedia language edition 17
astwiki Asturian Wikipedia Asturian ast Q1071918 2004-07-20 Wikipedia language edition 18
aswiki Assamese Wikipedia Assamese as Q8559119 2002-06-02 Wikipedia language edition 19
atjwiki Atikamekw Wikipedia Atikamekw atj Q30286865 2017-06-15 Wikipedia language edition 20
avkwiki Kotava Wikipedia Kotava avk Q97393723 2020-07-29 Wikipedia language edition 21
avwiki Avar Wikipedia Avar av Q5652665 2005 Wikipedia language edition 22
awawiki Awadhi Wikipedia Awadhi awa Q94694371 2020-05-21 Wikipedia language edition 23
aywiki Aymara Wikipedia Aymara ay Q3826575 2005 Wikipedia language edition 24
azbwiki South Azerbaijani Wikipedia South Azerbaijani azb Q20789766 2015-07-22 Wikipedia language edition 25
azwiki Azerbaijani Wikipedia Azerbaijani az Q58251 2002-01 Wikipedia language edition 26
banwiki Balinese Wikipedia Balinese ban Q70885480 2019-10-14 Wikipedia language edition
barwiki Bavarian Wikipedia Bavarian bar Q1961887 2008
2006 Wikipedia language edition 28
bat_smgwiki Samogitian Wikipedia Samogitian bat-smg Q3568069 2006-03-25 Wikipedia language edition 29
bawiki Bashkir Wikipedia Bashkir ba Q58209 2005-04-16 Wikipedia language edition 30
bclwiki Central Bikol Wikipedia Central Bikol bcl Q8561870 Wikipedia language edition
be_x_oldwiki Belarusian Wikipedia (Classical) Belarusian be-tarask Q8937989 2004-04-06
2007-03-27 Wikipedia language edition 32
bewiki Belarusian Wikipedia Belarusian be Q877583 2007-03-27 Wikipedia language edition 33
bgwiki Bulgarian Wikipedia Bulgarian bg Q11913 2003-12-06 Wikipedia language edition 34
bhwiki Bhojpuri Wikipedia Bhojpuri bh Q8561277 Wikipedia language edition 35
biwiki Bislama Wikipedia Bislama bi Q8561332 Wikipedia language edition 36
bjnwiki Banjar Wikipedia Banjar bjn Q2983979 2010-10-17 Wikipedia language edition 37
blkwiki Pa'O Wikipedia Pa'O blk Q113161446 2022-07-19 Wikipedia language edition 38
bmwiki Bambara Wikipedia Bambara bm Q8559737 2005 Wikipedia language edition 39
bnwiki Bengali Wikipedia Bengali bn Q427715 2004-01-27 Wikipedia language edition 40
bowiki Tibetan Wikipedia Tibetan bo Q2091593 2008-02-09 Wikipedia language edition 41
bpywiki Bishnupriya Manipuri Wikipedia Bishnupriya Manipuri bpy Q1287192 Wikipedia language edition 42
brwiki Breton Wikipedia Breton br Q846871 2004 Wikipedia language edition 43
bswiki Bosnian Wikipedia Bosnian bs Q1047829 2002 Wikipedia language edition 44
bugwiki Buginese Wikipedia Bugis bug Q4097773 2005 Wikipedia language edition 45
bxrwiki Buryat Wikipedia Buryat bxr Q8561415 2006 Wikipedia language edition 46
cawiki Catalan Wikipedia Catalan ca Q199693 2001-03-16 Wikipedia language edition 47
cbk_zamwiki Chavacano Wikipedia cbk-zam Q8575930 Wikipedia language edition 48
cdowiki Min Dong Wikipedia Eastern Min cdo Q846630 2006-09-30 Wikipedia language edition
multi-script Wikimedia site
cebwiki Cebuano Wikipedia Cebuano ceb Q837615 2005-06-22 Wikipedia language edition 50
cewiki Chechen Wikipedia Chechen ce Q4783991 2005-02-28 Wikipedia language edition 51
chowiki Choctaw Wikipedia Choctaw cho Q8576395 Wikipedia language edition 52
chrwiki Cherokee Wikipedia Cherokee chr Q8576237 Wikipedia language edition 53
chwiki Chamorro Wikipedia Chamorro ch Q8576190 Wikipedia language edition 54
chywiki Cheyenne Wikipedia Cheyenne chy Q8561491 Wikipedia language edition 55
ckbwiki Sorani Kurdish Wikipedia Sorani ckb Q4115463 2009-08-12 Wikipedia language edition 56
cowiki Corsican Wikipedia Corsican co Q3111179 2003 Wikipedia language edition 57
crhwiki Crimean Tatar Wikipedia Crimean Tatar crh Q60786 2008-01-12 Wikipedia language edition
wiki with script conversion
crwiki Cree Wikipedia Cree cr Q8561582 2004-08-28 Wikipedia language edition 59
csbwiki Kashubian Wikipedia Kashubian csb Q3756269 2004-03-31 Wikipedia language edition 60
cswiki Czech Wikipedia Czech cs Q191168 2002-05-03 Wikipedia language edition 61
cuwiki Old Church Slavonic Wikipedia Old Church Slavonic cu Q547271 2006-09-30 Wikipedia language edition 62
cvwiki Chuvash Wikipedia Chuvash cv Q58215 2004-11-22 Wikipedia language edition 63
cywiki Welsh Wikipedia Welsh cy Q848525 2003-07 Wikipedia language edition 64
dagwiki Dagbani Wikipedia Dagbani dag Q107379932 2021-06-30 Wikipedia language edition 65
dawiki Danish Wikipedia Danish da Q181163 2002-02-01 Wikipedia language edition 66
dewiki German Wikipedia German de Q48183 2001-03-16 Wikipedia language edition
MediaWiki website
dinwiki Dinka Wikipedia Dinka din Q32012187 2017-07-14 Wikipedia language edition 68
diqwiki Zazaki Wikipedia Zazaki diq Q38288 2006 Wikipedia language edition 69
dsbwiki Lower Sorbian Wikipedia Lower Sorbian dsb Q8561147 2008-01-12 Wikipedia language edition 70
dtywiki Doteli Wikipedia Doteli dty Q29048035 2017-04-27 Wikipedia language edition 71
dvwiki Maldivian Wikipedia Maldivian dv Q928808 2007 Wikipedia language edition 72
dzwiki Dzongkha Wikipedia Dzongkha dz Q8561662 Wikipedia language edition 73
eewiki Ewe Wikipedia Ewe ee Q8562097 Wikipedia language edition 74
elwiki Greek Wikipedia Greek el Q11918 2002-12-01 Wikipedia language edition 75
emlwiki Emiliano–Romagnolo Wikipedia Emilian-Romagnol eml Q3568066 Wikipedia language edition 76
enwiki English Wikipedia English en Q328 2001-01-15 Wikipedia language edition 77
eowiki Esperanto Wikipedia Esperanto eo Q190551 2001-05-11
2001-11-06 Wikipedia language edition 78
eswiki Spanish Wikipedia Spanish es Q8449 2001-05-11 Wikipedia language edition 79
etwiki Estonian Wikipedia Standard Estonian et Q200060 2002-07-24 Wikipedia language edition 80
euwiki Basque Wikipedia Basque eu Q207260 2001-12-06 Wikipedia language edition 81
extwiki Extremaduran Wikipedia Extremaduran ext Q3181928 2007 Wikipedia language edition 82
fatwiki Fante Wikipedia Fante fat Q117805986 2023-04-20 Wikipedia language edition 83
fawiki Persian Wikipedia Persian fa Q48952 2003-12 Wikipedia language edition 84
ffwiki Fula Wikipedia Fula ff Q8562927 2005 Wikipedia language edition 85
fiu_vrowiki Võro Wikipedia Võro fiu-vro Q1585232 2005-06-25 Wikipedia language edition 86
fiwiki Finnish Wikipedia Finnish fi Q175482 2002-02-21 Wikipedia language edition 87
fjwiki Fijian Wikipedia Fijian fj Q8562502 No/unknown value Wikipedia language edition 88
fowiki Faroese Wikipedia Faroese fo Q8042979 2004-06-20 Wikipedia language edition 89
frpwiki Franco-Provençal Wikipedia Franco-Provençal frp Q8562529 Wikipedia language edition 90
frrwiki North Frisian Wikipedia North Frisian frr Q8669146 2010-08-19 Wikipedia language edition
multi-languoid Wikimedia site
frwiki French Wikipedia French fr Q8447 2001-03-23 Wikipedia language edition
MediaWiki website
furwiki Friulian Wikipedia Friulian fur Q3568039 2005-01-25 Wikipedia language edition 93
fywiki West Frisian Wikipedia West Frisian fy Q2602203 2002-09-02 Wikipedia language edition 94
gagwiki Gagauz Wikipedia Gagauz gag Q79633 2010-11-13 Wikipedia language edition 95
ganwiki Gan Chinese Wikipedia Gan gan Q6125437 Wikipedia language edition
wiki with script conversion
gawiki Irish Wikipedia Irish ga Q875631 2003-10 Wikipedia language edition 97
gcrwiki Guianan Creole Wikipedia Guianan Creole gcr Q74731437 2019-11-22 Wikipedia language edition 98
gdwiki Scottish Gaelic Wikipedia Scottish Gaelic gd Q8562272 2003-09 Wikipedia language edition 99
glkwiki Gilaki Wikipedia Gilaki glk Q3944107 Wikipedia language edition 100
glwiki Galician Wikipedia Galician gl Q841208 2003-03-08 Wikipedia language edition 101
gnwiki Guarani Wikipedia Guarani gn Q3807895 Wikipedia language edition 102
gomwiki Goan Konkani Wikipedia Goan Konkani gom Q20726662 2015-07 Wikipedia language edition
multi-script Wikimedia site
gorwiki Gorontalo Wikipedia Gorontalo gor Q52048523 2018-04-19
2010-09-07 Wikipedia language edition 104
gotwiki Gothic Wikipedia Gothic got Q8563136 Wikipedia language edition 105
gpewiki Ghanaian Pidgin Wikipedia Ghanaian Pidgin English gpe Q120400616 2023-07-05 Wikipedia language edition 106
gucwiki Wikipedia Wayuu Wayuu guc Q116927536 2023-02-27 Wikipedia language edition 107
gurwiki Farefare Wikipedia Gurene gur Q116927552 2023-02-27 Wikipedia language edition 108
guwiki Gujarati Wikipedia Gujarati gu Q3180306 2004-07 Wikipedia language edition 109
guwwiki Gun Wikipedia Gun guw Q111343484 2022-03-23 Wikipedia language edition 110
gvwiki Manx Wikipedia Manx gv Q8566503 2003 Wikipedia language edition 111
hakwiki Hakka Wikipedia Hakka hak Q6112922 Wikipedia language edition
multi-script Wikimedia site
hawiki Hausa Wikipedia Hausa ha Q8563393 Wikipedia language edition 113
hawwiki Hawaiian Wikipedia Hawaiian haw Q3568043 Wikipedia language edition 114
hewiki Hebrew Wikipedia Hebrew he Q199913 2003-07-08 Wikipedia language edition 115
hifwiki Fiji Hindi Wikipedia Fiji Hindi hif Q8562481 Wikipedia language edition 116
hiwiki Hindi Wikipedia Hindi hi Q722040 2003-07-11 Wikipedia language edition 117
howiki Hiri Motu Wikipedia Hiri Motu ho Q8563536 Wikipedia language edition 118
hrwiki Croatian Wikipedia Croatian hr Q203488 2003-02-16 Wikipedia language edition 119
hsbwiki Upper Sorbian Wikipedia Upper Sorbian hsb Q2402143 2006-10-02 Wikipedia language edition 120
htwiki Haitian Creole Wikipedia Haitian Creole ht Q1066461 2004-08
2004 Wikipedia language edition 121
huwiki Hungarian Wikipedia Hungarian hu Q53464 2003-07-08 Wikipedia language edition 122
hywiki Armenian Wikipedia Eastern Armenian hy Q1975217 2005-02 Wikipedia language edition 123
hywwiki Western Armenian Wikipedia Western Armenian hyw Q60437959 2019-03-27 Wikipedia language edition 124
hzwiki Herero Wikipedia Herero hz Q8927872 Wikipedia language edition 125
iawiki Interlingua Wikipedia Interlingua ia Q3757068 2002-04-29 Wikipedia language edition 126
idwiki Indonesian Wikipedia Indonesian id Q155214 2003-05-30 Wikipedia language edition 127
iewiki Interlingue Wikipedia Interlingue ie Q6167360 No/unknown value Wikipedia language edition 128
igwiki Igbo Wikipedia Igbo ig Q8563635 Wikipedia language edition 129
iiwiki Nuosu Wikipedia Nuosu ii Q8582909 2004-08-29 Wikipedia language edition 130
ikwiki Inupiat Wikipedia Inupiaq ik Q8563863 Wikipedia language edition 131
ilowiki Ilokano Wikipedia Ilocano ilo Q8563685 Wikipedia language edition 132
inhwiki Ingush Wikipedia Ingush inh Q47099246 2018-04-19 Wikipedia language edition 133
iowiki Ido Wikipedia Ido io Q1154766 2004 Wikipedia language edition 134
iswiki Icelandic Wikipedia Icelandic is Q718394 2003-12-05 Wikipedia language edition 135
itwiki Italian Wikipedia Italian it Q11920 2001-05-11 Wikipedia language edition 136
iuwiki Inuktitut Wikipedia Inuktitut iu Q3913095 Wikipedia language edition
wiki with script conversion
jamwiki Jamaican Wikipedia Jamaican Patois jam Q23948717 2016-05-08 Wikipedia language edition
jawiki Japanese Wikipedia Japanese ja Q177837 2001-05-11 Wikipedia language edition 139
jbowiki Lojban Wikipedia Lojban jbo Q8566311 Wikipedia language edition 140
jvwiki Javanese Wikipedia Javanese jv Q3477935 2004 Wikipedia language edition 141
kaawiki Karakalpak Wikipedia Karakalpak kaa Q79636 Wikipedia language edition 142
kabwiki Kabyle Wikipedia Kabyle kab Q8564352 Wikipedia language edition 143
kawiki Georgian Wikipedia Georgian ka Q848974 2003-11 Wikipedia language edition 144
kbdwiki Kabardian Wikipedia Kabardian kbd Q13231253 Wikipedia language edition 145
kbpwiki Kabiye Wikipedia Kabiye kbp Q28971705 2017-06-24 Wikipedia language edition 146
kcgwiki Tyap Wikipedia Tyap kcg Q112042422 2022-05-16 Wikipedia language edition 147
kgwiki Kongo Wikipedia Kongo kg Q8565463 Wikipedia language edition 148
kiwiki Gikuyu Wikipedia Gikuyu ki Q8565476 Wikipedia language edition 149
kjwiki Kwanyama Wikipedia Kwanyama kj Q8565913 Wikipedia language edition 150
kkwiki Kazakh Wikipedia Kazakh kk Q58172 2002-06-03 Wikipedia language edition
wiki with script conversion
klwiki Greenlandic Wikipedia Greenlandic kl Q3568042 2010-06-11 Wikipedia language edition 152
kmwiki Khmer Wikipedia Khmer km Q3568044 Wikipedia language edition 153
knwiki Kannada Wikipedia Kannada kn Q3181422 2003 Wikipedia language edition 154
koiwiki Komi-Permyak Wikipedia Permyak koi Q1116066 2010-10-19 Wikipedia language edition 155
kowiki Korean Wikipedia Korean ko Q17985 2002-10-11 Wikipedia language edition 156
krcwiki Karachay-Balkar Wikipedia Karachay-Balkar krc Q1249553 2010-03-19 Wikipedia language edition 157
krwiki Kanuri Wikipedia Kanuri kr Q8565254 Wikipedia language edition 158
kshwiki Ripuarian Wikipedia Ripuarian ksh Q3568041 2005 Wikipedia language edition 159
kswiki Kashmiri Wikipedia Kashmiri ks Q8565447 Wikipedia language edition 160
kvwiki Komi Wikipedia Komi-Zyryan kv Q925661 2004-08 Wikipedia language edition 161
kwwiki Cornish Wikipedia Cornish kw Q8565801 2004 Wikipedia language edition 162
kywiki Kyrgyz Wikipedia Kyrgyz ky Q60799 2002-06-03 Wikipedia language edition 163
ladwiki Judaeo-Spanish Wikipedia Judaeo-Spanish lad Q3756562 2005 Wikipedia language edition
multi-script Wikimedia site
multi-languoid Wikimedia site
lawiki Latin Wikipedia Latin la Q12237 2002-06 Wikipedia language edition
MediaWiki website
lbewiki Lak Wikipedia Lak lbe Q6587084 Wikipedia language edition 166
lbwiki Luxembourgish Wikipedia Luxembourgish lb Q950058 2004-07-21 Wikipedia language edition 167
lezwiki Lezgian Wikipedia Lezgian lez Q45041 2012-03-27 Wikipedia language edition 168
lfnwiki Lingua Franca Nova Wikipedia Lingua Franca Nova lfn Q52047822 2018-04-19 Wikipedia language edition 169
lgwiki Luganda Wikipedia Luganda lg Q8566347 Wikipedia language edition 170
lijwiki Ligurian Wikipedia Ligurian lij Q3568046 2008 Wikipedia language edition 171
liwiki Limburgish Wikipedia Limburgish li Q2328409 2004 Wikipedia language edition 172
lldwiki Ladin Wikipedia Ladin lld Q98442371 2020-08-17 Wikipedia language edition 173
lmowiki Lombard Wikipedia Lombard lmo Q3913160 Wikipedia language edition 174
lnwiki Lingala Wikipedia Lingala ln Q8566298 Wikipedia language edition 175
lowiki Lao Wikipedia Lao lo Q3568045 Wikipedia language edition 176
lrcwiki Northern Luri Wikipedia Northern Luri lrc Q20442276 2015-06-16 Wikipedia language edition 177
ltgwiki Latgalian Wikipedia Latgalian ltg Q2913253 2011-03-18 Wikipedia language edition 178
ltwiki Lithuanian Wikipedia Lithuanian lt Q202472 2003-02-20 Wikipedia language edition 179
lvwiki Latvian Wikipedia Latvian lv Q728945 2003-06-06 Wikipedia language edition 180
madwiki Madurese Wikipedia Madurese mad Q104115350 2020-12-15 Wikipedia language edition 181
maiwiki Maithili Wikipedia Maithili mai Q18508969 2014-11-06 Wikipedia language edition 182
map_bmswiki Banyumasan Wikipedia Banyumasan map-bms Q4077512 2005 Wikipedia language edition 183
mdfwiki Moksha Wikipedia Moksha mdf Q1178461 2008-05-26 Wikipedia language edition 184
mgwiki Malagasy Wikipedia Malagasy mg Q3123304 2004 Wikipedia language edition 185
mhrwiki Meadow Mari Wikipedia Meadow Mari mhr Q824297 2009-07-09 Wikipedia language edition 186
mhwiki Marshallese Wikipedia Marshallese mh Q8568150 Wikipedia language edition 187
minwiki Minangkabau Wikipedia Minangkabau min Q4296423 2013-02-07 Wikipedia language edition 188
miwiki Māori Wikipedia Māori mi Q2732019 2003 Wikipedia language edition
mkwiki Macedonian Wikipedia Macedonian mk Q842341 2003-09-04 Wikipedia language edition 190
mlwiki Malayalam Wikipedia Malayalam ml Q874555 2002-12-21 Wikipedia language edition 191
mniwiki Meitei Wikipedia Meitei mni Q105631325 2021-02-25 Wikipedia language edition 192
mnwiki Mongolian Wikipedia Mongolian mn Q2998037 2004-02-28 Wikipedia language edition 193
mnwwiki Mon Wikipedia Mon mnw Q72145810 2019-11-07 Wikipedia language edition 194
mowiki Moldovan Wikipedia Moldovan mo Q3568049 2003-06 Wikipedia language edition 195
mrjwiki Hill Mari Wikipedia Hill Mari mrj Q1034940 2010-10-17 Wikipedia language edition 196
mrwiki Marathi Wikipedia Marathi mr Q3486726 2003-05-01 Wikipedia language edition 197
mswiki Malay Wikipedia Malaysian Malay
ms Q845993 2002-10-26 Wikipedia language edition 198
mtwiki Maltese Wikipedia Maltese mt Q3180091 2004-09-10 Wikipedia language edition 199
muswiki Muscogee Wikipedia Muscogee mus Q8569511 Wikipedia language edition 200
mwlwiki Mirandese Wikipedia Mirandese mwl Q8568791 Wikipedia language edition 201
myvwiki Erzyan Wikipedia Erzya myv Q856881 2008-05-26 Wikipedia language edition 202
mywiki Burmese Wikipedia Burmese language my Q4614845 2004-07 Wikipedia language edition 203
mznwiki Mazanderani Wikipedia Mazanderani mzn Q3568048 Wikipedia language edition 204
nahwiki Nahuatl Wikipedia Nahuatl nah Q2744155 2003 Wikipedia language edition 205
napwiki Neapolitan Wikipedia Neapolitan nap Q1047851 2006-12-21 Wikipedia language edition
multi-languoid Wikimedia site
nawiki Nauru Wikipedia Nauruan na Q3753095 Wikipedia language edition 207
nds_nlwiki Dutch Low Saxon Wikipedia Dutch Low Saxon nds-nl Q1574617 2006
2006-03-24 Wikipedia language edition 208
ndswiki Low German Wikipedia Low Saxon nds Q4925786 2006 Wikipedia language edition 209
newiki Nepali Wikipedia Nepali ne Q8560590 Wikipedia language edition
newwiki Nepal Bhasa Wikipedia Newar new Q1291627 2006-12-23 Wikipedia language edition 211
ngwiki Ndonga Wikipedia Ndonga ng Q8569782 Wikipedia language edition 212
niawiki Nias Wikipedia Nias nia Q104778087 2021-01-11 Wikipedia language edition 213
nlwiki Dutch Wikipedia Dutch nl Q10000 2001-06-19 Wikipedia language edition 214
nnwiki Norwegian (Nynorsk) Wikipedia Nynorsk
nn Q2349453 2004-07-31 Wikipedia language edition
multi-languoid Wikimedia site
novwiki Novial Wikipedia Novial nov Q8570353 Wikipedia language edition 216
nowiki Norwegian (Bokmål) Wikipedia Bokmål
no Q109333352 2001-11-26 Wikipedia language edition
multi-languoid Wikimedia site
online encyclopedia
Wikimedia Foundation project
nqowiki N'Ko Wikipedia N'Ko nqo Q68669691 2019-09-26 Wikipedia language edition 218
nrmwiki Norman Wikipedia Norman nrm Q3568051 2006 Wikipedia language edition 219
nsowiki Northern Sotho Wikipedia Northern Sotho nso Q13230970 Wikipedia language edition 220
nvwiki Navajo Wikipedia Navajo nv Q8569757 Wikipedia language edition 221
nywiki Chewa Wikipedia Chewa ny Q8561552 Wikipedia language edition 222
ocwiki Occitan Wikipedia Occitan oc Q595628 2003 Wikipedia language edition 223
olowiki Livvi-Karelian Wikipedia Livvi-Karelian olo Q27102215 2016-10-07 Wikipedia language edition 224
omwiki Oromo Wikipedia Oromo om Q8570425 Wikipedia language edition 225
orwiki Odia Wikipedia Odia or Q7102897 2002-06-03 Wikipedia language edition 226
oswiki Ossetian Wikipedia Ossetian os Q226150 2005-02-28 Wikipedia language edition 227
pagwiki Pangasinan Wikipedia Pangasinan pag Q12265494 2006 Wikipedia language edition 228
pamwiki Kapampangan Wikipedia Kapampangan pam Q588620 Wikipedia language edition
papwiki Papiamento Wikipedia Papiamento pap Q3568056 Wikipedia language edition 230
pawiki Punjabi Gurmukhi Wikipedia Punjabi pa Q1754193 2002-06-03 Wikipedia language edition 231
pcdwiki Picard Wikipedia Picard pcd Q3568053 Wikipedia language edition 232
pcmwiki Nigerian Pidgin Wikipedia Nigerian Pidgin pcm Q113576853 2022-08-17 Wikipedia language edition 233
pdcwiki Pennsylvania German Wikipedia Pennsylvania German pdc Q3025736 Wikipedia language edition 234
pflwiki Palatinate German Wikipedia Palatinate German pfl Q13358221 Wikipedia language edition 235
pihwiki Norfolk Wikipedia Norfuk pih Q8570048 Wikipedia language edition 236
piwiki Pali Wikipedia Pali pi Q8570791 Wikipedia language edition 237
plwiki Polish Wikipedia Polish pl Q1551807 2001-09-26 Wikipedia language edition 238
pmswiki Piedmontese Wikipedia Piedmontese pms Q3046353 2006-03-27 Wikipedia language edition 239
pnbwiki Punjabi Shahmukhi Wikipedia Punjabi pnb Q3696028 2008-10-24 Wikipedia language edition 240
pntwiki Pontic Greek Wikipedia Pontic Greek pnt Q4372058 2009-03-05 Wikipedia language edition 241
pswiki Pashto Wikipedia Pashto ps Q3568054 Wikipedia language edition 242
ptwiki Portuguese Wikipedia Portuguese pt Q11921 2001-05-11 Wikipedia language edition 243
pwnwiki Paiwan Wikipedia Paiwan pwn Q109661042 2021-10-28 Wikipedia language edition 244
quwiki Quechua Wikipedia Southern Quechua qu Q1377618 2003 Wikipedia language edition 245
rmwiki Romansh Wikipedia Romansh rm Q3026819 No/unknown value Wikipedia language edition
multi-languoid Wikimedia site
rmywiki Romani Wikipedia Romani rmy Q8571143 2006 Wikipedia language edition 247
rnwiki Kirundi Wikipedia Kirundi rn Q8565742 Wikipedia language edition 248
roa_rupwiki Aromanian Wikipedia Aromanian roa-rup Q2073394 2004-05-26 Wikipedia language edition 249
roa_tarawiki Tarantino Wikipedia Tarantino roa-tara Q3568062 2003 Wikipedia language edition 250
rowiki Romanian Wikipedia Romanian ro Q199864 2003-07-12 Wikipedia language edition 251
ru_sibwiki Siberian Wikipedia Siberian ru-sib Q2996321 2006-10-01 Wikipedia language edition 252
ruewiki Rusyn Wikipedia Rusyn rue Q58781 2011-01-23 Wikipedia language edition 253
ruwiki Russian Wikipedia Russian ru Q206855 2001-05-17 Wikipedia language edition 254
rwwiki Kinyarwanda Wikipedia Kinyarwanda rw Q8565518 Wikipedia language edition 255
sahwiki Sakha Wikipedia Yakut sah Q225594 2008-05-26 Wikipedia language edition 256
satwiki Santali Wikipedia Santali sat Q55950814 2018-08-06 Wikipedia language edition 257
sawiki Sanskrit Wikipedia Sanskrit sa Q2587255 2004 Wikipedia language edition 258
scnwiki Sicilian Wikipedia Sicilian scn Q1058430 2004-10-05 Wikipedia language edition 259
scowiki Scots Wikipedia Scots sco Q1444686 2005-06-23 Wikipedia language edition 260
scwiki Sardinian Wikipedia Sardinian sc Q3568059 2004 Wikipedia language edition 261
sdwiki Sindhi Wikipedia Sindhi sd Q8571840 2006-02-14 Wikipedia language edition
sewiki Northern Sami Wikipedia Northern Sami se Q4115441 2004 Wikipedia language edition 263
sgwiki Sango Wikipedia Sango sg Q8571487 Wikipedia language edition 264
shiwiki Tachelhit Wikipedia Shilha shi Q107228569 2021-06-30 Wikipedia language edition 265
shnwiki Shan Wikipedia Shan shn Q58832948 2018-11-19 Wikipedia language edition 266
shwiki Serbo-Croatian Wikipedia Serbo-Croatian sh Q58679 2002-01-16 Wikipedia language edition
multi-script Wikimedia site
simplewiki Simple English Wikipedia Simple English simple Q200183 2001-09-18 Wikipedia language edition 268
siwiki Sinhala Wikipedia Sinhala si Q8571954 Wikipedia language edition 269
skrwiki Saraiki Wikipedia Saraiki skr Q104116398 2020-12-15 Wikipedia language edition 270
skwiki Slovak Wikipedia Slovak sk Q192582 2003-10 Wikipedia language edition 271
slwiki Slovene Wikipedia Slovene sl Q14380 2002-03-08 Wikipedia language edition 272
smnwiki Inari Sami Wikipedia Inari Sami smn Q100154036 2020-10-19 Wikipedia language edition 273
smwiki Samoan Wikipedia Samoan sm Q8571427 Wikipedia language edition 274
snwiki Shona Wikipedia Shona sn Q8571809 Wikipedia language edition 275
sowiki Somali Wikipedia Somali so Q8572132 Wikipedia language edition 276
sqwiki Albanian Wikipedia Albanian sq Q208533 2003-10-12 Wikipedia language edition 277
srnwiki Sranan Wikipedia Sranan Tongo srn Q3568060 2008 Wikipedia language edition 278
srwiki Serbian Wikipedia Serbian sr Q200386 2003-02-16 Wikipedia language edition
wiki with script conversion
multi-script Wikimedia site
sswiki Swazi Wikipedia Swazi ss Q3432470 2004 Wikipedia language edition 280
stqwiki Saterland Frisian Wikipedia Saterland Frisian stq Q3568040 Wikipedia language edition 281
stwiki Sotho Wikipedia Sesotho st Q8572199 Wikipedia language edition 282
suwiki Sundanese Wikipedia Sundanese su Q966609 2004 Wikipedia language edition 283
svwiki Swedish Wikipedia Swedish sv Q169514 2001-05-21 Wikipedia language edition 284
swwiki Swahili Wikipedia Swahili sw Q722243 2003-03-08 Wikipedia language edition 285
szlwiki Silesian Wikipedia Silesian szl Q940309 2008-05-26 Wikipedia language edition
szywiki Sakizaya Wikipedia Sakizaya szy Q74732560 2019-11-22 Wikipedia language edition 287
tawiki Tamil Wikipedia Tamil ta Q844491 2003-09 Wikipedia language edition 288
taywiki Atayal Wikipedia Atayal tay Q105723660 2021-03-21 Wikipedia language edition 289
tcywiki Tulu Wikipedia Tulu tcy Q26235862 2016-08-05 Wikipedia language edition 290
tetwiki Tetum Wikipedia Tetum tet Q8575385 2006-03-24 Wikipedia language edition 291
tewiki Telugu Wikipedia Telugu te Q848046 2003-12-09 Wikipedia language edition 292
tgwiki Tajik Wikipedia Tajik tg Q2742472 2004-01-27 Wikipedia language edition
wiki with script conversion
thwiki Thai Wikipedia Thai th Q565074 2003-12-25 Wikipedia language edition 294
tiwiki Tigrinya Wikipedia Tigrinya ti Q8575467 Wikipedia language edition 295
tkwiki Turkmen Wikipedia Turkmen tk Q511754 2004-02-16 Wikipedia language edition 296
tlwiki Tagalog Wikipedia Tagalog tl Q877685 2003 Wikipedia language edition 297
tlywiki Talysh Wikipedia Talysh tly Q122212356 2023-08-30 Wikipedia language edition 298
tnwiki Tswana Wikipedia Tswana tn Q3568063 Wikipedia language edition 299
tokiponawiki Toki Pona Wikipedia Toki Pona tok Q28970868 2004-04-04 Wikipedia language edition 300
towiki Tongan Wikipedia Tongan to Q3112631 2004 Wikipedia language edition 301
tpiwiki Tok Pisin Wikipedia Tok Pisin tpi Q571001 2016 Wikipedia language edition 302
trvwiki Seediq Wikipedia Seediq trv Q105975521 2021-03-18 Wikipedia language edition 303
trwiki Turkish Wikipedia Turkish tr Q58255 2002-12-05 Wikipedia language edition 304
tswiki Tsonga Wikipedia Tsonga ts Q8575674 Wikipedia language edition 305
ttwiki Tatar Wikipedia Tatar tt Q60819 2003-09-15 Wikipedia language edition
multi-script Wikimedia site
tumwiki Tumbuka Wikipedia Tumbuka tum Q8575782 Wikipedia language edition 307
twwiki Twi Wikipedia Twi tw Q8575885 Wikipedia language edition 308
tyvwiki Tuvinian Wikipedia Tuvan tyv Q14948450 2013-08-11 Wikipedia language edition 309
tywiki Tahitian Wikipedia Tahitian ty Q3568061 2008 Wikipedia language edition 310
udmwiki Udmurt Wikipedia Udmurt udm Q221444 2005-10-24 Wikipedia language edition 311
ugwiki Uyghur Wikipedia Uyghur ug Q60856 2012 Wikipedia language edition
multi-script Wikimedia site
ukwiki Ukrainian Wikipedia Ukrainian uk Q199698 2004-01-30 Wikipedia language edition 313
urwiki Urdu Wikipedia Urdu ur Q1067878 2004-01-27 Wikipedia language edition 314
uzwiki Uzbek Wikipedia Uzbek uz Q2081526 2003-12-21 Wikipedia language edition
wiki with script conversion
vecwiki Venetian Wikipedia Venetian vec Q1055841 Wikipedia language edition 316
vepwiki Veps Wikipedia Veps vep Q4107346 2012-02-01 Wikipedia language edition 317
vewiki Venda Wikipedia Venda ve Q8577029 Wikipedia language edition 318
viwiki Vietnamese Wikipedia Vietnamese vi Q200180 Wikipedia language edition 319
vlswiki West Flemish Wikipedia West Flemish vls Q3568038 Wikipedia language edition 320
vowiki Volapük Wikipedia Volapük vo Q714826 2003-02 Wikipedia language edition 321
warwiki Waray Wikipedia Waray war Q1648786 2005-09-25 Wikipedia language edition 322
wawiki Walloon Wikipedia Walloon wa Q1132977 2003-07-20 Wikipedia language edition 323
wowiki Wolof Wikipedia Wolof wo Q8582589 2005 Wikipedia language edition 324
wuuwiki Wu Chinese Wikipedia Wu Language wuu Q1110233 2006-10-06 Wikipedia language edition 325
xalwiki Kalmyk Wikipedia Kalmyk xal Q4210231 2006-03-24 Wikipedia language edition 326
xhwiki Xhosa Wikipedia Xhosa xh Q3568065 2003 Wikipedia language edition 327
xmfwiki Mingrelian Wikipedia Mingrelian xmf Q2029239 Wikipedia language edition 328
yiwiki Yiddish Wikipedia Yiddish yi Q1968379 2004-03-03 Wikipedia language edition 329
yowiki Yoruba Wikipedia Yoruba yo Q1148240 2008-02-01 Wikipedia language edition 330
zawiki Zhuang Wikipedia Zhuang za Q3311132 Wikipedia language edition 331
zeawiki Zeelandic Wikipedia Zeelandic zea Q2111591 2006-10-01 Wikipedia language edition 332
zh_classicalwiki Literary Chinese Wikipedia Classical Chinese zh-classical Q1378484 2006-07-31 Wikipedia language edition 333
zh_min_nanwiki Min Nan Wikipedia Southern Min nan Q3239456 2003 Wikipedia language edition 334
zh_yuewiki Cantonese Wikipedia Cantonese zh-yue Q1190962 2006-03-25 Wikipedia language edition 335
zhwiki Chinese Wikipedia Chinese zh Q30239 2002-10 Wikipedia language edition
wiki with script conversion
Chinese-language Internet encyclopedia
zuwiki Zulu Wikipedia Zulu zu Q8075204 2003-11 Wikipedia language edition 337

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databaseid label language langcode QID inception official website instance of #
afwikiquote Afrikaans Wikiquote Afrikaans af Q33109804 Wikiquote language edition 1
alswikiquote Alemannic Wikiquote Alemannic als Q33110279 Wikiquote language edition 2
amwikiquote Amharic Wikiquote Amharic am Q33110267 Wikiquote language edition
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angwikiquote Old English Wikiquote Old English ang Q33110263 Wikiquote language edition
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arwikiquote Arabic Wikiquote Arabic ar Q33109768 Wikiquote language edition 5
astwikiquote Asturian Wikiquote Asturian ast Q33110261 Wikiquote language edition
closed wiki
azwikiquote Azerbaijani Wikiquote Azerbaijani az Q33109763 Wikiquote language edition 7
bewikiquote Belarusian Wikiquote Belarusian be Q33109794 Wikiquote language edition 8
bgwikiquote Bulgarian Wikiquote Bulgarian bg Q33109748 Wikiquote language edition 9
bmwikiquote Bambara Wikiquote Bambara bm Q33110286 Wikiquote language edition 10
bnwikiquote Bengali Wikiquote Bengali bn Q114570460 2022-10-10 Wikiquote language edition 11
brwikiquote Breton Wikiquote Breton br Q33109802 Wikiquote language edition 12
bswikiquote Bosnian Wikiquote Bosnian bs Q33109742 Wikiquote language edition 13
cawikiquote Catalan Wikiquote Catalan ca Q22002911 Wikiquote language edition 14
cowikiquote Corsican Wikiquote Corsican co Q33110269 Wikiquote language edition 15
cswikiquote Czech Wikiquote Czech cs Q16735592 2004-08-21 Wikiquote language edition 16
cywikiquote Welsh Wikiquote Welsh cy Q33109779 Wikiquote language edition 17
dawikiquote Danish Wikiquote Danish da Q33109796 Wikiquote language edition 18
dewikiquote German Wikiquote German de Q33109736 Wikiquote language edition 19
elwikiquote Greek Wikiquote Greek el Q33109752 Wikiquote language edition 20
enwikiquote English Wikiquote English en Q22712353 Wikiquote language edition 21
eowikiquote Esperanto Wikiquote Esperanto eo Q24575986 Wikiquote language edition 22
eswikiquote Spanish Wikiquote Spanish es Q33109737 Wikiquote language edition 23
etwikiquote Estonian Wikiquote Estonian et Q33109786 2005 Wikiquote language edition 24
euwikiquote Basque Wikiquote Basque eu Q33109792 Wikiquote language edition 25
fawikiquote Persian Wikiquote Persian fa Q22002964 Wikiquote language edition 26
fiwikiquote Finnish Wikiquote Finnish fi Q33109744 Wikiquote language edition 27
frwikiquote French Wikiquote French fr Q24577055 Wikiquote language edition 28
gawikiquote Irish Wikiquote Irish ga Q33110275 Wikiquote language edition 29
glwikiquote Galician Wikiquote Galician gl Q33109774 Wikiquote language edition 30
guwikiquote Gujarati Wikiquote Gujarati gu Q33109771 Wikiquote language edition 31
hewikiquote Hebrew Wikiquote Hebrew he Q22002898 Wikiquote language edition 32
hiwikiquote Hindi Wikiquote Hindi hi Q33109795 Wikiquote language edition 33
hrwikiquote Croatian Wikiquote Croatian hr Q33109756 Wikiquote language edition 34
huwikiquote Hungarian Wikiquote Hungarian hu Q33109759 2004-10-05 Wikiquote language edition 35
hywikiquote Armenian Wikiquote Armenian hy Q22002881 Wikiquote language edition 36
idwikiquote Indonesian Wikiquote Indonesian id Q33109755 Wikiquote language edition 37
iswikiquote Icelandic Wikiquote Icelandic is Q33109798 Wikiquote language edition 38
itwikiquote Italian Wikiquote Italian it Q15977310 2004-07-17 Wikiquote language edition 39
jawikiquote Japanese Wikiquote Japanese ja Q33109767 Wikiquote language edition 40
kawikiquote Georgian Wikiquote Georgian ka Q22002884 Wikiquote language edition 41
kkwikiquote Kazakh Wikiquote Kazakh kk Q33110274 Wikiquote language edition
language conversion
knwikiquote Kannada Wikiquote Kannada kn Q33109788 Wikiquote language edition 43
kowikiquote Korean Wikiquote Korean ko Q33109765 2004-10-19 Wikiquote language edition 44
krwikiquote Kanuri Wikiquote Kanuri kr Q33110298 Wikiquote language edition 45
kswikiquote Kashmiri Wikiquote Kashmiri ks Q33110291 Wikiquote language edition 46
kuwikiquote Kurdish Wikiquote Kurdish ku Q22002978 Wikiquote language edition
language conversion
kwwikiquote Cornish Wikiquote Cornish kw Q33110289 Wikiquote language edition 48
kywikiquote Kirghiz Wikiquote Kyrgyz ky Q33110273 Wikiquote language edition 49
lawikiquote Latin Wikiquote Latin la Q33109780 Wikiquote language edition 50
lbwikiquote Luxembourgish Wikiquote Luxembourgish lb Q33110265 Wikiquote language edition 51
liwikiquote Limburgish Wikiquote Limburgish li Q33109762 Wikiquote language edition 52
ltwikiquote Lithuanian Wikiquote Lithuanian lt Q33109746 Wikiquote language edition 53
mlwikiquote Malayalam Wikiquote Malayalam ml Q33109784 Wikiquote language edition 54
mrwikiquote Marathi Wikiquote Marathi mr Q33109801 Wikiquote language edition 55
ndswikiquote Low Saxon Wikiquote Low German nds Q33110295 Wikiquote language edition 56
nlwikiquote Dutch Wikiquote Dutch nl Q33109764 2004-07-18 Wikiquote language edition 57
nnwikiquote Norwegian (Nynorsk) Wikiquote Nynorsk nn Q33109754 Wikiquote language edition 58
nowikiquote Norwegian (Bokmål) Wikiquote Bokmål no Q33109782 Wikiquote language edition 59
plwikiquote Polish Wikiquote Polish pl Q22002946 Wikiquote language edition 60
ptwikiquote Portuguese Wikiquote Portuguese pt Q22002935 Wikiquote language edition 61
quwikiquote Quechua Wikiquote Quechua qu Q33110294 Wikiquote language edition 62
rowikiquote Romanian Wikiquote Romanian ro Q33109790 Wikiquote language edition 63
ruwikiquote Russian Wikiquote Russian ru Q22002932 Wikiquote language edition 64
sahwikiquote Sakha Wikiquote Yakut sah Q54893864 2018-06-08 Wikiquote language edition 65
sawikiquote Sanskrit Wikiquote Sanskrit sa Q33109797 Wikiquote language edition 66
simplewikiquote Simple English Wikiquote Simple English simple Q33109769 Wikiquote language edition 67
skwikiquote Slovak Wikiquote Slovak sk Q33109741 Wikiquote language edition 68
slwikiquote Slovenian Wikiquote Slovene sl Q33109749 Wikiquote language edition 69
sqwikiquote Albanian Wikiquote Albanian sq Q33109800 Wikiquote language edition 70
srwikiquote Serbian Wikiquote Serbian sr Q33109789 Wikiquote language edition
language conversion
suwikiquote Sundanese Wikiquote Sundanese su Q33109760 Wikiquote language edition 72
svwikiquote Swedish Wikiquote Swedish sv Q33109772 Wikiquote language edition 73
tawikiquote Tamil Wikiquote Tamil ta Q33109778 Wikiquote language edition 74
tewikiquote Telugu Wikiquote Telugu te Q33109776 Wikiquote language edition 75
thwikiquote Thai Wikiquote Thai th Q33109750 Wikiquote language edition 76
tkwikiquote Turkmen Wikiquote Turkmen tk Q33110282 Wikiquote language edition 77
trwikiquote Turkish Wikiquote Turkish tr Q33109743 Wikiquote language edition 78
ttwikiquote Tatar Wikiquote Tatar tt Q33110281 Wikiquote language edition 79
ugwikiquote Uyghur Wikiquote Uyghur ug Q33110284 Wikiquote language edition 80
ukwikiquote Ukrainian Wikiquote Ukrainian uk Q33109739 Wikiquote language edition 81
urwikiquote Urdu Wikiquote Urdu ur Q33109775 Wikiquote language edition 82
uzwikiquote Uzbek Wikiquote Uzbek uz Q33109805 Wikiquote language edition
language conversion
viwikiquote Vietnamese Wikiquote Vietnamese vi Q33109781 Wikiquote language edition 84
vowikiquote Volapük Wikiquote Volapük vo Q33110280 Wikiquote language edition 85
wowikiquote Wolof Wikiquote Wolof wo Q33110272 Wikiquote language edition 86
zawikiquote Zhuang Wikiquote Zhuang za Q33110277 Wikiquote language edition 87
zh_min_nanwikiquote Min Nan Wikiquote Southern Min zh-min-nan Q33110266 Wikiquote language edition 88
zhwikiquote Chinese Wikiquote Chinese zh Q33109757 Wikiquote language edition
wiki with script conversion

Wikisource language edition Edit

databaseid label language langcode QID inception official website instance of #
angwikisource Old English Wikisource Old English ang Q24577644 2006-06-02 Wikisource language edition
closed wiki
arwikisource Arabic Wikisource Arabic ar Q24577645 2005-08-24 Wikisource language edition 2
aswikisource Assamese Wikisource Assamese as Q22004684 2011-11-24 Wikisource language edition 3
azwikisource Azerbaijani Wikisource Azerbaijani az Q24577646 2006-06-26 Wikisource language edition 4
banwikisource Balinese Wikisource Balinese ban Q107387552 2021-06 Wikisource language edition 5
bewikisource Belarusian Wikisource Belarusian be Q24577647 2004-12-26 Wikisource language edition 6
bgwikisource Bulgarian Wikisource Bulgarian bg Q24577648 2006-06-15 Wikisource language edition 7
bnwikisource Bengali Wikisource Bengali bn Q20726423 2007-09-25 Wikisource language edition 8
brwikisource Breton Wikisource Breton br Q24577649 2007-10-21 Wikisource language edition 9
bswikisource Bosnian Wikisource Bosnian bs Q24577650 2006-06-20 Wikisource language edition 10
cawikisource Catalan Wikisource Catalan ca Q15298977 2006-06-02 Wikisource language edition 11
cswikisource Czech Wikisource Czech cs Q16735590 2006-03-29 Wikisource language edition 12
cywikisource Welsh Wikisource Welsh cy Q24577651 2004-07-18 Wikisource language edition 13
dawikisource Danish Wikisource Danish da Q24577653 2004-05-10 Wikisource language edition 14
dewikisource German Wikisource German de Q15522295 2005-08-23 Wikisource language edition 15
elwikisource Modern Greek Wikisource Modern Greek el Q24577655 2005-08-26 Wikisource language edition 16
enwikisource English Wikisource English en Q15156406 2005-09-11 Wikisource language edition 17
eowikisource Esperanto Wikisource Esperanto eo Q24577656 2003-12-02 Wikisource language edition 18
eswikisource Spanish Wikisource Spanish es Q15618752 2003-11-29 Wikisource language edition 19
etwikisource Estonian Wikisource Estonian et Q24577657 2006-06-08 Wikisource language edition 20
euwikisource Basque Wikisource Basque eu Q51977600 2018-04-19 Wikisource language edition
free software
fawikisource Persian Wikisource Persian fa Q24577658 2004-12-20 Wikisource language edition 22
fiwikisource Finnish Wikisource Finnish fi Q24577659 2006-06-02 Wikisource language edition 23
fowikisource Faroese Wikisource Faroese fo Q24577660 2006-07-08 Wikisource language edition 24
frwikisource French Wikisource French fr Q15156541 2005-08 Wikisource language edition 25
glwikisource Galician Wikisource Galician gl Q24577661 2005-08-23 Wikisource language edition 26
guwikisource Gujarati Wikisource Gujarati gu Q15156648 2012-03-25 Wikisource language edition 27
hewikisource Hebrew Wikisource Hebrew he Q22004676 2004-08-02 Wikisource language edition 28
hiwikisource Hindi Wikisource Hindi hi Q69590574 2019-10-08 Wikisource language edition 29
hrwikisource Croatian Wikisource Croatian hr Q24577663 2005-09-11 Wikisource language edition 30
htwikisource Haitian Creole Wikisource Haitian Creole ht Q24577664 2006 Wikisource language edition
closed wiki
huwikisource Hungarian Wikisource Hungarian hu Q24577665 2006-06-04 Wikisource language edition 32
hywikisource Armenian Wikisource Armenian hy Q22004694 2007-06-01 Wikisource language edition 33
idwikisource Indonesian Wikisource Indonesian id Q24577666 2005-11-06 Wikisource language edition 34
iswikisource Icelandic Wikisource Icelandic is Q24577669 2005-12-29 Wikisource language edition 35
itwikisource Italian Wikisource Italian it Q15281537 2005-08-27 Wikisource language edition 36
jawikisource Japanese Wikisource Japanese ja Q24577671 2005-09-17 Wikisource language edition 37
jvwikisource Javanese Wikisource Javanese jv Q107586427 2021-08-04 Wikisource language edition 38
knwikisource Kannada Wikisource Kannada kn Q24577672 2006-06-03 Wikisource language edition 39
kowikisource Korean Wikisource Korean ko Q24577673 2005-09-14 Wikisource language edition 40
lawikisource Latin Wikisource Latin la Q21205461 2005-08-26 Wikisource language edition 41
lijwikisource Ligurian Wikisource Ligurian lij Q97568657 2020-07-20 Wikisource language edition 42
liwikisource Limburgish Wikisource Limburgish li Q24577674 2008-05-26 Wikisource language edition 43
ltwikisource Lithuanian Wikisource Lithuanian lt Q24577676 2006-06-14 Wikisource language edition 44
mkwikisource Macedonian Wikisource Macedonian mk Q24577678 2006-10-16 Wikisource language edition 45
mlwikisource Malayalam Wikisource Malayalam ml Q22004659 2006-03-29 Wikisource language edition 46
mrwikisource Marathi Wikisource Marathi mr Q24577680 2007-07-17 Wikisource language edition 47
napwikisource Neapolitan Wikisource Neapolitan nap Q66587539 2019-08-14 Wikisource language edition 48
nlwikisource Dutch Wikisource Dutch nl Q24577681 2005-08-24 Wikisource language edition 49
nowikisource Norwegian Wikisource Norwegian no Q24577682 2006-06-03 Wikisource language edition 50
orwikisource Odia Wikisource Odia or Q22004646 2013-01-09 Wikisource language edition 51
pawikisource Punjabi Gurmukhi Wikisource Punjabi pa Q28861316 2017-04-27 Wikisource language edition 52
plwikisource Polish Wikisource Polish pl Q15298974 2005-08-24 Wikisource language edition 53
pmswikisource Piedmontese Wikisource Piedmontese pms Q54893569 2018-06-08 Wikisource language edition 54
ptwikisource Portuguese Wikisource Portuguese pt Q19826831 2005-08-26 Wikisource language edition 55
rowikisource Romanian Wikisource Romanian ro Q24577683 2005-08-25 Wikisource language edition 56
ruwikisource Russian Wikisource Russian ru Q15634506 2004-04-12 Wikisource language edition
multi-script Wikimedia site
sahwikisource Sakha Wikisource Yakut sah Q24577684 2008-01-20 Wikisource language edition 58
sawikisource Sanskrit Wikisource Sanskrit sa Q15156667 2011-03-18 Wikisource language edition 59
skwikisource Slovak Wikisource Slovak sk Q24577685 2006-03-30 Wikisource language edition 60
slwikisource Slovene Wikisource Slovene sl Q24577686 2006-06-03 Wikisource language edition 61
sourceswiki Multilingual Wikisource multiple languages mul Q18198097 2003 Wikisource language edition 62
srwikisource Serbian Wikisource Serbian sr Q24577688 2005-08-25 Wikisource language edition
language conversion
suwikisource Sundanese Wikisource Sundanese su Q121787476 2023-08-16 Wikisource language edition 64
svwikisource Swedish Wikisource Swedish sv Q16515025 2004-01-17 Wikisource language edition 65
tawikisource Tamil Wikisource Tamil ta Q24577690 2007-05-08 Wikisource language edition 66
tewikisource Telugu Wikisource Telugu te Q24577691 2007-07 Wikisource language edition 67
thwikisource Thai Wikisource Thai th Q24577692 2006-06-07 Wikisource language edition 68
trwikisource Turkish Wikisource Turkish tr Q24577693 2006-01-05 Wikisource language edition 69
ukwikisource Ukrainian Wikisource Ukrainian uk Q20726429 2006-06-06 Wikisource language edition 70
vecwikisource Venetian Wikisource Venetian vec Q24577695 2010-11 Wikisource language edition 71
viwikisource Vietnamese Wikisource Vietnamese vi Q22004943 2006-06-02 Wikisource language edition 72
wawikisource Walloon Wikisource Walloon wa Q104115883 2020-12-15 Wikisource language edition 73
yiwikisource Yiddish Wikisource Yiddish yi Q24577696 2006-03-25 Wikisource language edition 74
zh_min_nanwikisource Min Nan Wikisource Southern Min nan Q24577697 2006 Wikisource language edition 75
zhwikisource Chinese Wikisource Chinese zh Q19822573 2005-09 Wikisource language edition
wiki with script conversion

Wikiversity language edition Edit

databaseid label language langcode QID inception official website instance of #
arwikiversity Arabic Wikiversity Arabic ar Q33110338 Wikiversity language edition 1
betawikiversity Multilingual Wikiversity multiple languages mul Q33110334 Wikiversity language edition
wiki with script conversion
cswikiversity Czech Wikiversity Czech cs Q33110332 2008-05-26 Wikiversity language edition 3
dewikiversity German Wikiversity German de Q22001381 Wikiversity language edition 4
elwikiversity Greek Wikiversity Greek el Q22001382 Wikiversity language edition 5
enwikiversity English Wikiversity English en Q22808092 Wikiversity language edition 6
eswikiversity Spanish Wikiversity Spanish es Q33110337 Wikiversity language edition 7
fiwikiversity Finnish Wikiversity Finnish fi Q33110339 Wikiversity language edition 8
frwikiversity French Wikiversity French fr Q22001380 Wikiversity language edition 9
hiwikiversity Hindi Wikiversity Hindi hi Q34641426 Wikiversity language edition 10
itwikiversity Italian Wikiversity Italian it Q24880555 Wikiversity language edition 11
jawikiversity Japanese Wikiversity Japanese ja Q33110342 2006 Wikiversity language edition 12
kowikiversity Korean Wikiversity Korean ko Q33110343 2013-02-07 Wikiversity language edition 13
ptwikiversity Portuguese Wikiversity Portuguese pt Q33110336 Wikiversity language edition 14
ruwikiversity Russian Wikiversity Russian ru Q22001383 Wikiversity language edition 15
slwikiversity Slovene Wikiversity Slovene sl Q33110341 Wikiversity language edition 16
svwikiversity Swedish Wikiversity Swedish sv Q22001385 Wikiversity language edition 17
zhwikiversity Chinese Wikiversity Chinese zh Q56009325 2018-08-06 Wikiversity language edition
wiki with script conversion

Wikivoyage language edition Edit

databaseid label language langcode QID inception official website instance of #
bnwikivoyage Bengali Wikivoyage Bengali bn Q54598336 2018-06-08 Wikivoyage language edition 1
dewikivoyage German Wikivoyage German de Q14325227 2006-12-10 Wikivoyage language edition 2
elwikivoyage Greek Wikivoyage Modern Greek el Q24238022 2013-05-17 Wikivoyage language edition 3
enwikivoyage English Wikivoyage English en Q19826574 2012-09-23 Wikivoyage language edition 4
eowikivoyage Esperanto Wikivoyage Esperanto eo Q104114893 2020-12-15 Wikivoyage language edition 5
eswikivoyage Spanish Wikivoyage Spanish es Q24238015 2013-01-07 Wikivoyage language edition 6
fawikivoyage Persian Wikivoyage Persian fa Q20671724 2014-10-02 Wikivoyage language edition 7
fiwikivoyage Finnish Wikivoyage Finnish fi Q27910728 2016-12-02 Wikivoyage language edition 8
frwikivoyage French Wikivoyage French fr Q19826572 2012-10-03 Wikivoyage language edition 9
hewikivoyage Hebrew Wikivoyage Hebrew he Q24238020 2013-03-21 Wikivoyage language edition 10
hiwikivoyage Hindi Wikivoyage Hindi hi Q35864580 2017-09-25 Wikivoyage language edition 11
itwikivoyage Italian Wikivoyage Italian it Q24237997 2007-12-10 Wikivoyage language edition 12
jawikivoyage Japanese Wikivoyage Japanese ja Q98668890 2020-08-27 Wikivoyage language edition 13
nlwikivoyage Dutch Wikivoyage Dutch nl Q24238011 2012-09-29 Wikivoyage language edition 14
plwikivoyage Polish Wikivoyage Polish pl Q19963683 2013-02-06 Wikivoyage language edition 15
pswikivoyage Pashto Wikivoyage Pashto ps Q54893684 2018-06-09 Wikivoyage language edition 16
ptwikivoyage Portuguese Wikivoyage Portuguese pt Q24238016 2013-01-07 Wikivoyage language edition 17
rowikivoyage Romanian Wikivoyage Romanian ro Q24238019 2013-02-06 Wikivoyage language edition 18
ruwikivoyage Russian Wikivoyage Russian ru Q17601812 2012-10-18 Wikivoyage language edition 19
shnwikivoyage Shan Wikivoyage Shan shn Q111345933 2022-03-23 Wikivoyage language edition 20
svwikivoyage Swedish Wikivoyage Swedish sv Q24238014 2012-10-06 Wikivoyage language edition 21
trwikivoyage Turkish Wikivoyage Turkish tr Q104903746 2021-01-19 Wikivoyage language edition 22
ukwikivoyage Ukrainian Wikivoyage Ukrainian uk Q24238021 2013-03-21 Wikivoyage language edition 23
viwikivoyage Vietnamese Wikivoyage Vietnamese vi Q24238023 2013-08-11 Wikivoyage language edition 24
zhwikivoyage Chinese Wikivoyage Chinese zh Q24238024 2014-01-15 Wikivoyage language edition
wiki with script conversion

Wiktionary language edition Edit

databaseid label language langcode QID inception official website instance of #
aawiktionary Afar Wiktionary Afar aa Q33109312 Wiktionary language edition
closed wiki
abwiktionary Abkhazian Wiktionary Abkhaz ab Q33109295 Wiktionary language edition
closed wiki
afwiktionary Afrikaans Wiktionary Afrikaans af Q33109175 Wiktionary language edition 3
alswiktionary Alemannic Wiktionary Alemannic als Q33109293 Wiktionary language edition 4
amwiktionary Amharic Wiktionary Amharic am Q33109273 Wiktionary language edition 5
angwiktionary Old English Wiktionary Old English ang Q33109222 Wiktionary language edition 6
anwiktionary Aragonese Wiktionary Aragonese an Q33109217 Wiktionary language edition 7
arwiktionary Arabic Wiktionary Arabic ar Q33109137 Wiktionary language edition 8
astwiktionary Asturian Wiktionary Asturian ast Q33109174 Wiktionary language edition 9
aswiktionary Assamese Wiktionary Assamese as Q33109289 Wiktionary language edition
closed wiki
avwiktionary Avar Wiktionary Avar av Q33109318 Wiktionary language edition
closed wiki
aywiktionary Aymara Wiktionary Aymara ay Q33109244 Wiktionary language edition 12
azwiktionary Azerbaijani Wiktionary Azerbaijani az Q33109141 Wiktionary language edition 13
bclwiktionary Central Bikol Wiktionary Central Bikol bcl Q104778147 2021-01-12 Wiktionary language edition 14
bewiktionary Belarusian Wiktionary Belarusian be Q33109210 Wiktionary language edition 15
bgwiktionary Bulgarian Wiktionary Bulgarian bg Q33109157 Wiktionary language edition 16
bhwiktionary Bihari Wiktionary Bihari bh Q33109298 Wiktionary language edition 17
bmwiktionary Bambara Wiktionary Bambara bm Q33109315 Wiktionary language edition 18
bnwiktionary Bengali Wiktionary Bengali bn Q33109205 Wiktionary language edition 19
bowiktionary Tibetan Wiktionary Tibetan bo Q33109307 Wiktionary language edition 20
brwiktionary Breton Wiktionary Breton br Q33109146 Wiktionary language edition 21
bswiktionary Bosnian Wiktionary Bosnian bs Q33109195 Wiktionary language edition 22
cawiktionary Catalan Wiktionary Catalan ca Q33109110 Wiktionary language edition 23
chrwiktionary Cherokee Wiktionary Cherokee chr Q33109116 Wiktionary language edition 24
chwiktionary Chamorro Wiktionary Chamorro ch Q33109320 Wiktionary language edition 25
ckbwiktionary Central Kurdish Wiktionary Sorani ckb Q117463713 Wiktionary language edition 26
cowiktionary Corsican Wiktionary Corsican co Q33109186 Wiktionary language edition 27
csbwiktionary Kashubian Wiktionary Kashubian csb Q33109230 Wiktionary language edition 28
cswiktionary Czech Wiktionary Czech cs Q32946808 Wiktionary language edition 29
cywiktionary Welsh Wiktionary Welsh cy Q33109160 Wiktionary language edition 30
dawiktionary Danish Wiktionary Danish da Q33109144 Wiktionary language edition 31
dewiktionary German Wiktionary German de Q22001374 Wiktionary language edition 32
diqwiktionary Zazaki Wiktionary Zazaki diq Q104778212 2021-01-11 Wiktionary language edition 33
dvwiktionary Divehi Wiktionary Maldivian dv Q33109275 Wiktionary language edition 34
dzwiktionary Dzongkha Wiktionary Dzongkha dz Q33109297 Wiktionary language edition 35
elwiktionary Greek Wiktionary Greek el Q33109101 Wiktionary language edition 36
enwiktionary English Wiktionary English
multiple languages
en Q22001375 2002-12-12 Wiktionary language edition 37
eowiktionary Esperanto Wiktionary Esperanto eo Q22001378 Wiktionary language edition 38
eswiktionary Spanish Wiktionary Spanish es Q33108860 2004-05-01 Wiktionary language edition 39
etwiktionary Estonian Wiktionary Estonian et Q33109128 Wiktionary language edition 40
euwiktionary Basque Wiktionary Basque eu Q33109139 Wiktionary language edition 41
fawiktionary Persian Wiktionary Persian fa Q33109136 Wiktionary language edition 42
fiwiktionary Finnish Wiktionary Finnish fi Q33109105 Wiktionary language edition 43
fjwiktionary Fijian Wiktionary Fijian fj Q33109154 Wiktionary language edition 44
fowiktionary Faroese Wiktionary Faroese fo Q33109248 Wiktionary language edition 45
frwiktionary French Wiktionary French fr Q22001373 2004-03-22 Wiktionary language edition 46
fywiktionary West Frisian Wiktionary West Frisian fy Q33109182 Wiktionary language edition 47
gawiktionary Irish Wiktionary Irish ga Q33109215 Wiktionary language edition 48
gdwiktionary Scottish Gaelic Wiktionary Scottish Gaelic gd Q33109234 Wiktionary language edition 49
glwiktionary Galician Wiktionary Galician gl Q33109143 Wiktionary language edition 50
gnwiktionary Guarani Wiktionary Guarani gn Q33109226 Wiktionary language edition 51
gomwiktionary Goan Konkani Wiktionary Konkani
Goan Konkani
gom Q94700087 2020-05-20 Wiktionary language edition 52
guwiktionary Gujarati Wiktionary Gujarati gu Q33109257 Wiktionary language edition 53
guwwiktionary Gun Wiktionary Gun guw Q113627834 2022-08-17 Wiktionary language edition 54
gvwiktionary Manx Wiktionary Manx gv Q33109259 Wiktionary language edition 55
hawiktionary Hausa Wiktionary Hausa ha Q33109271 Wiktionary language edition 56
hewiktionary Hebrew Wiktionary Hebrew he Q33109172 Wiktionary language edition 57
hifwiktionary Fiji Hindi Wiktionary Fiji Hindi hif Q48569283 Wiktionary language edition 58
hiwiktionary Hindi Wiktionary Hindi hi Q33109117 Wiktionary language edition 59
hrwiktionary Croatian Wiktionary Croatian hr Q33109153 Wiktionary language edition 60
hsbwiktionary Upper Sorbian Wiktionary Upper Sorbian hsb Q33109209 Wiktionary language edition 61
huwiktionary Hungarian Wiktionary Hungarian hu Q1162302 Wiktionary language edition 62
hywiktionary Armenian Wiktionary Armenian hy Q22001379 Wiktionary language edition 63
iawiktionary Interlingua Wiktionary Interlingua ia Q33109242 Wiktionary language edition 64
idwiktionary Indonesian Wiktionary Indonesian id Q33109126 Wiktionary language edition 65
iewiktionary Interlingue Wiktionary Interlingue ie Q33109243 Wiktionary language edition 66
ikwiktionary Inupiak Wiktionary Inupiaq ik Q33109279 Wiktionary language edition 67
iowiktionary Ido Wiktionary Ido io Q33109109 Wiktionary language edition 68
iswiktionary Icelandic Wiktionary Icelandic is Q33109163 Wiktionary language edition 69
itwiktionary Italian Wiktionary Italian
multiple languages
it Q33109102 Wiktionary language edition 70
iuwiktionary Inuktitut Wiktionary Inuktitut iu Q33109272 Wiktionary language edition
language conversion
jawiktionary Japanese Wiktionary Japanese ja Q33109119 Wiktionary language edition 72
jbowiktionary Lojban Wiktionary Lojban jbo Q33109251 Wiktionary language edition 73
jvwiktionary Javanese Wiktionary Javanese
multiple languages
jv Q33109138 Wiktionary language edition 74
kawiktionary Georgian Wiktionary Georgian ka Q33109190 Wiktionary language edition 75
kbdwiktionary Wiktionary Kabardian Kabardian kbd Q117808046 2023-04-20 Wiktionary language edition 76
kcgwiktionary Tyap Wiktionary Tyap kcg Q112126994 2023-04-20 Wiktionary language edition 77
kkwiktionary Kazakh Wiktionary Kazakh kk Q33109201 Wiktionary language edition
language conversion
klwiktionary Greenlandic Wiktionary Greenlandic kl Q33109247 Wiktionary language edition 79
kmwiktionary Cambodian Wiktionary Khmer km Q33109203 Wiktionary language edition 80
knwiktionary Kannada Wiktionary Kannada kn Q33109111 Wiktionary language edition 81
kowiktionary Korean Wiktionary Korean ko Q33109108 2004-05-10 Wiktionary language edition 82
kswiktionary Kashmiri Wiktionary Kashmiri ks Q33109288 Wiktionary language edition 83
kuwiktionary Kurdish Wiktionary Kurdish ku Q33109100 Wiktionary language edition 84
kwwiktionary Cornish Wiktionary Cornish kw Q33109260 Wiktionary language edition 85
kywiktionary Kirghiz Wiktionary Kyrgyz ky Q33109179 Wiktionary language edition 86
lawiktionary Latin Wiktionary Latin la Q33109170 Wiktionary language edition 87
lbwiktionary Luxembourgish Wiktionary Luxembourgish lb Q33109199 Wiktionary language edition 88
liwiktionary Limburgish Wiktionary Limburgish li Q33109130 Wiktionary language edition 89
lnwiktionary Lingala Wiktionary Lingala ln Q33109252 Wiktionary language edition 90
lowiktionary Lao Wiktionary Lao lo Q33109145 Wiktionary language edition 91
ltwiktionary Lithuanian Wiktionary Lithuanian lt Q33109094 Wiktionary language edition 92
lvwiktionary Latvian Wiktionary Latvian lv Q33109185 Wiktionary language edition 93
mgwiktionary Malagasy Wiktionary Malagasy mg Q33108762 Wiktionary language edition 94
mhwiktionary Marshallese Wiktionary Marshallese mh Q33109323 Wiktionary language edition 95
minwiktionary Minangkabau Wiktionary Minangkabau Q75848703 2019-11-20 Wiktionary language edition 96
miwiktionary Maori Wiktionary Māori mi Q33109246 Wiktionary language edition 97
mkwiktionary Macedonian Wiktionary Macedonian mk Q33109208 Wiktionary language edition 98
mlwiktionary Malayalam Wiktionary Malayalam ml Q33109124 Wiktionary language edition 99
mniwiktionary Meitei Wiktionary Meitei mni Q105631321 2021-02-22 Wiktionary language edition 100
mnwiktionary Mongolian Wiktionary Mongolian mn Q33109189 Wiktionary language edition 101
mnwwiktionary Mon Wiktionary Mon mnw Q105977225 2021-03-16 Wiktionary language edition 102
mnwwiktionary Mon Wiktionary Mon mnw Q118489317 2021-03-19ဝိက်ရှေန်နရဳ:မုက်လိက်တမ်/ Wiktionary language edition 103
mowiktionary Moldovan Wiktionary Moldovan mo Q33109291 Wiktionary language edition 104
mrwiktionary Marathi Wiktionary Marathi mr Q33109227 Wiktionary language edition 105
mswiktionary Malay Wiktionary Malay ms Q33109213 Wiktionary language edition 106
mtwiktionary Maltese Wiktionary Maltese mt Q33109236 Wiktionary language edition 107
mywiktionary Burmese Wiktionary Burmese language my Q33109131 Wiktionary language edition 108
nahwiktionary Nahuatl Wiktionary Nahuatl nah Q33109197 Wiktionary language edition 109
nawiktionary Nauruan Wiktionary Nauruan na Q33109256 Wiktionary language edition 110
ndswiktionary Low Saxon Wiktionary Low German nds Q33109194 Wiktionary language edition 111
newiktionary Nepali Wiktionary Nepali ne Q33109264 Wiktionary language edition 112
niawiktionary Nias Wiktionary Nias nia Q104778106 2021-01-11 Wiktionary language edition 113
nlwiktionary Dutch Wiktionary Dutch nl Q33108861 2004-05-01 Wiktionary language edition 114
nnwiktionary Norwegian (Nynorsk) Wiktionary Nynorsk nn Q33109184 Wiktionary language edition
dictionary of the Norwegian language
nowiktionary Norwegian (Bokmål) Wiktionary Bokmål no Q33109122 Wiktionary language edition
dictionary of the Norwegian language
nowiktionary Norwegian Wiktionary Bokmål no Q112176133 Wiktionary language edition 117
ocwiktionary Occitan Wiktionary Occitan oc Q33109151 Wiktionary language edition 118
omwiktionary Oromo Wiktionary Oromo om Q33109265 Wiktionary language edition 119
orwiktionary Oriya Wiktionary Odia or Q33109132 Wiktionary language edition 120
pawiktionary Panjabi Wiktionary Punjabi pa Q33109212 Wiktionary language edition 121
piwiktionary Pali Wiktionary Pali pi Q33109292 Wiktionary language edition 122
plwiktionary Polish Wiktionary Polish pl Q33109097 2004-03-22 Wiktionary language edition
dictionary of the Polish language
pnbwiktionary Western Panjabi Wiktionary Punjabi pnb Q33109187 Wiktionary language edition 124
pswiktionary Pashto Wiktionary Pashto ps Q33109159 Wiktionary language edition 125
ptwiktionary Portuguese Wiktionary Portuguese pt Q28065753 2004-05-03 Wiktionary language edition 126
quwiktionary Quechua Wiktionary Quechua qu Q33109267 Wiktionary language edition 127
rmwiktionary Raeto Romance Wiktionary Rhaeto-Romance rm Q33109308 Wiktionary language edition 128
rnwiktionary Kirundi Wiktionary Kirundi rn Q33109322 Wiktionary language edition 129
roa_rupwiktionary Aromanian Wiktionary Aromanian roa-rup Q33109239 Wiktionary language edition 130
rowiktionary Romanian Wiktionary Romanian ro Q33109121 Wiktionary language edition 131
ruwiktionary Russian Wiktionary Russian ru Q22116890 Wiktionary language edition 132
rwwiktionary Rwandi Wiktionary Kinyarwanda rw Q33109261 Wiktionary language edition 133
sawiktionary Sanskrit Wiktionary Sanskrit sa Q33109200 Wiktionary language edition 134
scnwiktionary Sicilian Wiktionary Sicilian scn Q33109169 Wiktionary language edition 135
scwiktionary Sardinian Wiktionary Sardinian sc Q33109314 Wiktionary language edition 136
sdwiktionary Sindhi Wiktionary Sindhi sd Q33109225 Wiktionary language edition 137
sgwiktionary Sango Wiktionary Sango sg Q33109283 Wiktionary language edition 138
shnwiktionary Shan Wiktionary Shan Q94699033 2020-06-22 Wiktionary language edition 139
shwiktionary Serbo-Croatian Wiktionary Serbo-Croatian sh Q33108859 Wiktionary language edition 140
shywiktionary Shawiya Wiktionary Shawiya shy Q75986893 2019-11-20 Wiktionary language edition 141
simplewiktionary Simple English Wiktionary Simple English simple Q22001376 2004-05 Wiktionary language edition 142
siwiktionary Sinhalese Wiktionary Sinhala si Q33109240 Wiktionary language edition 143
skrwiktionary Saraiki Wiktionary Saraiki skr Q104116585 2020-12-15 Wiktionary language edition 144
skwiktionary Slovak Wiktionary Slovak sk Q33109167 Wiktionary language edition 145
slwiktionary Slovenian Wiktionary Slovene sl Q33109192 Wiktionary language edition 146
smwiktionary Samoan Wiktionary Samoan sm Q33109207 Wiktionary language edition 147
snwiktionary Shona Wiktionary Shona sn Q33109296 Wiktionary language edition 148
sowiktionary Somali Wiktionary Somali so Q33109229 Wiktionary language edition 149
sqwiktionary Albanian Wiktionary Albanian sq Q33109193 Wiktionary language edition 150
srwiktionary Serbian Wiktionary Serbian sr Q33109115 Wiktionary language edition
language conversion
sswiktionary Swati Wiktionary Swazi ss Q33109268 Wiktionary language edition 152
stwiktionary Southern Sotho Wiktionary Sesotho st Q33109237 Wiktionary language edition 153
suwiktionary Sundanese Wiktionary Sundanese su Q33109269 Wiktionary language edition 154
svwiktionary Swedish Wiktionary Swedish sv Q33109095 Wiktionary language edition 155
swwiktionary Swahili Wiktionary Swahili sw Q33109178 Wiktionary language edition 156
tawiktionary Tamil Wiktionary Tamil ta Q33109103 Wiktionary language edition 157
tewiktionary Telugu Wiktionary Telugu te Q33109134 Wiktionary language edition 158
tgwiktionary Tajik Wiktionary Tajik tg Q33109155 Wiktionary language edition 159
thwiktionary Thai Wiktionary Thai th Q33109123 Wiktionary language edition 160
tiwiktionary Tigrinya Wiktionary Tigrinya ti Q33109282 Wiktionary language edition 161
tkwiktionary Turkmen Wiktionary Turkmen tk Q33109202 Wiktionary language edition 162
tlwiktionary Tagalog Wiktionary Tagalog tl Q31441527 Wiktionary language edition 163
tnwiktionary Setswana Wiktionary Tswana tn Q33109284 Wiktionary language edition 164
towiktionary Tongan Wiktionary Tongan to Q33109302 Wiktionary language edition 165
tpiwiktionary Tok Pisin Wiktionary Tok Pisin tpi Q33109277 Wiktionary language edition 166
trwiktionary Turkish Wiktionary Turkish tr Q33109107 Wiktionary language edition 167
tswiktionary Tsonga Wiktionary Tsonga ts Q33109262 Wiktionary language edition 168
ttwiktionary Tatar Wiktionary Tatar tt Q33109224 Wiktionary language edition 169
twwiktionary Twi Wiktionary Twi tw Q33109299 Wiktionary language edition 170
ugwiktionary Uyghur Wiktionary Uyghur ug Q33109232 Wiktionary language edition 171
ukwiktionary Ukrainian Wiktionary Ukrainian uk Q33109149 Wiktionary language edition 172
urwiktionary Urdu Wiktionary Urdu ur Q33109216 Wiktionary language edition 173
uzwiktionary Uzbek Wiktionary Uzbek uz Q33109129 Wiktionary language edition
wiki with script conversion
vecwiktionary Venetian Wiktionary Venetian vec Q33109220 Wiktionary language edition 175
viwiktionary Vietnamese Wiktionary Vietnamese vi Q33109114 Wiktionary language edition 176
vowiktionary Volapük Wiktionary Volapük vo Q33109161 Wiktionary language edition 177
wawiktionary Walloon Wiktionary Walloon wa Q33109162 Wiktionary language edition 178
wowiktionary Wolof Wiktionary Wolof wo Q33109218 Wiktionary language edition 179
xhwiktionary Xhosa Wiktionary Xhosa xh Q33109309 Wiktionary language edition 180
yiwiktionary Yiddish Wiktionary Yiddish yi Q33109280 Wiktionary language edition 181
yowiktionary Yoruba Wiktionary Yoruba yo Q33109305 Wiktionary language edition 182
yuewiktionary Cantonese Wiktionary Cantonese yue Q58787175 2018-11-18 Wiktionary language edition 183
zawiktionary Zhuang Wiktionary Zhuang za Q33109276 Wiktionary language edition 184
zh_min_nanwiktionary Min Nan Wiktionary Southern Min zh-min-nan Q33109166 Wiktionary language edition 185
zhwiktionary Chinese Wiktionary Chinese zh Q31622179 Wiktionary language edition
wiki with script conversion
zuwiktionary Zulu Wiktionary Zulu zu Q33109253 Wiktionary language edition 187

abandoned project Edit

databaseid label language langcode QID inception official website instance of #
nzwikimedia Wikimedia New Zealand Q22047663 abandoned project 1
pa_uswikimedia Wikimedia Pennsylvania Q33120775 abandoned project 2

closed wiki Edit

databaseid label language langcode QID inception official website instance of #
akwiktionary Akan Wiktionary Akan ak Q33109316 closed wiki 1
biwiktionary Bislama Wiktionary Bislama bi Q33109304 closed wiki 2
crwikiquote Cree Wikiquote Cree cr Q33110287 closed wiki 3
crwiktionary Cree Wiktionary Cree cr Q33109317 closed wiki 4
nawikiquote Nauruan Wikiquote Nauruan na Q33110293 closed wiki 5

Misc Edit

databaseid label language langcode QID inception official website instance of #
incubatorwiki Wikimedia Incubator multiple languages Q846672 2006-07-02 MediaWiki website
Wikimedia Foundation project
wiki with script conversion
Wikimedia special project
kuwiki Kurmanji Kurdish Wikipedia Kurmanji ku Q92600463 wiki with script conversion
Wikipedia language edition
wikimaniawiki Wikimania Q483279 2005 annual conference
Wikimedia special project
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