Wikidata:Events/Telegram office hour 2024-04-10


  1. Camillo
  2. Danny Benjafield WMDE
  3. GreenReaper
  4. Ifeatu
  5. Jon Amar
  6. Lucas Werkmeister
  7. Lydia Pintscher
  8. Melderick
  9. Nikki



2024-04-10T16:02:00 <Ifeatu> It's here!!!!
2024-04-10T16:02:05 <Danny Benjafield WMDE> The usual business
In the first half we shall present the news around the development of Wikidata & Wikibase from the past quarter as well as other interesting non-dev things happening in the community
2024-04-10T16:02:14 <Danny Benjafield WMDE> then we will talk about what is coming up this quarter
So without much ado, let's begin with what happened around development over the last 3 months. Starting with you @nightrose for #Wikidata :)
2024-04-10T16:02:40 <Lydia Pintscher> Hey everyone :)
2024-04-10T16:02:56 <Lydia Pintscher> On the Wikidata side we have been working on quite a few things.
2024-04-10T16:03:38 <Lydia Pintscher> We continued building out the REST API. It can now do operations on sitelinks, create Items and modify Properties.
2024-04-10T16:04:09 <Lydia Pintscher> We also continued moving forward with the work on the new datatype for linking to EntitySchemas in statements. There are still kinks to work out but we are moving.
2024-04-10T16:04:42 <Lydia Pintscher> The mul language code is also making progress. It went through testing and now we are fixing a few remaining things before we can roll it out.
2024-04-10T16:04:52 <Lydia Pintscher> And then soooo many labels can go \o/
2024-04-10T16:05:14 <Lucas Werkmeister> kill ALL teh labels
2024-04-10T16:05:47 <Lydia Pintscher> We've spend quite some time on adapting Wikibase for the upcoming IP Masking. Once that is enabled on Wikimedia wikis we will no longer show IPs for non-logged in users. That needed quite some adapting of Wikibase to play nice with it.
2024-04-10T16:06:31 <Lydia Pintscher> <link_preview_options> For the Query Service the search team has put a lot of work into the graph split. The details of the latest state are here:
2024-04-10T16:06:48 <Lydia Pintscher> We are currently refinign the criteria for the split. If you have feedback on that please do leave it there.
2024-04-10T16:07:16 <Lydia Pintscher> We've also added the ability to stop a query from running in the Query Service UI. So now you can stop the query before it times out if you want to.
2024-04-10T16:08:07 <Lydia Pintscher> More into the future: we have started looking into making it possible to edit statements on mobile. There is still a lot of work to do but it'd be awesome if you come to next Monday's bug triage hour with all your favorite tickets around mobile editing.
2024-04-10T16:09:09 <Lydia Pintscher> And last but not least we are continuing the developer advocacy work so we get more people to build awesome applications on top of Wikidata's data. Mainly right now we are focusing on collecting content for a landing page for developers.
2024-04-10T16:09:40 <Lydia Pintscher> And with that: Ifeatu: What has been happening on your side?
2024-04-10T16:09:52 <Ifeatu> Yay! Thanks Lydia
2024-04-10T16:09:58 <Ifeatu> Lots of great news on that front
2024-04-10T16:10:25 <Ifeatu> from my team's end (the Wikidata Integrations Team), we also have some exciting news to share
2024-04-10T16:11:38 <Ifeatu> On the development front, we took inventory of our work areas and organised all the Wikidata Integration Component and Feature Boards on Phabricator to ensure a clear oversight of our project scope.
2024-04-10T16:12:15 <Ifeatu> We also made progress in identifying several workflows that could be improved through Wikidata integration and are now assessing and prioritising the various opportunities to make technical improvements.
2024-04-10T16:13:05 <Ifeatu> So now, I'm going to hand over to Jon for some updates on the Suite front :D:D;D
2024-04-10T16:13:19 <Jon Amar> Hey thanks Ifeatu! loving the new team name btw :D
2024-04-10T16:13:41 <Ifeatu> our nickname is the Witties :)
2024-04-10T16:13:47 <Jon Amar> So let's take a jaunt down into the land of Suite
2024-04-10T16:14:32 <Ifeatu> dom dom dom...........
2024-04-10T16:14:45 <Jon Amar> A little reminder for newcomers, Suite is the team dedicated to those in the community who want to self-host Wikibase
2024-04-10T16:15:43 <Jon Amar> The last few months our main engineering focus has been on building in speed and reliability improvements into our docker release pipeline
2024-04-10T16:16:30 <Jon Amar> We've been working on improvement to our testing, build performance speed, some code refactoring, and also internal processes.
2024-04-10T16:16:45 <Jon Amar> Our average release time after the first three MediaWiki releases in 2024 was 66 days.
2024-04-10T16:17:41 <Jon Amar> That was too slow for us. However we learned a lot from getting three MediaWiki releases at the end of December and are working to get ahead of the curve with the next releases.
2024-04-10T16:18:12 <Jon Amar> And we are! With our last two releases taking only 12 days each, we’ve already brought the running average down to 51 days. Our goal for this year is to reach and maintain a 31 day running average.
2024-04-10T16:19:23 <Jon Amar> Our new product manager for Wikibase Cloud, the wonderful Anton wasn't able to make today's session due to a prior engagement. So you'll be hearing more from me now ... on the exciting topic of Wikibase Cloud!
2024-04-10T16:19:48 <Ifeatu> Go Jon!!!!
2024-04-10T16:19:50 <Jon Amar> Thank you Jon...
2024-04-10T16:21:40 <Jon Amar> The Cloud team implemented new Wikibase main page that is supposed to provide more guidance for new joiners.
2024-04-10T16:22:00 <Jon Amar> <link_preview_options> here's that beauty:
2024-04-10T16:22:51 <Jon Amar> Internally they also built an MVP (simple proof of concept) of the solution to copy the data model into your Wikibase instance from another Wikibase
2024-04-10T16:24:07 <Jon Amar> And naturally everyone's favorite cheeky friend... ElasticSearch continues to take investments to improve reliability.
2024-04-10T16:24:16 <Camillo> reply to <Jon Amar> "Internally they also…" <message_thread_id> could you link this MVP? It sounds interesting
2024-04-10T16:25:04 <Jon Amar> Back to you Danny !
2024-04-10T16:25:53 <Danny Benjafield WMDE> Thank you PM’s for the exciting updates....but that's not all, aside from development, there were other interesting things happening in the Wikidata & Wikibase communities last quarter. Let’s take a look…
2024-04-10T16:26:43 <Danny Benjafield WMDE> Wikidata:
We had 7 admin requests this quarter & 4 were successful including a returning Admin. KonstantinaG07 3, Zafer, Mike Peel, Madamebiblio
2024-04-10T16:26:53 <Danny Benjafield WMDE> We also saw 13 Bot requests and of which 10 were approved
2024-04-10T16:27:01 <Danny Benjafield WMDE> Welcome to our new Admins and thanks to all those writing bots to make Wikidata better \o/
2024-04-10T16:27:37 <Danny Benjafield WMDE> On to Events & special projects...not so much in the past Quarter, a quiet start to the year.
2024-04-10T16:27:40 <Jon Amar> reply to <Camillo> "<message_thread_id> …" <message_thread_id,link_preview_options> great question! this ticket contains a link to the git repo with the proof of concept: let us know what you think :)
thanks to @Nightrose for finding that link :D
2024-04-10T16:28:09 <Danny Benjafield WMDE> But coming up, the next Bug Triage Hour will take place online on Monday, April 15th 16:00 UTC (18:00 Berlin).
The topic of this session will be Mobile Statement Editing. Bring your favorite Phabricator task related to the topic: Wikidata:Events#Wikidata_bug_triage_hour
2024-04-10T16:29:08 <Danny Benjafield WMDE> Also...did you manage to see the first weekend sessions of the Leveling Up Days 2024? Well fret not as there is another weekend of Wikidata-related sessions to come. Day 4 begins Friday April 12. See you at Wikidata:Events/Leveling Up Days 2024
2024-04-10T16:29:36 <Danny Benjafield WMDE> Let's talk about Tools!
2024-04-10T16:30:11 <Danny Benjafield WMDE> <link_preview_options> Before we list all the cool tools built this last quarter, first we are happy to announce a Call for Nominations: Coolest Tool Awards 2024!
If you know of a cool tool that deserves to be recognised, please visit the project page [1] to learn more or head directly to the Survey to nominate [2], who knows…perhaps it will even be one of the tools listed below!
2024-04-10T16:30:56 <Danny Benjafield WMDE> We saw new tools built this quarter. Here are some of them including old ones that got increased attention this quarter and you might not know them yet...
2024-04-10T16:31:23 <Danny Benjafield WMDE> SpeedPatrolling by our very own Lucas - Use this tool help you to patrol recent changes. d:User:Lucas Werkmeister/SpeedPatrolling
2024-04-10T16:31:39 <Danny Benjafield WMDE> <link_preview_options> WiQuizz - this is a game that allows you to create or play quizzes where content is generated from Wikidata. It could be a fun way to get people interacting with Wikidata!
2024-04-10T16:31:54 <Danny Benjafield WMDE> MediaWiki:Gadget-dataDrainer.js - this userscript allows you to delete the data of an item. You can choose what you want to delete: labels and/or descriptions and/or aliases and or sitelinks.
2024-04-10T16:32:08 <Danny Benjafield WMDE> User:Yair rand/DiffLists.js - this userscript changes the appearance of Recent Changes, Watchlist, Contributions, History pages, and Related Changes. It also adds filter options.
2024-04-10T16:32:22 <Danny Benjafield WMDE> Wikidata:Tools/Wikidata Orcid Scraper - this tool helps users get DOIs from for a specific author and curate them using Scholia. It gives users an overview of which DOIs are missing and helps them easily import missing articles one by one.
2024-04-10T16:32:38 <Danny Benjafield WMDE> <link_preview_options> Wikimedia Commons-based streaming services by Magnus: Help:WikiFlix for movies and the companion tool Help:WikiVibes for audio.
Oh and by the way, Magnus put together a list of all his tools and scripts. Take a look, you might just find something useful for you.
2024-04-10T16:32:52 <Danny Benjafield WMDE> Among the newest WikiProjects started over the past months were
Cultural venues - The aim of the present project is to create the world’s most complete high-quality database of cultural venues, such as theatres, concert halls, etc. Wikidata:WikiProject_Cultural_venues
2024-04-10T16:33:08 <Danny Benjafield WMDE> Looted heritage - this WikiProject is calling for Item suggestions to work on. The scope includes all forms of looted heritage; artworks, sacred items, human remains, and other forms of tangible and intangible artifacts that may be considered a part of a people's heritage. Wikidata:WikiProject_Looted heritage

Library and Information Science - this new Wikiproject aims to identify and fill gaps in LIS-related content. If you are interested in the areas of librarianship, information studies, metadata and indexing; then please consider joining! Wikidata:WikiProject_Library and Information Science
2024-04-10T16:33:20 <Danny Benjafield WMDE> We have a new section in the weekly summary to highlight your Wikiproject activities for older Wikiprojects. Use it to let others know what you’ve been up to.
2024-04-10T16:33:34 <Danny Benjafield WMDE> WikiProjects are great places to collaborate with others on a specific topic to improve Wikidata. Check them out here Wikidata:WikiProjects and add new ones to the Wikidata Weekly summary so others can find them and join you
2024-04-10T16:33:45 <Danny Benjafield WMDE> And finally, here are a few interesting things to watch and read in different languages.
2024-04-10T16:33:56 <Danny Benjafield WMDE> <link_preview_options> “Told Cities: Unveiling the Heritage and Chronicles of UNESCO World Heritage Cities” - initiated by Wiki World Heritage, this project aims to comprehensively document UNESCO World Heritage Cities using Wikimedia projects like Wikipedia, Wikidata, and Wikimedia Commons.
2024-04-10T16:34:05 <Danny Benjafield WMDE> <link_preview_options> “Getting to Know Each Other, Librarians in the Wikidata World.” - librarians share their motivations for engaging with Wikidata, including data normalization, enriching collections, and learning about linked data”.
2024-04-10T16:34:14 <Danny Benjafield WMDE> <link_preview_options> What is Wikidata? An Introduction for Beginners] (Polish) -
2024-04-10T16:34:23 <Danny Benjafield WMDE> <link_preview_options> Training on OpenRefine (how to prepare a CSV file and process it into Wikidata entities and statements) (in French) -
2024-04-10T16:34:30 <Danny Benjafield WMDE> <link_preview_options> Application development using Wikidata (showcases examples) (in Japanese) -
2024-04-10T16:34:48 <Danny Benjafield WMDE> And as a reminder…
The deadline to submit your project proposal to Wikimedia Deutschland's Open Call for Software Contributions is coming closer and closer. Only 12 days more to go - m:Software_Collaboration_for_Wikidata/Open_Call. This is a chance to apply for funding to build applications using Wikidata’s data.
2024-04-10T16:35:00 <Danny Benjafield WMDE> <link_preview_options> Wikimedia Foundation Research Award of the Year 2023. We encourage you to nominate and vote for research papers published in 2023 that focused on or benefited Wikidata. The deadline is April 18th.
2024-04-10T16:35:10 <Danny Benjafield WMDE> If you want to know more about the cool things that other community members are doing, or add more to the list: please consider subscribing & contributing to the Wikidata newsletter :) Wikidata:Status updates
2024-04-10T16:35:30 <Danny Benjafield WMDE> Phew, so much let's hear a bit from the Witties...
2024-04-10T16:35:42 <Danny Benjafield WMDE> <link_preview_options> We are facilitating day 5 (Sat 13 April) at the Levelling Up Days conference, where sessions and our fabulous speakers showcase connecting Wikidata with the sibling-projects. I’d be happy to see you there!
2024-04-10T16:35:55 <Danny Benjafield WMDE> Hiring: After a whirlwind of interviews, we are excited to announce that 2 Software Engineers have accepted offers. One will join us in Q2 and the other in Q3.
2024-04-10T16:36:15 <Danny Benjafield WMDE> oops
2024-04-10T16:36:19 <Danny Benjafield WMDE> Danny (Community Communications) will be present at the Wikimedia Hackathon. Leave a note on my Talk page if you would like to speak with me regarding our project, plans or discuss a Wikidata integration into the sibling-projects.
2024-04-10T16:37:18 <Danny Benjafield WMDE> Short but sweet! I'll pass the mic once again to Jon Amar for Wikibase Community updates
2024-04-10T16:37:43 <Jon Amar> Thanks Danny!
2024-04-10T16:38:13 <Jon Amar> <link_preview_options> We have an upcoming presentation at Prater Gallery, join online and check out more about the event here:
2024-04-10T16:39:12 <Jon Amar> <link_preview_options> A large number of folx from WMDE will be present at Wikimedia Hackathon, including the whole Suite engineering team (, let’s connect!
2024-04-10T16:40:24 <Jon Amar> <link_preview_options> Christos, our Wikibase parternerships manager, and myself will be at the A.I Sauna ( in Helsinki. It's right after the hackathon'.
2024-04-10T16:41:59 <Jon Amar> <link_preview_options> And just want to make a big shout out to the Wikibase User Group. All are welcome and can learn how to get more involved here!
2024-04-10T16:42:32 <Jon Amar> Back to Lydia for Wikidata development topics. :)
2024-04-10T16:42:48 <Lydia Pintscher> Alright. Let's look at what is coming next.
2024-04-10T16:43:08 <Lydia Pintscher> On the Wikidata side we will continue to polish the first version of the REST API
2024-04-10T16:43:15 <Lydia Pintscher> We will release the mul language code.
2024-04-10T16:43:40 <Lydia Pintscher> We'll continue with the datatype to link to EntitySchemas in statements.
2024-04-10T16:44:03 <Lydia Pintscher> We'll finish the content for the landing page for developers trying to build applications with Wikidata's data.
2024-04-10T16:44:36 <Lydia Pintscher> And last but not least we will dive into the mobile statement editing topic. Again it'd be awesome if you come to the bug triage hour if you care about this topic. It's next Monday.
2024-04-10T16:44:59 <Lydia Pintscher> Ifeatu how about your side?
2024-04-10T16:45:36 <Ifeatu> Thanks Lydia! On our end, we'll be onboarding our new Engineer who starts on May 2nd
2024-04-10T16:45:48 <Ifeatu> Over to Suite
2024-04-10T16:45:56 <Jon Amar> Thanks!
2024-04-10T16:46:37 <Jon Amar> So in the next few months our plan is to transition to a semver-based versioning scheme (
2024-04-10T16:47:00 <Jon Amar> Within that we’ve decided to also independently version each Docker image.
2024-04-10T16:47:28 <Jon Amar> These changes aim to enhance the transparency and smoothness of Docker image updates. So you know what's inside and when to expect breaking changes.
2024-04-10T16:48:02 <Jon Amar> We're also be working on improving the Wikibase docs homepage for easier navigation.
2024-04-10T16:49:09 <Jon Amar> The idea is to have less siloing of important docs between products and more of a focus on organising based on the particular task you’re trying to accomplish.
2024-04-10T16:50:17 <Jon Amar> We'll also be working on improving the configurability of our docker containers during initial setup. We heard you, we need better separation of data, config, and code and that work will start here
2024-04-10T16:50:35 <Jon Amar> Filling in again for Cloud:
2024-04-10T16:51:12 <Jon Amar> the Cloud team will be implementing a UI for the MVP of data model re-use that we implemented last quarter.
2024-04-10T16:51:50 <Jon Amar> They're also bringing in an external expert to run a workshop to learn how to best handle their ElasticSearch setup
2024-04-10T16:52:26 <Jon Amar> Last but not least, in fact this came up in last month's live session, they will be implementing a new status page
2024-04-10T16:52:53 <GreenReaper> You should come to the sessions, we have cookies!
2024-04-10T16:52:58 <Jon Amar> that's in the wikibase Suite and Cloud zones!
2024-04-10T16:53:01 <GreenReaper> (cookies not guaranteed)
2024-04-10T16:53:06 <Jon Amar> rofl
2024-04-10T16:53:23 <Jon Amar> back to Danny now :D
2024-04-10T16:53:37 <Danny Benjafield WMDE> Thank you Jon!
2024-04-10T16:53:44 <Ifeatu> <animation,document>
2024-04-10T16:53:46 <Nikki> reply to <GreenReaper> "(cookies not guarant…" <message_thread_id> it's the internet, there are cookies *everywhere* :P
2024-04-10T16:54:01 <Danny Benjafield WMDE> That wraps up the updates for today...and now it's over to you!
2024-04-10T16:54:19 <GreenReaper> Can't use those for the new REST API, it's all OAuth bearer tokens.
2024-04-10T16:54:26 <Danny Benjafield WMDE> Do you have any questions or comments for us?
Anything on your mind? You’re welcome to ask.
2024-04-10T16:54:28 <Ifeatu> Oh no!!! It's over so soon
2024-04-10T16:54:36 <Camillo> reply to <Jon Amar> "They're also bringin…" <message_thread_id> as of now many Wikibase Cloud instances are unfortunately affected by a temporary (in fact permanent) error of Elastic Search ... T361429 - will it be solved soon, right?
2024-04-10T16:54:44 <Camillo> This is a very big problem for usability
2024-04-10T16:56:38 <Jon Amar> reply to <Camillo> "<message_thread_id> …" <message_thread_id> Sorry I don't know directly. I will it take this back to the team and ask them to share any updates they have
2024-04-10T16:56:56 <Melderick> @Nightrose How works the IP masking ? Is it just hiding IPs everywhere they appear or does it provide a way to recognize that 2 changes have been made from the same IP user (like using a token to replace the IP) ?
2024-04-10T16:56:58 <Camillo> For Wikidata: in the recent months I have been assisting librarians in injecting data from Wikidata in their authority file; coming to dates of birth and death, T246731 has been a very serious problem for data reuse, since it falsifies Wikidata's data ... could it be prioritized, in order to ensure data integrity and avoid spreading mistakes?
2024-04-10T16:57:50 <Lucas Werkmeister> reply to <Melderick> "@Nightrose How works…" <message_thread_id> it’s also known as “temporary accounts” – each user gets a temporary account created automatically as soon as they make an edit, and then they’ll keep using that account until they log out or lose their browser session or something else
2024-04-10T16:57:55 <Lucas Werkmeister> so the contributions will still be linked together
2024-04-10T16:58:08 <Lydia Pintscher> reply to <Camillo> "For Wikidata: in the…" <message_thread_id> I will have a look. I might need to come back to you for details.
2024-04-10T16:58:12 <Lucas Werkmeister> (temporary accounts are different from “full” accounts – they can’t change their preferences or enable gadgets, for instance)
2024-04-10T16:58:28 <Melderick> reply to <Lucas Werkmeister> "<message_thread_id> …" <message_thread_id> Oh I see, great !
2024-04-10T16:58:36 <Lydia Pintscher> reply to <Melderick> "@Nightrose How works…" <message_thread_id,link_preview_options> has an overview
2024-04-10T16:58:55 <Lucas Werkmeister> also, some user groups (CheckUsers I think?) will still be able to see the IP addresses behind the accounts, but not everyone anymore
2024-04-10T16:59:33 <Nikki> the page you linked says admins
2024-04-10T17:00:26 <Camillo> For Wikibase Cloud: T356397 would surely be a great improvement in usability, since many gadgets are very very useful to make editing more efficient (and attractive); I would be interested in knowing if it will be implemented in the next months or instead in the next years, just to have a more precise idea
2024-04-10T17:01:05 <Jon Amar> reply to <Camillo> "For Wikibase Cloud: …" <message_thread_id> got it. passing this one on as well!
2024-04-10T17:01:07 <Lucas Werkmeister> temporary accounts are currently enabled on Beta Wikidata, by the way, so you can try them out there
2024-04-10T17:01:47 <Nikki> a link to beta wikidata would be useful
2024-04-10T17:02:24 <Lydia Pintscher> <link_preview_options>
2024-04-10T17:02:36 <Nikki> thanks
2024-04-10T17:02:39 <Camillo> finally, for Wikibase Cloud: T361569 is a very annoying bug for multilingual cooperation; I have a Wikibase with labels in Italian and in Ancient Greek, but with the Italian as interface language I cannot search labels in Ancient Greek, and with Ancient Greek as interface language I cannot search labels in Italian. Maybe solving it is trivial, but it would be very beneficial
2024-04-10T17:03:35 <Jon Amar> reply to <Camillo> "finally, for Wikibas…" <message_thread_id> appreciate you highlighting these. im passing this one along as well :)
2024-04-10T17:04:59 <Lydia Pintscher> While you might think of more questions: let's do some proper bragging :D What are you working on that's cool and should get some attention?
2024-04-10T17:05:33 <Danny Benjafield WMDE> (I'm always hungry for content for the Wikidata Summary, now's your chance!)
2024-04-10T17:05:48 <Lucas Werkmeister> I’m working on pulling out the i18n / translation code from Wikidata Lexeme Forms so I can start using it in other tools :)
2024-04-10T17:06:01 <Ifeatu> <animation,document>
2024-04-10T17:06:18 <GreenReaper> <link_preview_options> I'm working on proposals for the Open Call. (Link for those who missed it earlier.) [3]
2024-04-10T17:06:44 <Camillo> reply to <Danny Benjafield WMDE> "(I'm always hungry f…" <message_thread_id> I've just added one entry for the next week 😉
2024-04-10T17:09:34 <Camillo> I have been working on reporting mistakes to various authority files, obtain corrections and then update the corrected IDs in Wikidata
2024-04-10T17:09:40 <Lucas Werkmeister> @mahir256 is working on a Mix’n’match equivalent for Lexemes, to be called “mishramilan”
2024-04-10T17:09:55 <Camillo> reply to <Camillo> "I have been working …" <message_thread_id> in the optic of data round-tripping (long, but necessary work!)
2024-04-10T17:10:07 <Nikki> I just turned the anchorlinks script (which adds little links for properties/statements on entity pages, as well as for senses/forms on lexemes) into a gadget, since lydia requested it
2024-04-10T17:10:21 <Lucas Werkmeister> reply to <Lucas Werkmeister> "@mahir256 is working…" <message_thread_id> (I don’t think it’s quite documented / announced yet, if you search for it on-wiki you’ll just get the News page because it happened to be indexed when the latest lexeme was created by that OAuth consumer ^^)
2024-04-10T17:10:32 <Lucas Werkmeister> <link_preview_options> but it lives at
2024-04-10T17:10:38 <Camillo> BTW, I have suggested to user Bargioni a new gadget to develop; you can try it, User:Bargioni/PrefRank
2024-04-10T17:10:50 <Camillo> useful to solve single-best-value constraint violations on items of Q5
2024-04-10T17:12:48 <Nikki> and I started making some patches to start integrating some of the things from the narrowui gadget into wikibase itself (which is relevant to the upcoming bug triage hour too)
2024-04-10T17:13:06 <Camillo> and I have written Q124289369 (it was published two days before the last office hour, but I could not attend it, so I share it now)
2024-04-10T17:14:11 <Lydia Pintscher> Thanks for sharing :)
2024-04-10T17:14:34 <Danny Benjafield WMDE> So cool to hear from passionate people building all these cool things
(✿ ♥️‿♥️)
2024-04-10T17:14:44 <Lucas Werkmeister> ooh, sounds cool!
2024-04-10T17:15:18 <Ifeatu> 😍 Such amazing work from everyone 😍
2024-04-10T17:16:09 <Camillo> <link_preview_options> this is not mine, but probably deserves to be reported since it didn't pass in the Status updates as far as I remember
2024-04-10T17:17:00 <Danny Benjafield WMDE> Thanks for the share!
2024-04-10T17:17:35 <Danny Benjafield WMDE> Well, I think that pretty much wraps up the Wikidata+Wikibase Office Hour for today.
Thank you all so much for attending! The log will be posted to our social media channels and mailing lists.
2024-04-10T17:17:51 <Lydia Pintscher> Thanks everyone :)
2024-04-10T17:18:00 <Ifeatu> Thank you!