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Wikidata:Fourth Birthday/Stories

Wikidata map, October 2016, by AddshoreEdit

Addshore created a tool to generate cool maps showing Wikidata items geolocalized around the world. This year he also made a map showing the differences between April and October 2016. Read more on his blog

10 cool queries for Wikidata that will blow your mind. Number 7 will shock you.Edit

That's not on BuzzFeed (Q5003490) but on the WMDE blog and it's a nice way to introduce newcomers to queries, by Jens Ohlig (WMDE) and Cornelius Kibelka (WMDE). Read in English or in German

4 years of Wikidata, by StrynEdit

Stryn has been involved on Wikidata since the beginning of the project! Read his birthday blog post

La réutilisation comme propulseur de contribution, by ShonagonEdit

Shonagon worked a lot on artworks, providing Crotos that displays artwork pictures from Commons when you enter a keyword, using Wikidata of course. You can read the story (in French) and discover his other tools.

The history between Ash_Crow and WikidataEdit

Ash_Crow who dug deep in his personal archives to tell how his history with Wikidata started! You can read it in English or in French.

Random item: Q14829494, by DennyEdit

As I sometimes do, today I hit the “Random item” link on Wikidata. Almost always I can find something I can improve, and almost always I learn some random fun fact that I usually forget within a few moments. Read more...

You know you're a Wikidata editor when...Edit

Short comic strip by Auregann and VIGNERON, with suggestions from other editors. Feel free to translate it in your own language!