Wikidata:Status updates/2014 05 17

This is the Wikidata summary of the week before 2014-05-17.



Other Noteworthy StuffEdit

  • Data access for Wikiquote will be enabled on June 10th. Coordination and questions should go to d:Wikidata:Wikiquote.
  • Superclasses maps shows coordinates for a class of items on a map. Classes are coming from Wikidata.
  • The EditItem suggester was released. You give it a property and it will return a list of items likely missing that property.
  • The new duplicate item finder lists items that should potentially be merged.

Did you know?Edit


  • We're looking for a PHP developer to join the dev team and work on Wikidata. Apply!
  • Looking for a cool university project with impact? We have some of them around Wikidata - not just for computer science students. Get in touch with Lydia.
  • Had a lot to think about and recap from the Zürich Hackathon, e.g. things regarding search, suggestions as well as the user interface redesign
  • Started doing mockups of the new user interface (Nothing to show yet, sorry!)
  • Setup an autogenerating code documentation instance on labs at Hint: Submitting patches that make the inline code documentation even better is a good starting point to get involved in coding
  • Continued working on the site and FAQ
  • Worked on new datatype monolingual text (basically a string with an associated language)
  • Reworked a hell lot of “change operations” code that’s responsible for each and every edit as well as validating user input and API requests, for example denying empty descriptions and finding and blocking unnecessary duplications
  • Checked all the new Beta features that the teams in San Francisco are developing and made sure they work with Wikidata
  • Our efforts to make Wikidata faster broke some gadgets so we helped fixing them. Sorry for the breakage!
  • Dug into odd display bugs with the MonoBook skin and attempted to fix them (bugzilla:64741)
  • More testing on simple queries
  • Tpt worked on making inter-project links in the sidebar a beta-feature

See current sprint items for what we’re working on next.

You can view the commits currently in review here and the ones that have been merged here.

You can see all open bugs related to Wikidata here

Monthly TasksEdit

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