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# Work聽count Topic Type of topic Superclass of topic studied by Sample affiliated person having published on the topic List of recent publications on the topic with affiliated co-authors
1 693 high energy physics branch of physics physics Sarah Boutle 饾剾
2 202 myocardial infarction disease
coronary artery disease Zequan Yang 饾剾
3 148 teenager demographic profile human adolescent medicine David C Shonka 饾剾
4 127 Higgs boson Empresa scalar boson Sarah Boutle 饾剾
5 125 Bangladesh country
sovereign state
Eric R Houpt 饾剾
6 119 concussion traumatic brain injury Michael S Jaffee 饾剾
7 117 phosphorylation biological process phosphate-containing compound metabolic process Michael Kinter 饾剾
8 112 radiation therapy medical specialty treatment
treatment of cancer
David C Shonka 饾剾
9 110 inflammation Masturbaci贸n disease Michael Kinter 饾剾
10 109 endothelium tissue simple squamous epithelium Zequan Yang 饾剾
11 104 cell biology branch of biology biology John W. Steinke 饾剾
12 102 arteriovenous malformation disease hemangioma
vascular malformation
Robert M Starke 饾剾
13 101 obesity disease overnutrition John R. Lukens 饾剾
14 88 atherosclerosis disease arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease
Michael Kinter 饾剾
15 84 diarrhea disease
gastrointestinal system disease
clinical sign
James A. Platts-Mills 饾剾
16 81 South Africa sovereign state
Eric R Houpt 饾剾
17 78 Clostridium difficile taxon Costi David Sifri 饾剾
18 74 circadian rhythm biological process rhythmic process Ali D G眉ler 饾剾
19 71 condensed matter physics branch of physics Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
20 70 patient state
Barry Marshall 饾剾
21 68 statistics academic discipline
academic major
formal science
Philip Bourne 饾剾
22 67 supersymmetry scientific hypothesis theoretical physics
quantum field theory
Sarah Boutle 饾剾
23 66 autism spectrum disorder disease
neurodevelopmental disorder
pervasive developmental disorder Anita Clayton 饾剾
24 65 genome-wide association study experiment Philip Bourne 饾剾
25 64 bias cognitive perspective Philip Bourne 饾剾
26 64 angiography roentgenology
medical imaging
Robert M Starke 饾剾
27 64 Revascularization surgical procedure Eric Topol 饾剾
28 63 collaboration activity Philip Bourne 饾剾
29 63 biomechanics interdisciplinary science
Junjun Zhu 饾剾
30 62 attention mental process
Lars Strother 饾剾
31 61 high school secondary school Cheryl Holcomb-McCoy 饾剾
32 61 microfluidics interdisciplinary science Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
33 61 neurosurgery medical specialty Robert M Starke 饾剾
34 60 gastroenterology medical specialty Barry Marshall 饾剾
35 60 malaria disease parasitic protozoa infectious disease
vector-borne disease
Eric R Houpt 饾剾
36 59 Parkinson disease disease
Designated intractable/rare diseases
synucleinopathy John R. Lukens 饾剾
37 57 automation activity Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
38 56 clopidogrel chemical compound
platelet aggregation inhibitor Andrew Y Wang 饾剾
39 56 classic autism disability autism spectrum disorder John R. Lukens 饾剾
40 55 apoptotic process biological process programmed cell death Costi David Sifri 饾剾
41 54 asthma disease bronchospasm John W. Steinke 饾剾
42 54 biomarker indicator Anita Clayton 饾剾
43 53 ecosystem biome biological system ecology Philip Bourne 饾剾
44 52 Caenorhabditis elegans taxon
model organism
Costi David Sifri 饾剾
45 52 multicenter trial clinical trial Andrew Y Wang 饾剾
46 52 crystal structure structure Edward H Egelman 饾剾
47 48 laser ablation Lester Andrews 饾剾
48 47 Helicobacter pylori taxon Barry Marshall 饾剾
49 47 Alzheimer's disease disease tauopathy Amanda Marie DiBattista 饾剾
50 46 biophysics branch of biology
branch of physics
Philip Bourne 饾剾
51 46 structural biology biology Philip Bourne 饾剾
52 46 amyotrophic lateral sclerosis disease
Designated intractable/rare diseases
motor neuron disease
TDP-43 Proteinopathies
monogenic disease
Matthew J Barrett 饾剾
53 46 quality of life Ed Diener 饾剾
54 45 defibrillator instrument used in cardiology medical device Kenneth C Bilchick 饾剾
55 43 malnutrition nutrition disorder Robert B Hawkins 饾剾
56 42 Plasmodium falciparum taxon
Costi David Sifri 饾剾
57 42 diagnosis document Costi David Sifri 饾剾
58 42 microRNA non-coding RNA Cirle Alcantara Warren 饾剾
59 41 heart failure disease cardiovascular disease Kenneth C Bilchick 饾剾
60 40 kindergarten school
Marcia A. Invernizzi 饾剾
61 40 biogeochemistry branch of chemistry geochemistry Lixin Wang 饾剾
62 39 circulatory system organ system
physiological process
Kenneth C Bilchick 饾剾
63 39 insulin medication
Insulin Heather A Ferris 饾剾
64 39 antibody protein John W. Steinke 饾剾
65 39 coronary artery bypass grafting surgery surgical procedure vascular bypass
bypass surgery
Robert B Hawkins 饾剾
66 39 schizophrenia disease psychosis
schizophrenia spectrum disorder
Anita Clayton 饾剾
67 39 molecular biology science biology Philip Bourne 饾剾
68 39 climate change academic discipline Michael E. Mann 饾剾
69 38 microbiome biota John R. Lukens 饾剾
70 38 reproducibility criterion Philip Bourne 饾剾
71 37 ovarian cancer disease female reproductive organ cancer
ovarian tumor
ovarian disease
endocrine gland cancer
rare genetic endocrine disease
inherited gynecological tumor
Richard F. Edlich 饾剾
72 37 mitochondrion cellular component
cytoplasmic part
intracellular membrane-bounded organelle
John R. Lukens 饾剾
73 37 visualization depiction
human-readable medium
creative work
Philip Bourne 饾剾
74 37 infrared spectrometry spectroscopy Lester Andrews 饾剾
75 37 microglia cell type macrophage
Ukpong B Eyo 饾剾
76 36 protein structure biomolecular structure Philip Bourne 饾剾
77 36 adenocarcinoma disease carcinoma Barry Marshall 饾剾
78 36 general chemistry branch of chemistry Timothy W. Clark 饾剾
79 36 type 2 diabetes mellitus disease diabetes mellitus Francis Collins 饾剾
80 35 focused ultrasound ultrasound Nicholas J Tustison 饾剾
81 34 public health health science Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
82 33 United States of America sovereign state
constitutional republic
democratic republic
federal state
Richard F. Edlich 饾剾
83 33 brachytherapy radiation therapy Sunil W Dutta 饾剾
84 32 transcriptome RNA Michael Kinter 饾剾
85 32 cardiac surgery medical specialty thoracic surgery Robert B Hawkins 饾剾
86 32 cardiovascular disease disease disease of anatomical entity Michael Kinter 饾剾
87 31 kinetochore cellular component intracellular non-membrane-bounded organelle
chromosomal part
macromolecular complex
Michael Kinter 饾剾
88 31 overexpression gene expression Michael Kinter 饾剾
89 31 Campylobacter taxon Barry Marshall 饾剾
90 31 biomedical engineering academic discipline
academic major
Sliman Bensmaia 饾剾
91 30 immunology medical specialty
branch of biology
biology John W. Steinke 饾剾
92 30 methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus Staphylococcus aureus Costi David Sifri 饾剾
93 30 Biofilm cellular component Costi David Sifri 饾剾
94 30 big data buzzword Philip Bourne 饾剾
95 29 hemodynamics Kenneth C Bilchick 饾剾
96 29 feces human waste
biogenic substance
Eric R Houpt 饾剾
97 29 database collection Philip Bourne 饾剾
98 29 general psychology branch of psychology psychology Jonathan Haidt 饾剾
99 29 socioeconomics academic discipline Brian M D'Onofrio 饾剾
100 28 zebrafish taxon
model organism
Michael Kinter 饾剾
101 28 Pre-kindergarten preschool Marcia A. Invernizzi 饾剾
102 28 urbanization trend Barry Marshall 饾剾
103 28 data sharing sharing Philip Bourne 饾剾
104 28 hydrogel gel
Caroline Addington 饾剾
105 28 photodiode semiconductor diode
optoelectronic device
Min Ren 饾剾
106 28 canopy Lawrence Band 饾剾
107 28 weight gain clinical sign
body weight change
Deanna Marie Arble 饾剾
108 27 infectious disease disease disease
infection associated with diseases
Infectious Disease Costi David Sifri 饾剾
109 27 breathing biological process David C Shonka 饾剾
110 27 macromolecule molecule Philip Bourne 饾剾
111 27 nanoparticle nanomaterial Adam J Dixon 饾剾
112 27 chemotherapy treatment John S. McGrath 饾剾
113 26 Thrombectomy surgical procedure Embolectomy Robert M Starke 饾剾
114 26 human pregnancy physiological condition pregnancy Brian M D'Onofrio 饾剾
115 26 endomicroscopy medical imaging Michel Kahaleh 饾剾
116 25 Tanzania republic
sovereign state
James A. Platts-Mills 饾剾
117 25 meta-analysis statistical method Eric R Houpt 饾剾
118 25 Drosophila taxon
model organism
Francis Collins 饾剾
119 24 sepsis general infection Costi David Sifri 饾剾
120 24 amebiasis disease
infectious disease
protozoal dysentery
Amoebozoa infectious disease
parasitic protozoa infectious disease
Eric R Houpt 饾剾
121 24 RNA-Seq biochemistry method Brant E Isakson 饾剾
122 24 striatum brain region Joseph H Callicott 饾剾
123 23 hypoxia disease Michael Kinter 饾剾
124 23 microsurgery surgery Robert M Starke 饾剾
125 23 alcohol consumption drinking
ethanol exposure
Kristin A Guertin 饾剾
126 23 Sweden sovereign state Scandinavian studies Brian M D'Onofrio 饾剾
127 23 photosynthesis biological process cell metabolism Lianhong Gu 饾剾
128 22 brain animal organ John R. Lukens 饾剾
129 22 vitamin D vitamin
chemical compound
group of chemical compounds
Richard F. Edlich 饾剾
130 22 Mycobacterium tuberculosis taxon Philip Bourne 饾剾
131 22 biodiversity biology
Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
132 22 thin film Nathan S. Swami 饾剾
133 22 maternal health Eric R Houpt 饾剾
134 22 dark matter scientific hypothesis physical substance Steven Majewski 饾剾
135 22 victimization social phenomenon victimology Catherine Pilcher Bradshaw 饾剾
136 22 marriage legal institution interpersonal relationship Brian M D'Onofrio 饾剾
137 22 Type one diabetes mellitus disease diabetes mellitus Wei-Min Chen 饾剾
138 22 dopamine chemical compound
catecholamines Alexander Klibanov 饾剾
139 21 pharmacology medical specialty
branch of biology
pharmaceutical science
health science Marcia A. Invernizzi 饾剾
140 21 Pseudomonas aeruginosa taxon Costi David Sifri 饾剾
141 21 bioinformatics branch of biology computational biology Michael Kinter 饾剾
142 21 pathophysiology science physiology
John W. Steinke 饾剾
143 21 rhinosinusitis disease sinusitis John W. Steinke 饾剾
144 21 antibiotic group or class of chemical substances
anti-infective agent
antimicrobial drug
Eric R Houpt 饾剾
145 21 African clawed frog taxon
model organism
Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
146 21 adolescence phase of human life
Catherine Pilcher Bradshaw 饾剾
147 21 middle school school
secondary school
Stephanie J Rowley 饾剾
148 21 retrotrapezoid nucleus brain region Ruth L Stornetta 饾剾
149 20 electrocardiography medical procedure
diagnostic test in cardiology
Kenneth C Bilchick 饾剾
150 20 astrocyte cell type glia Heather A Ferris 饾剾
151 20 cell line cell John W. Steinke 饾剾
152 20 traumatic brain injury brain injury
central nervous system trauma
John R. Lukens 饾剾
153 20 Protein Data Bank crystallographic database Philip Bourne 饾剾
154 20 birth defect disease disease David C Shonka 饾剾
155 20 suicide manner of death killing Anita Clayton 饾剾
156 20 California state of the United States Philip Bourne 饾剾
157 20 Neisseria gonorrhoeae taxon Edward H Egelman 饾剾
158 20 autotransplantation organ transplantation Timothy L Pruett 饾剾
159 20 cholangiocarcinoma disease bile duct adenocarcinoma Michel Kahaleh 饾剾
160 20 oxytocin chemical compound
essential medicine
Allison Jack 饾剾
161 20 mechanical engineering area of engineering
academic degree
engineering Andrew P. McCoy 饾剾
162 20 Synuclein protein family chemical compound Abhinav Nath 饾剾
163 19 tuberculosis disease primary bacterial infectious disease
mycobacterium infectious disease
phthisiology Philip Bourne 饾剾
164 19 stereotype generalization Allison L Williams 饾剾
165 19 Saccharomyces cerevisiae taxon
model organism
Edward H Egelman 饾剾
166 19 pathology medical specialty Robert M Starke 饾剾
167 19 metamaterial Costas Soukoulis 饾剾
168 19 biotechnology interdisciplinary science
applied science
economic branch
technology Nathan C. Sheffield 饾剾
169 19 HIV taxon Joann M. McDermid 饾剾
170 19 endoplasmic reticulum cellular component cytoplasmic part
intracellular membrane-bounded organelle
Brant E Isakson 饾剾
171 19 phytoplankton plankton David Seekell 饾剾
172 18 atrial fibrillation disease heart conduction disease Kenneth C Bilchick 饾剾
173 18 electrophysiology branch of biology physiology Kenneth C Bilchick 饾剾
174 18 Adenoviridae taxon Costi David Sifri 饾剾
175 18 multiple drug resistance drug resistance Costi David Sifri 饾剾
176 18 virology branch of biology microbiology Jay C. Brown 饾剾
177 18 nickel chemical element
flammable solid
occupational carcinogen
period 4
group 10
base material
Michael Kinter 饾剾
178 18 lipoprotein biomolecule Michael Kinter 饾剾
179 18 osteoarthritis disease arthritis Michael Kinter 饾剾
180 18 Limpopo province of South Africa Eric R Houpt 饾剾
181 18 cytotoxicity quality Stuart Schreiber 饾剾
182 18 DNA methylation biological process DNA methylation or demethylation
macromolecule methylation
DNA alkylation
Francis Collins 饾剾
183 18 bleeding major trauma
cause of death
Robert M Starke 饾剾
184 18 lymph node anatomical structure lymphatic tissue Patrick Dillon 饾剾
185 18 environmental enteropathy intestinal disease
neglected tropical disease
environmental disease
Eric R Houpt 饾剾
186 18 autophagy biological process
cellular process
cellular catabolic process
process utilizing autophagic mechanism
Francis Collins 饾剾
187 18 SARS coronavirus taxon Temilola Fatoyinbo 饾剾
188 17 Dialysis renal replacement therapy Costi David Sifri 饾剾
189 17 anticoagulation biological pathway Kenneth C Bilchick 饾剾
190 17 immunotherapy treatment John W. Steinke 饾剾
191 17 open science science Philip Bourne 饾剾
192 17 aorta artery
umbrella term
artery Robert B Hawkins 饾剾
193 17 protein folding biological process cellular process Philip Bourne 饾剾
194 17 cobalt chemical element period 4
group 9
Lester Andrews 饾剾
195 17 electrochemistry interdisciplinary science
branch of chemistry
physical chemistry Nathan S. Swami 饾剾
196 17 phylogenetics specialty
branch of science
Philip Bourne 饾剾
197 17 research ethics ethics Philip Bourne 饾剾
198 17 cryogenic electron microscopy microscopy Edward H Egelman 饾剾
199 17 neurodegeneration disease central nervous system disease
degenerative disease
Robert M Starke 饾剾
200 17 drought condition meteorological disaster Roger A. Pielke 饾剾
201 17 pancreas gland
Anne M Mills 饾剾
202 17 groundwater mineral resource water Bin Wang 饾剾
203 17 behavioral neuroscience branch of psychology psychology
John W Lloyd 饾剾
204 16 oligodendrocyte cell type glia Michael Kinter 饾剾
205 16 bariatric surgery operation Robert B Hawkins 饾剾
206 16 Toll-like receptor protein John R. Lukens 饾剾
207 16 sleep biological process multicellular organismal process Anita Clayton 饾剾
208 16 workshop meeting Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
209 16 knockout mouse genetically modified mouse
laboratory mouse
Francis Collins 饾剾
210 16 cerebral blood flow Regional Blood Flow Robert M. Berne 饾剾
211 16 susceptibility locus locus Francis Collins 饾剾
212 16 bioengineering area of engineering
academic major
Costas Soukoulis 饾剾
213 16 cytoskeleton cellular component intracellular non-membrane-bounded organelle Barth D. Grant 饾剾
214 15 macrophage white blood cell
Antigen-presenting cell
Costi David Sifri 饾剾
215 15 fatty acid structural class of chemical compounds carboxylic acid
unsaturated compound
Michael Kinter 饾剾
216 15 citation analysis academic discipline
academic major
Philip Bourne 饾剾
217 15 drug discovery pharmacology
Philip Bourne 饾剾
218 15 ligand binding binding Philip Bourne 饾剾
219 15 mental health health psychology
Patrick Michaels 饾剾
220 15 global health Eric R Houpt 饾剾
221 15 birth cohort cohort Eric R Houpt 饾剾
222 15 aluminum chemical element
base material
period 3
group 13
post-transition metal
building material
combustible powder
Lester Andrews 饾剾
223 15 bacteriophage virus Edward H Egelman 饾剾
224 15 chaperone protein Edward H Egelman 饾剾
225 15 transmembrane protein integral membrane protein Linda Columbus 饾剾
226 15 photoacoustics branch of science
area of engineering
Adam J Dixon 饾剾
227 15 phase I clinical trial clinical trial Robert M Starke 饾剾
228 15 isoprene chemical compound
Lianhong Gu 饾剾
229 15 Huntington disease disease
Designated intractable/rare diseases
Huntington disease and related disorders
eye degenerative disease
genetic neurodegenerative disease with dementia
Timothy W. Clark 饾剾
230 15 ocean acidification Scott Christopher Doney 饾剾
231 14 reform political concept process Marcia A. Invernizzi 饾剾
232 14 catheterization medical procedure Kenneth C Bilchick 饾剾
233 14 DNA damage cell damage Michael Kinter 饾剾
234 14 ontology conceptual model Philip Bourne 饾剾
235 14 undernutrition malnutrition Eric R Houpt 饾剾
236 14 microstructure Larry C. Borish 饾剾
237 14 substance P chemical compound
Catherine Pilcher Bradshaw 饾剾
238 14 risk factor environmental factor
epidemiologic factor
Joann M. McDermid 饾剾
239 14 MR-guided focused ultrasound focused ultrasound
magnetic-resonance imaging
Nicholas J Tustison 饾剾
240 14 questionnaire document Mitchell H. Rosner 饾剾
241 14 morphogenesis biological process Douglas W DeSimone 饾剾
242 14 HIV transmission transmission of virus Jesse J. Kwiek 饾剾
243 14 antiretroviral drug antiviral agent Sarah J Ratcliffe 饾剾
244 13 primary school school Marcia A. Invernizzi 饾剾
245 13 disability property Richard F. Edlich 饾剾
246 13 serotonin chemical compound
tryptamines Andrew Y Wang 饾剾
247 13 biopsy concept medical test
Richard F. Edlich 饾剾
248 13 thrombosis disease hematopoietic system diseases
vascular disease
vascular occlusion
embolism and thrombosis
Costi David Sifri 饾剾
249 13 interleukin cytokine John W. Steinke 饾剾
250 13 pathogenesis biological process interspecies interaction between organisms Costi David Sifri 饾剾
251 13 clinical psychology branch of psychology psychology Cheryl Holcomb-McCoy 饾剾
252 13 applied psychology psychology
applied science
Cheryl Holcomb-McCoy 饾剾
253 13 computational biology academic discipline biology
computational science
information science
Philip Bourne 饾剾
254 13 placebo scientific control
Barry Marshall 饾剾
255 13 cryptosporidiosis disease
infectious disease
intestinal disease
intestinal parasite infection
Eric R Houpt 饾剾
256 13 postpartum period Anita Clayton 饾剾
257 13 dielectrophoresis electrostatics
Cirle Alcantara Warren 饾剾
258 13 graphene allotrope of carbon Nathan S. Swami 饾剾
259 13 immunohistochemistry type of medical test staining
laboratory technique
Anne M Mills 饾剾
260 13 titanium chemical element transition metal
period 4
group 4
light metale
Lester Andrews 饾剾
261 13 glucose Zuckerart
essential medicine
chemical compound
chemical substance
Sarah Kucenas 饾剾
262 13 Cross-cultural communication human communication
Jessica Walton 饾剾
263 13 cerebellum brain region anatomical structure Robert M Starke 饾剾
264 13 best practice method
Jonathan L. Goodall 饾剾
265 13 environmental chemistry branch of chemistry chemistry Thomas J. Mozdzer 饾剾
266 13 deep brain stimulation neurostimulation Matthew J Barrett 饾剾
267 13 tropical forest forest Lianhong Gu 饾剾
268 13 urology medical specialty John P Selph 饾剾
269 13 Brazil sovereign state
secular state
legal state
Sean R. Moore 饾剾
270 12 cryptococcosis disease
infectious disease
opportunistic mycosis
fungal infectious disease
immune system disease
Costi David Sifri 饾剾
271 12 Zaire ebolavirus taxon Costi David Sifri 饾剾
272 12 cesarean section operation childbirth Won Joo Choe 饾剾
273 12 infrastructure physical system
Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
274 12 Workflow activity
planning Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
275 12 enteropathogen pathogen Eric R Houpt 饾剾
276 12 neurotransmitter chemical compound Nathan S. Swami 饾剾
277 12 India country
sovereign state
dominion of the British Empire
Eric R Houpt 饾剾
278 12 body mass index clinical sign
biomedical measurand
physical quantity Francis Collins 饾剾
279 12 Internet computer network
IP network
telecommunications network Tim Wu 饾剾
280 12 Tevatron particle accelerator
hadron collider
Sarah Boutle 饾剾
281 12 slum neighborhood Rashidul Haque 饾剾
282 12 biodegradation decomposition James P. Stannard 饾剾
283 11 Klebsiella pneumoniae taxon Costi David Sifri 饾剾
284 11 cystic fibrosis disease autosomal recessive disease
lung disease
genetic biliary tract disease
genetic pancreatic disease
rare genetic respiratory disease
rare male fertility disorder with obstructive azoospermia
rare genetic disorder with obstructive azoospermia
John W. Steinke 饾剾
285 11 resuscitation medical procedure Richard F. Edlich 饾剾
286 11 scientific culture culture Philip Bourne 饾剾
287 11 lipopolysaccharide chemical compound endotoxin Barry Marshall 饾剾
288 11 thorium chemical element period 7
Lester Andrews 饾剾
289 11 secondary school school Philip Bourne 饾剾
290 11 data ethics ethics
data science
Philip Bourne 饾剾
291 11 extracellular matrix cellular component extracellular region part Robert M Starke 饾剾
292 11 twin study Irving Gottesman 饾剾
293 11 preterm infant baby Claes von Hofsten 饾剾
294 11 deep learning artificial intelligence machine learning Donald E. Brown 饾剾
295 11 remote sensing gathering of information Lawrence Band 饾剾
296 11 soil science academic discipline earth sciences Thomas J. Mozdzer 饾剾
297 11 pneumonia disease
cause of death
infectious disease
lung disease
lower respiratory tract infection
Sana Syed 饾剾
298 11 cholangiopancreatography medical imaging L.D. Britt 饾剾
299 11 ubiquitination term chemical reaction Brian D Strahl 饾剾
300 11 cholera infectious disease
intestinal infectious disease
Major Waterborne diseases
neglected tropical disease
primary bacterial infectious disease
anthroponotic disease
bacterial infectious disease
Vibrio infectious disease
Richard L. Guerrant 饾剾
301 10 wastewater water Costi David Sifri 饾剾
302 10 Wikidata Wikimedia content project
semantic wiki
knowledge base
wiki with script conversion
online database
Wikimedia project
knowledge graph
MediaWiki website
Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
303 10 academic publishing publishing Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
304 10 data analysis analysis Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
305 10 Vibrio cholerae taxon Edward H Egelman 饾剾
306 10 health disparity social inequality Philip Bourne 饾剾
307 10 myoendothelium endothelium Linda Columbus 饾剾
308 10 nanowire nanostructure Min Ren 饾剾
309 10 molecular medicine academic discipline
academic major
Medicine Elizabeth M. Joshi 饾剾
310 10 Snake venom venom Richard H Valente 饾剾
311 10 artificial intelligence algorithm
artificial entity
computer science
Jaideep Kapur 饾剾
312 10 sexually transmitted infection infection infectious disease Catherine Pilcher Bradshaw 饾剾
313 10 thrombocytopenia disease
abnormally low value
blood platelet disease
clinical sign
Robert M Starke 饾剾
314 10 venom poison
body fluid
Richard H Valente 饾剾
315 10 neurophysiology physiology Bruce Greyson 饾剾
316 10 lake still waters
David Seekell 饾剾
317 10 environmental engineering area of engineering
academic major
engineering Jonathan L. Goodall 饾剾
318 10 friendship interpersonal relationship Amori Yee Mikami 饾剾
319 10 neuroimaging roentgenology
medical imaging
Nicholas J Tustison 饾剾
320 10 stable isotope isotope Lixin Wang 饾剾
321 10 Feasibility study Mark Robson 饾剾
322 10 Malawi republic
sovereign state
landlocked country
Malawian studies Jesse J. Kwiek 饾剾
323 10 chemoreceptor perception set
sensory receptor
Roman M Lazarenko 饾剾
324 10 phase II clinical trial clinical trial Larry C. Borish 饾剾
325 10 AVP gene protein-coding gene Mitchell H. Rosner 饾剾
326 10 osteoblast cell type Rebecca Ogle 饾剾
327 10 demographics statistics
social science
demography Jesse J. Kwiek 饾剾
328 10 Community health Pascal O Bessong 饾剾
329 10 Cape Town port city
Charles Parry 饾剾
330 9 echocardiography medical ultrasonography
medical imaging
medical test
Kenneth C Bilchick 饾剾
331 9 hyperlipidemia disease lipid metabolism disorder
disease of metabolism
Kenneth C Bilchick 饾剾
332 9 Drosophila melanogaster taxon
model organism
Costi David Sifri 饾剾
333 9 G protein-coupled receptor biochemical receptor
integral membrane protein
Metabotropic receptor
integral membrane protein
cell surface receptor
Metabotropic receptor
Michael Kinter 饾剾
334 9 vitamin deficiency physiological finding nutrition disorder
nutritional deficiency disease
disorder of vitamin and non-protein cofactor absorption and transport
Richard F. Edlich 饾剾
335 9 hospitalization medical procedure Kenneth C Bilchick 饾剾
336 9 Gram-negative bacteria Costi David Sifri 饾剾
337 9 Wikipedia MediaWiki website
Wikimedia project
Internet encyclopedia
open content
Philip Bourne 饾剾
338 9 protein evolution evolution Philip Bourne 饾剾
339 9 parasitology branch of biology
academic major
zoology Eric R Houpt 饾剾
340 9 magnesium chemical element group 2
period 3
Lester Andrews 饾剾
341 9 catalysis chemical reaction Qun Cao 饾剾
342 9 social media economic activity
communication medium Abigail Flower 饾剾
343 9 Pseudoaneurysm Robert M Starke 饾剾
344 9 archaeology academic discipline
academic major
social science
art history
study of history
Stephen Plog 饾剾
345 9 habitat territorial entity Richard H Valente 饾剾
346 9 red giant giant star Steven Majewski 饾剾
347 9 myoblast cell type precursor cell Francis Collins 饾剾
348 9 frequency comb laser Olivier Pfister 饾剾
349 9 quality control Chongzhi Zang 饾剾
350 9 aerospace engineering area of engineering
economic branch
engineering Zongli Lin 饾剾
351 9 infant feeding feeding behavior Rashidul Haque 饾剾
352 8 fresh water water aquatic science Costi David Sifri 饾剾
353 8 informed consent consent Richard F. Edlich 饾剾
354 8 NF-魏B protein John W. Steinke 饾剾
355 8 Gram-positive bacteria Costi David Sifri 饾剾
356 8 carbapenem antibiotic group or class of chemical substances chemical substance
尾-lactam antibiotic
Costi David Sifri 饾剾
357 8 applied mathematics academic discipline
academic major
mathematics Philip Bourne 饾剾
358 8 pneumonectomy surgical procedure Won Joo Choe 饾剾
359 8 beta barrel protein tertiary structure protein domain Philip Bourne 饾剾
360 8 computational mathematics area of mathematics computational science
Philip Bourne 饾剾
361 8 phylogenomics phylogenetics Philip Bourne 饾剾
362 8 data management computer data processing
information technology
Philip Bourne 饾剾
363 8 electrospray ionization Ion source Michael Kinter 饾剾
364 8 governance concept management cybernetics
academic discipline
Alexander Jakubow 饾剾
365 8 group 18 group
main group
inert gas Lester Andrews 饾剾
366 8 Dhaka capital
financial centre
James A. Platts-Mills 饾剾
367 8 knowledge base database
conceptual model
tertiary source
Timothy W. Clark 饾剾
368 8 single-nucleotide polymorphism sequence variant Anita Clayton 饾剾
369 8 lithium battery primary cell Hongxu Dong 饾剾
370 8 interoperability property Timothy W. Clark 饾剾
371 8 health policy policy politics Timothy W. Clark 饾剾
372 8 WikiCite virtual community
social cataloging application
universal bibliography
Wikimedia community project
Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
373 8 suicide risk risk Anita Clayton 饾剾
374 8 water quality feature Nathan S. Swami 饾剾
375 8 invasive species organism invasion biology Allison L Williams 饾剾
376 8 Salmonella enterica taxon Alison K Criss 饾剾
377 8 invasion biology branch of biology biology Allison L Williams 饾剾
378 8 hydrocephalus disease cerebellar degeneration
intracranial hypertension
Robert M Starke 饾剾
379 8 oscillation change Michael E. Mann 饾剾
380 8 cancer research research Francis Collins 饾剾
381 8 perovskite structure oxide class of minerals Seung-Heon Lee 饾剾
382 8 protein family class Francis Collins 饾剾
383 8 suicide prevention preventive medicine Brian M D'Onofrio 饾剾
384 8 deforestation engineering process Lianhong Gu 饾剾
385 8 volatile organic compound volatile compound
organic compound
Lianhong Gu 饾剾
386 8 electrophoresis biochemistry method Nathan S. Swami 饾剾
387 8 sociodemography academic discipline demography
Rashidul Haque 饾剾
388 8 nucleus accumbens brain region Catherine F. Moore 饾剾
389 8 Photoreceptor protein protein Chongzhi Zang 饾剾
390 7 steel alloy
Ferrous alloy
Richard F. Edlich 饾剾
391 7 pandemic epidemic Costi David Sifri 饾剾
392 7 cholecystitis disease cholangitis Richard F. Edlich 饾剾
393 7 idiopathy disease John W. Steinke 饾剾
394 7 vitamin D deficiency physiological finding vitamin deficiency Richard F. Edlich 饾剾
395 7 probiotic microorganism John W. Steinke 饾剾
396 7 machine learning computer science
artificial intelligence
Philip Bourne 饾剾
397 7 antimicrobial resistance drug resistance Costi David Sifri 饾剾
398 7 teaching concept engineering process Philip Bourne 饾剾
399 7 health information on Wikipedia Philip Bourne 饾剾
400 7 FAIR data data Philip Bourne 饾剾
401 7 Escherichia coli taxon
model organism
Eric R Houpt 饾剾
402 7 azithromycin chemical compound
essential medicine
Eric R Houpt 饾剾
403 7 Scholia online service
Wikidata front end
open science tool
Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
404 7 nanotechnology branch of science technology Nathan S. Swami 饾剾
405 7 data mining machine learning computer science
Philip Bourne 饾剾
406 7 micelle Linda Columbus 饾剾
407 7 opioid ChEBI Ontology term psychoactive drug
psychotropic drug
Francis Collins 饾剾
408 7 vasoconstriction biological process negative regulation of blood vessel diameter Linda Columbus 饾剾
409 7 antimalarial antiprotozoal Stuart Schreiber 饾剾
410 7 brain stem anatomical structure Robert M Starke 饾剾
411 7 dementia disease cognitive disorder
organic brain syndrome
Bruce Greyson 饾剾
412 7 craniopharyngioma disease central nervous system organ benign neoplasm Robert M Starke 饾剾
413 7 special education education Bryan G. Cook 饾剾
414 7 sexual transmission pathogen transmission Catherine Pilcher Bradshaw 饾剾
415 7 Trustworthiness feature Bryan G. Cook 饾剾
416 7 drinking water water
Lawrence Band 饾剾
417 7 vitamin nutrient organic compound
Shyamal D Peddada 饾剾
418 7 breastfeeding nutrition eating
infant feeding
lactation science Joann M. McDermid 饾剾
419 7 land use spatial planning Lawrence Band 饾剾
420 7 mitochondrial DNA DNA Nicholas J Tustison 饾剾
421 7 High-throughput screening Francis Collins 饾剾
422 7 analytical chemistry branch of chemistry chemistry Lixin Wang 饾剾
423 7 replicability criterion Brian Nosek 饾剾
424 7 Large Hadron Collider hadron collider
Sarah Boutle 饾剾
425 7 quantum entanglement physical phenomenon quantum information quantum mechanics Israel Klich 饾剾
426 7 wheat food ingredient
Lixin Wang 饾剾
427 7 immigrant migrant Mitchell H. Rosner 饾剾
428 7 phosphatidylcholines chemical substance phospholipid
Rhoderick E. Brown 饾剾
429 7 cognitive neuroscience cognitive science Joseph H Callicott 饾剾
430 7 eating disorder disease specific developmental disorder
nutrition disorder
Brian M D'Onofrio 饾剾
431 7 lymphocyte cell type agranulocyte Eric Topol 饾剾
432 7 dexamethasone chemical compound
essential medicine
Eric Topol 饾剾
433 7 enantioselectivity stereoselectivity Felicia A. Etzkorn 饾剾
434 7 Aspergillus fumigatus taxon John J Varga 饾剾
435 7 domestication evolution Benjamin K Blackman 饾剾
436 7 putamen brain region Ashley E Ross 饾剾
437 7 housing social issue supply Andrew P. McCoy 饾剾
438 7 menstrual cycle biological process developmental process involved in reproduction
ovulation cycle
Kevin Guskiewicz 饾剾
439 7 Italy sovereign state Timothy N Showalter 饾剾
440 7 chelation therapy alternative medical treatment Chelation Daniel B. Mark 饾剾
441 7 Candida glabrata taxon Daniel J. Diekema 饾剾
442 6 metadata data Philip Bourne 饾剾
443 6 open access notion
free to read Philip Bourne 饾剾
444 6 peer review activity Philip Bourne 饾剾
445 6 open-source software software Philip Bourne 饾剾
446 6 biodiversity data data Philip Bourne 饾剾
447 6 macromolecular structure molecular structure structural biology Philip Bourne 饾剾
448 6 SPARQL recursive acronym
query language
RDF query language
graph query language
Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
449 6 Philippines sovereign state
island nation
archipelagic state
Cirle Alcantara Warren 饾剾
450 6 antibiotic resistance antimicrobial resistance Eric R Houpt 饾剾
451 6 citizen science science crowdsourcing Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
452 6 automotive engineering economic branch industry
academic discipline
Carlos Otero 饾剾
453 6 accelerometer measuring instrument James A. Platts-Mills 饾剾
454 6 Finland sovereign state Francis Collins 饾剾
455 6 semiconductor base material Nathan S. Swami 饾剾
456 6 triglyceride structural class of chemical compounds glyceride Francis Collins 饾剾
457 6 hydrophobicity chemical property
physical property
chemical property
physical property
Edward H Egelman 饾剾
458 6 lidocaine chemical compound
essential medicine
amide Neal R Glaviano 饾剾
459 6 disgust negative emotion
basic emotion
theory of emotion Jonathan Haidt 饾剾
460 6 Sub-Saharan Africa geographic region Eric R Houpt 饾剾
461 6 laparoscopy endoscopy John S. McGrath 饾剾
462 6 atmospheric sciences earth sciences
environmental science
Michael E. Mann 饾剾
463 6 immunization immune system process Patrick Dillon 饾剾
464 6 human subject research research Ted Kennedy 饾剾
465 6 classics academic discipline
academic major
Sarah Bond 饾剾
466 6 xenograft transplant Patrick Dillon 饾剾
467 6 signal processing technology Donald E. Brown 饾剾
468 6 aquatic science academic discipline Lawrence Band 饾剾
469 6 air pollution pollution pollution Francis Collins 饾剾
470 6 principal component analysis multivariate statistics Shyamal D Peddada 饾剾
471 6 extrasolar planet planet
extrasolar object
Christopher Stubbs 饾剾
472 6 evapotranspiration value Lixin Wang 饾剾
473 6 protein ubiquitination biological process protein modification by small protein conjugation
Joshua B Kelley 饾剾
474 6 attention deficit hyperactivity disorder behavioral disorder
specific developmental disorder
hyperkinetic disorder
psychiatry Amori Yee Mikami 饾剾
475 6 molecular dynamics simulation technique simulation Michael R Shirts 饾剾
476 6 Canada sovereign state
Canadian studies Eric Topol 饾剾
477 6 quantum dot Scott M Geyer 饾剾
478 6 machinery industry economic branch industry J. Houston Miller 饾剾
479 6 pain management medical specialty Laura Vogtle 饾剾
480 6 cholangitis disease non-neoplastic bile duct disorder
inflammatory disease
bile duct disease
Michel Kahaleh 饾剾
481 6 West Nile virus taxon John S Lazo 饾剾
482 6 mangrove biome
vegetation zone
biome Temilola Fatoyinbo 饾剾
483 6 biomass population Temilola Fatoyinbo 饾剾
484 6 CRISPR repeated sequence Jiekun Yang 饾剾
485 6 Vigna unguiculata taxon Michael P. Timko 饾剾
486 6 diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma disease childhood brain stem glioma Erin N Kiehna 饾剾
487 6 chemoradiotherapy radiation therapy
Timothy N Showalter 饾剾
488 6 hibernation biological process torpor
dormancy process
animal behavior
Justin A. MacDonald 饾剾
489 6 prevention of HIV/AIDS preventive medicine prevention of sexually trasmitted deseases Alex John London 饾剾
490 6 microtubule cellular component polymeric cytoskeletal fiber Stefanie Redemann 饾剾
491 6 neuroplasticity biological process Angeline Stoll Lillard 饾剾
492 6 Mali sovereign state
landlocked country
Michael P. Fay 饾剾
493 5 Cytomegalovirus taxon neurotropic virus Costi David Sifri 饾剾
494 5 Quorum sensing biological process multi-organism cellular process Costi David Sifri 饾剾
495 5 intoxication disease
toxic injury
Costi David Sifri 饾剾
496 5 multiple sclerosis disease
Designated intractable/rare diseases
demyelinating disease
demyelinating disease of central nervous system
autoimmune disease of central nervous system
John R. Lukens 饾剾
497 5 gene silencing biological process negative regulation of gene expression
cellular process
Michael Kinter 饾剾
498 5 wiki infrastructure website
community project
Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
499 5 mechanosensation sense Michael Kinter 饾剾
500 5 Zika virus taxon Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
501 5 magnetic-resonance imaging medical test medical imaging
non-invasive imaging
Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
502 5 smartphone mobile phone
information appliance
mobile computer
smart device
Ava Lena Waldman 饾剾
503 5 protein design molecular design Philip Bourne 饾剾
504 5 Northern Hemisphere hemisphere of the Earth Michael E. Mann 饾剾
505 5 cerebrospinal fluid body fluid extracellular fluid Robert M Starke 饾剾
506 5 geophysics branch of science physics Michael E. Mann 饾剾
507 5 mineralogy branch of science
geology J. Lawrence Smith 饾剾
508 5 phase III clinical trial clinical trial Robert M Starke 饾剾
509 5 politics group behaviour
adversarial process
academic discipline
Laura Ingraham 饾剾
510 5 insomnia disease sleep disorder Anita Clayton 饾剾
511 5 religion belief system
world view
religious studies
Jonathan Haidt 饾剾
512 5 type description (earth sciences) mineral species earth sciences
J. Lawrence Smith 饾剾
513 5 cortisol steroid hormone
Reichstein's compound
Robert M Starke 饾剾
514 5 veteran military personnel Michael S Jaffee 饾剾
515 5 hypertension disease
abnormally high value
vascular disease
artery disease
Robert M Starke 饾剾
516 5 waveguide structure
transmission line
Costas Soukoulis 饾剾
517 5 globalization process
social theory
interaction David Seekell 饾剾
518 5 salt marsh marine habitat
tidal marsh Thomas J. Mozdzer 饾剾
519 5 malaria transmission pathogen transmission Lawrence Band 饾剾
520 5 finite element method numerical method in partial differential equations
numerical methods in continuum mechanics
Andrew D Rouillard 饾剾
521 5 inflammatory bowel disease disease intestinal disease
immune system disease
Sana Syed 饾剾
522 5 glycobiology branch of biology Francis Collins 饾剾
523 5 autoinhibition biological process Mykhaylo Artamonov 饾剾
524 5 ice hockey type of sport
Olympic sport
ice skating
Kevin Guskiewicz 饾剾
525 5 centrality property Sarah Boutle 饾剾
526 5 metformin chemical compound
essential medicine
biguanide Mitchell H. Rosner 饾剾
527 5 dye laser organic laser Thomas Francis Gallagher 饾剾
528 5 biological psychiatry branch of psychiatry psychiatry Joseph H Callicott 饾剾
529 5 Channel catfish taxon Shaolin Wang 饾剾
530 5 Botswana country
sovereign state
landlocked country
Sarah J Ratcliffe 饾剾
531 5 Simian immunodeficiency virus taxon Sarah J Ratcliffe 饾剾
532 5 pollen microgametophyte palynology Laura F Galloway 饾剾
533 5 superhydrophobicity material property hydrophobicity Zan Gao 饾剾
534 5 styrene chemical compound
Class IC flammable liquid
Sen Zhang 饾剾
535 5 bioethics ethics Sarah J Ratcliffe 饾剾
536 5 biochemistry interdisciplinary science
branch of chemistry
branch of biology
organic chemistry
Justin F Acheson 饾剾
537 5 head and neck squamous cell carcinoma disease
head and neck disease
squamous cell carcinoma
head and neck cancer
head and neck carcinoma
Jin-Tang Dong 饾剾
538 5 Toxoplasma gondii taxon Sun-Sang J Sung 饾剾
539 5 biosensing technique device John S Lazo 饾剾
540 5 drug screening screening John S Lazo 饾剾
541 5 Tennessee state of the United States Ami L Riscassi 饾剾
542 5 Western clawed frog taxon
model organism
David R Shook 饾剾
543 5 rainforest forest Manuel T. Lerdau 饾剾
544 5 osteoporosis disease bone resorption disease Charles R. Farber 饾剾
545 5 gene therapy treatment Lisa Cunningham 饾剾
546 5 gentamicin chemical compound
essential medicine
Lisa Cunningham 饾剾
547 5 food web consumer-resource interactions Michael Pace 饾剾
548 5 Populus tremula taxon P盲r K. Ingvarsson 饾剾
549 5 data quality quality Gaetano Rocco 饾剾
550 5 Cameroon country
sovereign state
Pascal O Bessong 饾剾
551 5 Eswatini sovereign state
landlocked country
Lucy Anne Parker 饾剾
552 5 fibromyalgia disease myositis
chronic pain
Joel G. Anderson 饾剾
553 4 birefringence refraction Richard F. Edlich 饾剾
554 4 New Zealand Commonwealth realm
sovereign state
island nation
Michael Kinter 饾剾
555 4 Ebola virus disease disease viral hemorrhagic fever
Filoviridae infectious disease
viral infectious disease
hospital-acquired infection
Costi David Sifri 饾剾
556 4 wheelchair land vehicle
human-powered vehicle
mobility aid
wheeled vehicle
sports equipment
Richard F. Edlich 饾剾
557 4 mast cells cell type John W. Steinke 饾剾
558 4 Human T-lymphotropic virus 1 serotype Richard F. Edlich 饾剾
559 4 matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization Michael Kinter 饾剾
560 4 immunosuppression Costi David Sifri 饾剾
561 4 Thailand constitutional monarchy
sovereign state
Eric R Houpt 饾剾
562 4 commercialization activity Philip Bourne 饾剾
563 4 Uganda sovereign state
landlocked country
Eric R Houpt 饾剾
564 4 neuronitis disease central nervous system disease
neurological disorder
inflammatory disease
John R. Lukens 饾剾
565 4 Semantic Web information system World Wide Web
semantic network
Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
566 4 scientometrics branch of science bibliometrics Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
567 4 Magnetic Resonance Microscopy microscopy
magnetic-resonance imaging
Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
568 4 dyskinesia movement disorder Anita Clayton 饾剾
569 4 science policy policy Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
570 4 mathematical physics area of mathematics
branch of physics
Leonid Petrov 饾剾
571 4 Journal Article Tag Suite markup language
NISO standard
document file format
creative work
Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
572 4 abortion physiological condition
medical procedure
feticide Jonathan Carroll 饾剾
573 4 photoelectrochemistry electrochemistry
physical chemistry
Nathan S. Swami 饾剾
574 4 Seroprevalence prevalence Cirle Alcantara Warren 饾剾
575 4 reincarnation religious concept
Ian Stevenson 饾剾
576 4 glomerulonephritis disease nephritis
Mitchell H. Rosner 饾剾
577 4 Trypanosoma cruzi taxon Richard H Valente 饾剾
578 4 feminism social movement
political ideology
women's studies
Sarah Bond 饾剾
579 4 battle combat
historical event
Michael S Jaffee 饾剾
580 4 intracranial aneurysm disease aneurysm
cerebrovascular disease
cerebral arterial disease
Robert M Starke 饾剾
581 4 post-traumatic stress disorder disease anxiety disorder
stress-related disorders
Michael S Jaffee 饾剾
582 4 soldier military specialism
military personnel Michael S Jaffee 饾剾
583 4 superconductor base material Costas Soukoulis 饾剾
584 4 drug overdose cause of death poisoning Christopher Holstege 饾剾
585 4 sea level zero-level elevation zero-level elevation Thomas J. Mozdzer 饾剾
586 4 diazepam benzodiazepine
chemical compound
essential medicine
benzodiazepine Jaideep Kapur 饾剾
587 4 baseball type of sport ball game
team sport
Chad Harbach 饾剾
588 4 aerosol dispersion
chemical substance
Lianhong Gu 饾剾
589 4 neuropathic pain health problem pain Ukpong B Eyo 饾剾
590 4 species nova Latin phrase Pedro Fiaschi 饾剾
591 4 menstruation biological process menstrual cycle phase Sue Kim 饾剾
592 4 wave packet envelope Thomas Francis Gallagher 饾剾
593 4 ubiquitin-proteasome system metabolic network Jin-Tang Dong 饾剾
594 4 Kenya sovereign state
Rashidul Haque 饾剾
595 4 racial bias cognitive bias Sophie Trawalter 饾剾
596 4 Plasmodium vivax taxon Rashidul Haque 饾剾
597 4 logistic regression model regression analysis regression model
generalized linear model
Sarah J Ratcliffe 饾剾
598 4 vector-borne disease infectious disease Sarah J Ratcliffe 饾剾
599 4 solar cell transducer
semiconductor diode
optoelectronic device
Charles W Machan 饾剾
600 4 pathogen spread motion Stephen Eubank 饾剾
601 4 artemisinin chemical compound antimalarial Rashidul Haque 饾剾
602 4 Protein function prediction research method Aidong Zhang 饾剾
603 4 sickle-cell disease disease autosomal recessive disease
rare constitutional hemolytic anemia
blood protein disease
Ashley E Ross 饾剾
604 4 rheumatic fever disease bacterial infectious disease Christine Kennedy 饾剾
605 4 inner city neighborhood Jeremy M. Kahn 饾剾
606 4 agriculture economic branch
economic sector
academic discipline
Trang VoPham 饾剾
607 4 ion trap device Joseph I. Cline 饾剾
608 4 hematology medical specialty internal medicine Vidisha Raje 饾剾
609 4 comorbidity multiple morbidities Scott C Baraban 饾剾
610 4 probabilistic modeling computer simulation Michael Kubovy 饾剾
611 4 haploinsufficiency Scott C Baraban 饾剾
612 4 LIDAR optical instrument Temilola Fatoyinbo 饾剾
613 4 electroporation Thomas Heimburg 饾剾
614 4 contraception family planning Amalia R Miller 饾剾
615 4 predation interspecies interaction between organisms Pei-Jen Lee Shaner 饾剾
616 4 chondrosarcoma disease connective tissue neoplasm
cartilage tumor
bone sarcoma
Gaetano Rocco 饾剾
617 4 neuroprotection nervous system physiological phenomenon Zhiyi Zuo 饾剾
618 4 University of Virginia public research university
Original Public Ivy
public educational institution of the United States
Bart Ragon 饾剾
619 4 seawater saline water aquatic science Joseph Pancrazio 饾剾
620 4 amputation surgical procedure Deanna H. Gates 饾剾
621 4 Anthropocene geological epoch
geochronology Scott Christopher Doney 饾剾
622 3 catheter ablation medical procedure Kenneth C Bilchick 饾剾
623 3 Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy scholarly article Kenneth C Bilchick 饾剾
624 3 larynx anatomical structure Won Joo Choe 饾剾
625 3 choledocholithiasis disease gallbladder disease
common bile duct disease
endocrine system disease
Andrew Y Wang 饾剾
626 3 Arabidopsis thaliana taxon
model organism
Philip Bourne 饾剾
627 3 PLOS Computational Biology scientific journal
open-access journal
Philip Bourne 饾剾
628 3 zoonosis infectious disease vector-borne disease
animal disease
Barry Marshall 饾剾
629 3 SH3 domain protein domain Philip Bourne 饾剾
630 3 FAIR Data Principles principle Philip Bourne 饾剾
631 3 oligosaccharide structural class of chemical compounds carbohydrate
Barry Marshall 饾剾
632 3 citation reference Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
633 3 autoantibody antibody John R. Lukens 饾剾
634 3 glycosylation biological process metabolism Barry Marshall 饾剾
635 3 psychiatry medical specialty Medicine Anita Clayton 饾剾
636 3 Prion protein protein family protein Michael Kinter 饾剾
637 3 Infectious diseases scholarly article John R. Lukens 饾剾
638 3 genocide atrocity crime
mass murder
Waitman Beorn 饾剾
639 3 open research research Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
640 3 norovirus taxon Eric R Houpt 饾剾
641 3 gastroenteritis disease gastrointestinal system disease Eric R Houpt 饾剾
642 3 data management plan plan Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
643 3 comparative biology biology Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
644 3 primate brain brain Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
645 3 brain morphometry morphometrics
Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
646 3 stoichiometry calculation Edward H Egelman 饾剾
647 3 curcumin chemical compound
food coloring
food coloring Ferid Murad 饾剾
648 3 open data notion
field of work
data Philip Bourne 饾剾
649 3 Chlamydia trachomatis taxon Linda Columbus 饾剾
650 3 isotopic labeling technique Linda Columbus 饾剾
651 3 polycystic ovary syndrome disease syndrome
endocrine system disease
genetic disease
Francis Collins 饾剾
652 3 Medulloblastoma disease infratentorial cancer
embryonal tumor of neuroepithelial tissue
Peter Dallas 饾剾
653 3 Modelling and Simulation scholarly article Philip Bourne 饾剾
654 3 microRNA expression biochemical reaction Peter Dallas 饾剾
655 3 global warming climate change climate change Fred Singer 饾剾
656 3 molecular design academic discipline
academic major
Philip Bourne 饾剾
657 3 fossil physical object Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
658 3 troposphere atmospheric layer Michael E. Mann 饾剾
659 3 biomineralization Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
660 3 genomics branch of biology genetics
computational biology
Francis Collins 饾剾
661 3 telecommunication branch of science remote communication Costas Soukoulis 饾剾
662 3 vocal folds anatomical structure development Larry C. Borish 饾剾
663 3 Aedes aegypti taxon Richard H Valente 饾剾
664 3 Late Antiquity historical period Sarah Bond 饾剾
665 3 endocannabinoids lipid Katarzyna M Glanowska 饾剾
666 3 cryopreservation preservation Cryonics Robert B Hawkins 饾剾
667 3 hyperparathyroidism disease parathyroid gland disease Sugoto Mukherjee 饾剾
668 3 crayfish group of organisms known by one particular common name Astacoidea Horton H. Hobbs, Jr. 饾剾
669 3 Star Wars media franchise Christie Golden 饾剾
670 3 syncope Masturbaci贸n short loss of consciousness Christopher Holstege 饾剾
671 3 clinical trial medical research
science project
Francis Collins 饾剾
672 3 Twitter social networking service
Anne M Mills 饾剾
673 3 maturity-onset diabetes of the young disease diabetes mellitus
autosomal dominant disease
Francis Collins 饾剾
674 3 X-ray crystallography branch of physics crystallography Ivan G Shabalin 饾剾
675 3 chronic pain pain
physiological condition
clinical sign Ukpong B Eyo 饾剾
676 3 gastrectomy surgical procedure Sung Geun Kim 饾剾
677 3 wearable technology consumer electronics
costume accessory
Kevin Guskiewicz 饾剾
678 3 breast cancer disease thoracic cancer
breast disease
Mark Robson 饾剾
679 3 yoga physical exercise
Indian philosophy
Patricia A. Jennings 饾剾
680 3 history and philosophy of science academic discipline
academic major
Karen Parshall 饾剾
681 3 molecular structure biological structure structural biology Brooks Pate 饾剾
682 3 bulimia disease eating disorder Amori Yee Mikami 饾剾
683 3 spouse affinity human Karen M Rose 饾剾
684 3 statin therapy treatment Eric Topol 饾剾
685 3 quality of care quality David M. Eddy 饾剾
686 3 computer simulation software feature simulation Douglas W DeSimone 饾剾
687 3 miscarriage disease cervical incompetence Sarah J Ratcliffe 饾剾
688 3 hygiene health care
preventive medicine
Rashidul Haque 饾剾
689 3 coinfection infection
secondary infection
Amy B. Pedersen 饾剾
690 3 X-ray diffraction method Scott M Geyer 饾剾
691 3 sunflower taxon Benjamin K Blackman 饾剾
692 3 stereoselectivity Felicia A. Etzkorn 饾剾
693 3 ATLAS experiment particle detector
Sarah Boutle 饾剾
694 3 reinforcement learning machine learning Sergei Gepshtein 饾剾
695 3 artesunate chemical compound
essential medicine
antibacterial Rashidul Haque 饾剾
696 3 theoretical computer science computer science
fundamental science
Zongli Lin 饾剾
697 3 Olduvai Gorge chine
archaeological site
Leslea J Hlusko 饾剾
698 3 neovascularization Metaplasia Eric Topol 饾剾
699 3 San Francisco consolidated city-county
city of the United States
sanctuary city
Eric Topol 饾剾
700 3 intestinal disease disease gastrointestinal system disease Glynis L Kolling 饾剾
701 3 Ancient DNA DNA Benjamin K Blackman 饾剾
702 3 Liberia republic
sovereign state
Stephen Eubank 饾剾
703 3 computational mechanics mechanics
computational physics
Chengyu Li 饾剾
704 3 glucocorticoid group or class of chemical substances chemical substance
John S Lazo 饾剾
705 3 dysphagia Masturbaci贸n
medical term
Mark Robson 饾剾
706 3 2014 Ebola virus epidemic in Liberia epidemic Stephen Eubank 饾剾
707 3 supermarket grocery store
commercial building
brick and mortar company
Sibylle Kranz 饾剾
708 3 pancreaticoduodenectomy gastrointestinal ectomy Timothy N Showalter 饾剾
709 3 poisoning cause of death major trauma
Peter W. Lewis 饾剾
710 3 life expectancy assessment method
knowledge crystal
estimation process
health indicator
William A. Petri 饾剾
711 3 neglected tropical disease tropical disease
diseases of poverty
William A. Petri 饾剾
712 3 holography branch of physics photographic technique Phillip Szepietowski 饾剾
713 3 RNA recognition motif protein Paul R. Copeland 饾剾
714 3 Facebook social networking service
data collection system
Alison Chetlen 饾剾
715 3 gestational diabetes disease diabetes mellitus
complication of pregnancy, childbirth and the puerperium
diabetes mellitus and pregnancy
Anne O. Summers 饾剾
716 3 orbitofrontal cortex cortex
brain region
Kurt R Illig 饾剾
717 3 bluetongue virus taxon Susanna Sternberg Lewerin 饾剾
718 3 bronchiolitis disease lung disease
respiratory syncytial virus infectious disease
Jonathan S. Serody 饾剾
719 3 Pretoria capital
big city
administrative territorial entity
Pascal O Bessong 饾剾
720 3 nanocomposite Ryan Comes 饾剾
721 3 oceanography specialty earth sciences Scott Christopher Doney 饾剾
722 3 basal ganglia brain region Dale Ding 饾剾
723 3 internal medicine medical specialty Medicine Daniel C. McFarland 饾剾
724 3 Florida state of the United States James W Fourqurean 饾剾
725 3 lagoon bay Karen McGlathery 饾剾
726 2 Australia Commonwealth realm
dominion of the British Empire
sovereign state
federal state
Richard F. Edlich 饾剾
727 2 Trypanosoma brucei taxon Costi David Sifri 饾剾
728 2 animal magnetism principle
alternative medicine
branch of pseudoscience
hypnosis Edgar Allan Poe 饾剾
729 2 Medicare government program
publicly funded health care
Kenneth C Bilchick 饾剾
730 2 Cardiac Magnetic Resonance scholarly article Kenneth C Bilchick 饾剾
731 2 transmission of virus biological process viral process
dissemination or transmission of symbiont from host
Richard F. Edlich 饾剾
732 2 Ghana country
sovereign state
Eric R Houpt 饾剾
733 2 Nasal polyps scholarly article John W. Steinke 饾剾
734 2 Malaysia sovereign state
member state of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations
Barry Marshall 饾剾
735 2 Eosinophils scholarly article John W. Steinke 饾剾
736 2 toxicology medical specialty
branch of science
interdisciplinary science
Barry Marshall 饾剾
737 2 preprint article Philip Bourne 饾剾
738 2 rhesus macaque taxon
model organism
Barry Marshall 饾剾
739 2 protein structure prediction Philip Bourne 饾剾
740 2 liver cirrhosis disease liver disease
Won Joo Choe 饾剾
741 2 data access process Philip Bourne 饾剾
742 2 machine-readable data data Philip Bourne 饾剾
743 2 Systems pharmacology Philip Bourne 饾剾
744 2 trace metal trace element
Philip Bourne 饾剾
745 2 fold space space Philip Bourne 饾剾
746 2 Europe continental area and surrounding islands
population group
geographic region
Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
747 2 epidural anesthesia neuraxial anesthesia Won Joo Choe 饾剾
748 2 Microbiota taxon John R. Lukens 饾剾
749 2 Helicobacter pylori infectious disease disease bacterial infectious disease Barry Marshall 饾剾
750 2 Medicine health science
field of study
academic discipline
field of work
health science Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
751 2 multimedia Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
752 2 magnetic field strength field strength
intensive quantity
vector physical quantity
Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
753 2 speech communication Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
754 2 Coleoptera taxon coleopterology Carlos Otero 饾剾
755 2 cell division biological process cellular process
asexual reproduction
Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
756 2 collaborative software type of software social software
business software
Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
757 2 sputum mucus Eric R Houpt 饾剾
758 2 science communication activity communication Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
759 2 Dengue virus taxon Eric R Houpt 饾剾
760 2 parking driving Carlos Otero 饾剾
761 2 scholarly communication communication Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
762 2 software development production
economic branch
new product development Carlos Otero 饾剾
763 2 paleopathology archaeological sub-disciplines Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
764 2 reference management software type of software software Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
765 2 vocal learning biological process learned vocalization behavior or vocal learning
imitative learning
auditory behavior
Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
766 2 virtual research environment software Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
767 2 Electrorotation polarization
Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
768 2 International Society for Computational Biology learned society
scientific society
Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
769 2 Framework Programmes for Research and Technological Development research program Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
770 2 evolution of language evolution Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
771 2 scientific collaboration network social network Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
772 2 bibliographic metadata metadata Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
773 2 policy compliance Regulatory compliance Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
774 2 data citation citation Timothy W. Clark 饾剾
775 2 single cell spectroscopy spectroscopy Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
776 2 early-career researcher researcher Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
777 2 tetrahydrometalate chemical compound Lester Andrews 饾剾
778 2 cell wall cellular component external encapsulating structure Edward H Egelman 饾剾
779 2 iridium chemical element period 6
group 9
platinum group
Lester Andrews 饾剾
780 2 scientific method method
Philip Bourne 饾剾
781 2 World War I world war
historical event
William Faulkner 饾剾
782 2 transparency notion Philip Bourne 饾剾
783 2 research funding funding Philip Bourne 饾剾
784 2 superconductivity physical phenomenon electrical conductivity Blas Cabrera 饾剾
785 2 digital preservation protection Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
786 2 ShEx technical standard
programming language
Semantic Web Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
787 2 adenosine triphosphate medication
nucleoside triphosphate
Robert M. Berne 饾剾
788 2 slavery in the United States slavery
African slave trade
William Faulkner 饾剾
789 2 transdisciplinarity Francis Collins 饾剾
790 2 defensin protein
Cysteine-rich protein
Ivan K Poon 饾剾
791 2 Immunofluorescence technique Edward H Egelman 饾剾
792 2 bacterial infectious disease disease
infectious disease
infectious disease
bacterial infection and mycosis
rare infectious disease
Alison K Criss 饾剾
793 2 hypotension abnormally low value Robert M. Berne 饾剾
794 2 plant disease resistance immunity
Ivan K Poon 饾剾
795 2 Protein-altering variants associated with body mass index implicate pathways that control energy intake and expenditure in obesity. scholarly article Francis Collins 饾剾
796 2 Mice fictional group of characters Ivan K Poon 饾剾
797 2 animal rights subjective right Tom Regan 饾剾
798 2 biological classification specialised classification scheme Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
799 2 cancer disease disease of cellular proliferation
oncology Mitchell H. Rosner 饾剾
800 2 Chikungunya virus taxon Eric R Houpt 饾剾
801 2 ZooKeys scientific journal
open-access journal
Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
802 2 cerebrovascular disease disease central nervous system disease
vascular disease
Robert M Starke 饾剾
803 2 brain ischemia disease ischemia
cerebrovascular disease
Robert M Starke 饾剾
804 2 Tendaguru Formation mountain Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
805 2 permineralization biogeochemical process Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
806 2 Human Genome Project research program Francis Collins 饾剾
807 2 human genome genome Francis Collins 饾剾
808 2 history knowledge
research object
academic discipline
study of history
history of historiography
historical theology
Thomas Frank 饾剾
809 2 transcriptomics branch of biology genetics
computational biology
Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
810 2 consciousness state Bruce Greyson 饾剾
811 2 NMR spectroscopy branch of physics diagnostic procedure Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
812 2 cold hardiness phenotype Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
813 2 Mycobacterium leprae taxon Richard H Valente 饾剾
814 2 Electrolytes scholarly article Mitchell H. Rosner 饾剾
815 2 radiocarbon dating radiometric dating radiometric dating Stephen Plog 饾剾
816 2 Thomas Jefferson human Coy Barefoot 饾剾
817 2 fungal infectious disease disease infectious disease
bacterial infection and mycosis
Robert M Starke 饾剾
818 2 base of skull Robert M Starke 饾剾
819 2 aspirin chemical compound
combustible powder
essential medicine
non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug Robert M Starke 饾剾
820 2 quantum fluctuation physical phenomenon quantum mechanics Seung-Heon Lee 饾剾
821 2 asteroseismology astrophysics Steven Majewski 饾剾
822 2 Bothrops jararaca taxon Richard H Valente 饾剾
823 2 Chaco Canyon valley Stephen Plog 饾剾
824 2 hypercapnia clinical sign Bruce Greyson 饾剾
825 2 Astacidae taxon Horton H. Hobbs, Jr. 饾剾
826 2 Roger Stone human Robert Mueller 饾剾
827 2 Russian interference in the 2016 United States election foreign electoral intervention Robert Mueller 饾剾
828 2 digital humanities branch of science humanities Sarah Bond 饾剾
829 2 earthquake natural phenomenon
natural disaster
seismology Eric R Houpt 饾剾
830 2 tachycardia Masturbaci贸n
medical finding
abnormally high value
heart arrhythmia
finding of heart rate
Christopher Holstege 饾剾
831 2 alcoholism non-controlled substance abuse
alcohol abuse
dependence syndrome
Brian M D'Onofrio 饾剾
832 2 Science 2.0 science Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
833 2 WikiProject Medicine WikiProject Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
834 2 grassland habitat territorial entity
vegetation zone
Lawrence Band 饾剾
835 2 malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor disease nerve sheath tumor Anne M Mills 饾剾
836 2 information system system
information retrieval
Nicholas J Tustison 饾剾
837 2 insecticide phytopharmaceuticals
Francis Collins 饾剾
838 2 development of the nervous system biological process Jaideep Kapur 饾剾
839 2 holoprosencephaly disease cephalic disorder Ann E Sutherland 饾剾
840 2 convergent evolution evolution Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
841 2 PubMed Central digital library
bibliographic database
medical database
Open-access repository
Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
842 2 reuse use Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
843 2 wildfire conflagration Edward B. Rastetter 饾剾
844 2 Alzheimer Research Forum website
Timothy W. Clark 饾剾
845 2 Chronic film Mitchell H. Rosner 饾剾
846 2 telomere length biological sequence Mark Robson 饾剾
847 2 anorexia nerviosa disease eating disorder Brian M D'Onofrio 饾剾
848 2 electroencephalography diagnostic test neuroimaging Jaideep Kapur 饾剾
849 2 Gaborone capital Sarah J Ratcliffe 饾剾
850 2 sensor data data Patricia L. Mabry 饾剾
851 2 Plasmodium malariae taxon Rashidul Haque 饾剾
852 2 cheese dairy product
cheese and cottage cheese
food ingredient
Lili Ma 饾剾
853 2 Plasmodium knowlesi taxon Rashidul Haque 饾剾
854 2 parasitic protozoa infectious disease disease parasitic infectious diseases Amy B. Pedersen 饾剾
855 2 microfabrication Erkin Seker 饾剾
856 2 molecular motor molecular machine Rohini Muthuswami 饾剾
857 2 DNA design molecular design Felicia A. Etzkorn 饾剾
858 2 biofouling biological process Erkin Seker 饾剾
859 2 Burkholderia mallei taxon John J Varga 饾剾
860 2 Afu3g03640-T protein protein John J Varga 饾剾
861 2 chitin polymer
Charles J Richardson 饾剾
862 2 Afu5g02330-T protein protein John J Varga 饾剾
863 2 Spectrophotometry measurement
Charles J Richardson 饾剾
864 2 Listeria monocytogenes taxon Christopher J Anderson 饾剾
865 2 heliotropism tropism Benjamin K Blackman 饾剾
866 2 vitamin K vitamin
polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon
group or class of chemical substances
John S Lazo 饾剾
867 2 heart arrhythmia Masturbaci贸n
medical finding
heart disease
clinical sign
finding of cardiac rhythm
rare cardiac disease
Eric Topol 饾剾
868 2 educational technology industry technology Eric Topol 饾剾
869 2 paleontology academic discipline biology Leslea J Hlusko 饾剾
870 2 Neanderthal fossil taxon archaic humans Leslea J Hlusko 饾剾
871 2 Capillary electrophoresis electrophoresis Ashley E Ross 饾剾
872 2 ethnography social science Christine Kennedy 饾剾
873 2 Tumor vaccines scholarly article Ileana S Mauldin 饾剾
874 2 Argentina sovereign state
Lauren A White 饾剾
875 2 AIDS disease human immunodeficiency virus infectious disease Michel Kahaleh 饾剾
876 2 mouthguard motorcycle personal protective equipment
sports equipment
Kevin Guskiewicz 饾剾
877 2 co-evolution concept Britt Koskella 饾剾
878 2 Ehlers-Danlos syndrome disease
Designated intractable/rare diseases
collagen disease Michael E. March 饾剾
879 2 Sierra Leone republic
sovereign state
Stephen Eubank 饾剾
880 2 West Africa geographic region West African studies Stephen Eubank 饾剾
881 2 greenhouse gas air pollutant Bin Wang 饾剾
882 2 Predictive analytics statistical method Craig G. Rusin 饾剾
883 2 haematopoiesis biological process biological process
hematopoietic or lymphoid organ development
Chongzhi Zang 饾剾
884 2 2014 Ebola virus epidemic in Sierra Leone epidemic Stephen Eubank 饾剾
885 2 relative molecular mass mass
Maksymilian Chruszcz 饾剾
886 2 chloroquine chemical compound
essential medicine
malaria prophylaxis
Jesse J. Kwiek 饾剾
887 2 Coppery titi taxon Sara M. Freeman 饾剾
888 2 melatonin chemical compound
tryptamines Christopher S Colwell 饾剾
889 2 TNF gene protein-coding gene
Sho Morioka 饾剾
890 2 horizontal gene transfer genetic exchange Michael P. Timko 饾剾
891 2 Solanaceae taxon Michael P. Timko 饾剾
892 2 Nicotiana tabacum taxon Michael P. Timko 饾剾
893 2 nutrient intake measure Sibylle Kranz 饾剾
894 2 misclassification classification
Michael P. Timko 饾剾
895 2 incidental finding medical finding Alex John London 饾剾
896 2 rare disease disease Alex John London 饾剾
897 2 Sindbis virus taxon Wladek Minor 饾剾
898 2 Neurite Michael K Lee 饾剾
899 2 Purkinje cell neuron Zhiyi Zuo 饾剾
900 2 Neotropic ecozone
Manuel T. Lerdau 饾剾
901 2 Superfund site location Jeff P. Raffensperger 饾剾
902 2 histone protein protein Diana R. Tomchick 饾剾
903 2 bioluminescence biological process cell metabolism Hwa-chain Wang 饾剾
904 2 lung cancer disease respiratory system cancer
lung disease
lung tumor
Gaetano Rocco 饾剾
905 2 insulin resistance diabetes mellitus
drug resistance
Kyle L. Hoehn 饾剾
906 2 non-small-cell lung carcinoma disease lung cancer
lung carcinoma
Gaetano Rocco 饾剾
907 2 MCAO Wikimedia disambiguation page Zhiyi Zuo 饾剾
908 2 Preconditioning Zhiyi Zuo 饾剾
909 2 pyrrolidine dithiocarbamate chemical compound Zhiyi Zuo 饾剾
910 2 myasthenia gravis disease
Designated intractable/rare diseases
neuromuscular junction disease
autoimmune disease of musculoskeletal system
immune-mediated acquired neuromuscular junction disease
immune system disease
autoimmune disease of peripheral nervous system
Gaetano Rocco 饾剾
911 2 thymectomy lymphatic ectomy Gaetano Rocco 饾剾
912 2 contiguous United States territorial entity Isabelle M. Cozzarelli 饾剾
913 2 proximal tubule anatomical structure kidney tubule David Kashatus 饾剾
914 2 palaeohydrology academic discipline paleontology
Isabelle M. Cozzarelli 饾剾
915 2 norepinephrine chemical compound
catecholamines William T. Gerthoffer 饾剾
916 2 convection-enhanced delivery drug delivery Dale Ding 饾剾
917 2 cannabinoid receptor Dale Ding 饾剾
918 2 cannabinoids defined set
group or class of chemical substances
chemical substance
defined set
Dale Ding 饾剾
919 2 Chronic recurrent multifocal osteomyelitis disease osteomyelitis
rare bone disease
immune system disease
autoinflammatory syndrome with skin involvement
pyogenic autoinflammatory syndrome
Timothy J. Mosher 饾剾
920 2 Placopecten magellanicus taxon Scott Christopher Doney 饾剾
921 2 oversight attention Anne O. Summers 饾剾
922 2 vitamin C chemical compound
food additive
Anna Maria Siega-Riz 饾剾
923 2 Land cover Philip A Townsend 饾剾
924 2 Anemia in pregnancy disease anemia
human pregnancy
complication of pregnancy, childbirth and the puerperium
Anna Maria Siega-Riz 饾剾
925 2 substantia nigra Sandra M. Cardoso 饾剾
926 2 Ribonucleoprotein protein
cellular component
macromolecular complex Cameron Mura 饾剾
927 2 Pacific Ocean ocean Scott Christopher Doney 饾剾
928 2 basketball type of sport ball game
team sport
Jay Hertel 饾剾
929 2 Cambodia sovereign state
Michael P. Fay 饾剾
930 2 biomimetics biology
bionics Bankim Sanghavi 饾剾
931 2 toxoplasmosis disease
infectious disease
Tajie H. Harris 饾剾
932 2 Nicaragua sovereign state
Rebecca A. Dillingham 饾剾
933 2 combustor device Christopher P. Goyne 饾剾
934 2 problem solving search
human action
Robert C. Pianta 饾剾
935 2 health equity social determinants of health
Right to health
Mary E. Northridge 饾剾
936 2 Japanese encephalitis virus taxon Elizabeth Tacket Rogawski 饾剾
937 1 ventricular tachycardia disease paroxysmal tachycardia
ventricular dysrhythmia
Kenneth C Bilchick 饾剾
938 1 stainless steel alloy steel Richard F. Edlich 饾剾
939 1 heart rate variability physiological condition Kenneth C Bilchick 饾剾
940 1 cholelithiasis disease gallbladder disease
Richard F. Edlich 饾剾
941 1 Burkholderia pseudomallei taxon Costi David Sifri 饾剾
942 1 poetics academic discipline
academic major
literary theory Edgar Allan Poe 饾剾
943 1 premature burial cause of death Edgar Allan Poe 饾剾
944 1 composition Edgar Allan Poe 饾剾
945 1 The Turk hoax Edgar Allan Poe 饾剾
946 1 Colosseum Roman amphitheatre
archaeological site
tourist attraction
round building
Edgar Allan Poe 饾剾
947 1 Fluoroscopy radiography
Kenneth C Bilchick 饾剾
948 1 coronary sinus vein Kenneth C Bilchick 饾剾
949 1 eosinophil cell type granulocyte John W. Steinke 饾剾
950 1 The Raven poem Edgar Allan Poe 饾剾
951 1 psychiatric hospital hospital Edgar Allan Poe 饾剾
952 1 Allophycocyanin biological pigment
heterocyclic compound
John W. Steinke 饾剾
953 1 Cyclooxygenase enzyme John W. Steinke 饾剾
954 1 Phycoerythrin pigment
heterocyclic compound
protein John W. Steinke 饾剾
955 1 religious cosmology mythological cosmology Edgar Allan Poe 饾剾
956 1 interior decoration architectural element Edgar Allan Poe 饾剾
957 1 disinfectant engineering process
anti-infective agent
specialty use of chemicals
Costi David Sifri 饾剾
958 1 clinical chemistry branch of chemistry organic chemistry
clinical pathology
John W. Steinke 饾剾
959 1 arachidonic acid chemical compound
eicosatetraenoic acid
unsaturated fatty acid
John W. Steinke 饾剾
960 1 leukotriene group or class of chemical substances chemical substance
John W. Steinke 饾剾
961 1 NP complexity class computational problem John W. Steinke 饾剾
962 1 EDN newspaper John W. Steinke 饾剾
963 1 Flt3l gene protein-coding gene John W. Steinke 饾剾
964 1 nasal polyp head and neck disease polyposis
nose disease
nasal cavity neoplasm
John W. Steinke 饾剾
965 1 APC protein-coding gene John W. Steinke 饾剾
966 1 Trypanosoma brucei gambiense infectious disease sleeping sickness Costi David Sifri 饾剾
967 1 LmjF.34.0990:mRNA protein protein Costi David Sifri 饾剾
968 1 inosine-5'-monophosphate dehydrogenase protein protein Costi David Sifri 饾剾
969 1 inosine-5'-monophosphate dehydrogenase protein protein Costi David Sifri 饾剾
970 1 LinJ.34.1060:mRNA protein protein Costi David Sifri 饾剾
971 1 FMS-like tyrosine kinase 3 ligand protein protein John W. Steinke 饾剾
972 1 ECP business John W. Steinke 饾剾
973 1 Nepal country
landlocked country
sovereign state
Eric R Houpt 饾剾
974 1 Papillomavirus taxon Michael Kinter 饾剾
975 1 MDA-MB-435 cell line
cancer cell line
contaminated/misidentified cell line
Michael Kinter 饾剾
976 1 Android mobile operating system Unix-like operating system Philip Bourne 饾剾
977 1 chronic rhinosinusitis sinusitis
chronic condition
John W. Steinke 饾剾
978 1 Eosinophil-Derived Neurotoxin scholarly article John W. Steinke 饾剾
979 1 Quantitative Real-Time PCR scholarly article John W. Steinke 饾剾
980 1 Airbnb business
Philip Bourne 饾剾
981 1 DICOM open standard
communications protocol
Philip Bourne 饾剾
982 1 iOS mobile operating system Unix-like operating system Philip Bourne 饾剾
983 1 aminoglycoside group or class of chemical substances chemical substance
John R. Lukens 饾剾
984 1 mutation biological process
Barry Marshall 饾剾
985 1 Cuban Missile Crisis crisis Robert F. Kennedy 饾剾
986 1 trust positive emotion
basic emotion
core concept
theory of emotion Philip Bourne 饾剾
987 1 Stripe-faced Dunnart taxon Barry Marshall 饾剾
988 1 Spliceosome molecular machine Philip Bourne 饾剾
989 1 medical research research
field of work
Philip Bourne 饾剾
990 1 link rot process
Philip Bourne 饾剾
991 1 child demographic profile human
Eric R Houpt 饾剾
992 1 research data data Philip Bourne 饾剾
993 1 circular permutation in proteins cyclic permutation Philip Bourne 饾剾
994 1 conference poster poster Philip Bourne 饾剾
995 1 microevolution evolution Barry Marshall 饾剾
996 1 Korean language
modern language
Koreanic languages Korean studies Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
997 1 Dysbiosis John R. Lukens 饾剾
998 1 Asystole cardiac arrest Won Joo Choe 饾剾
999 1 phage display technique
directed evolution
protein engineering
Barry Marshall 饾剾
1000 1 NOD-like receptor John R. Lukens 饾剾
1001 1 temperature state function scalar physical quantity
intensive quantity
Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
1002 1 Embryogenesis biological process developmental biology Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
1003 1 Portable Document Format file format family
file format
document file format
Daniel Mietchen 饾剾
1004 1 relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis disease multiple sclerosis David E Jones 饾剾
1005 1 SHP1 gene protein-coding gene John R. Lukens 饾剾
1006 1 RIP1