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Papers (2014)
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Papers (2013)
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  • IMA 13-B, Revision of the chemical formula of comancheite on the basis of a single crystal X-ray diffraction study, it has been shown that the accepted chemical formula of the mineral comancheite is incorrect. Comancheite was described in 1981 as a mercury oxychloride-bromide with formula Hg13(Cl,Br)8O9. It is in fact a mercury nitride with formula Hg2+55N3–24(NH2,OH)4(Cl,Br)34. - CNMNC Newsletter No. 16, August 2013, page 2708; Mineralogical Magazine, 77, 2695-2709
Papers (2012)
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Papers (2011)
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    • Erratum: American Mineralogist (2013), Volume 98, page 524.
Papers (2010)
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Papers (2009)
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Papers (2008)
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Papers (2007)
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