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  • This page aims to organize a consensus view of the properties that describe minerals. Please be bold and add your suggestions below!

Rules of this page:

  • Feel free to add new property for discussion in the tables. Set the "Creation level" to Proposal
  • Please use the talk page to discuss about properties creation or use. If you want to discuss a property, create a new section on the talk page and set the "Creation level" to 'discussion and link the property in the table with the section.

Wikidata data structure

Overview of a Wikidata statement
  • Wikipedia articles are items on Wikidata. They are stored as a number which has a Q in front of it. Quartz for example is Q43010.
  • An item can have many statements.
  • A statement consists of a property and a value.
  • The value can have different data formats.
  • String: Quartz has the IMA-number "1967 s.p.". This string is not translated into other languages because it is the same in every language.
  • Value: Quartz has a density of "2.65". A value can be used for calculation and it gets translated into other number systems (e.g. different comma used in language "2,65")
  • Item: Quartz is a mineral. Mineral has its own Q-number and is therefore an item. Using items for statements reduces the amount of translating one has to do.
  • Multi-lingual string: A multilingual string has to be translated. These are descriptions that don't exist as items.
  • Qualifiers: Every value can have a qualifier. The density of Quartz for example should have the qualifiers at what temperature and pressure these measurements where made.

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Mineral properties

Existing properties:

Property proposal:

  • Informal proposals can be made on the talk page of this task force.
  • Formal proposal can be made at:

The following infoboxes from our related Wikipedia projects contain a lot of the information we would like to gather:

List of propertiesEdit

Please visit the linked proposal pages and make comments there. Around five supporters are needed to create a new property.

Property Status Datatype Qualifier FR EN DE IT Description URL
Other names Proposal Multilingual string * * * * * Would aliases be used?
IMA name Proposal Multilingual string - nom/nomIUPAC (???) official name Mineralname name special case of "other names"
chemical formula (P274) Done String * formule formula Formel formula - and CNMNC Master list 2012
general formula (P1673) Done String * formule formula Formel formula -
Strunz 8th edition (series ID, updated) (P711) Done String - Strunz 8 Strunz 8 Kurzform_Strunz_8 Strunz 8 - Athena: Strunz 8 ed (1982, modified)
Nickel-Strunz 9th edition (updated 2009) (P712) Done String - strunz strunz Kurzform_Strunz_9 classificazione/edizionestrunz (???) - CNMNC Master list 2009: Nickel–Strunz 9 ed (2001, updated 2009)
Nickel-Strunz '10th ed', review of (9th ed/ 2009 update) (P713) Done String - strunz10 strunz10 Kurzform_Strunz_10 strunz10 - MinDat ("10 ed, pending publication") and
Dana 8th edition (P714) Done String - Dana dana Kurzform_Dana Classificazione Dana - MinDat "8 ed" (1997), and
color (P462) Done Item - couleur color/colour Farbe coloreminerale -
named after (P138) Done Item - nommé(e) en référence à named after benannt nach prende il nome da - Q53857737, complete description (Q13442814) and
discoverer or inventor (P61) Done Item - découvreur ou inventeur discovered by Entdecker scoperto da -
crystal system (P556) Done Item - système system Kristallsystem sistema Either of these 9 items: amorphous solid, quasicrystal, cubic, hexagonal, trigonal, tetragonal, orthorhombic, monoclinic, triclinic
point group (P589) Done Item - ? point group Raumgruppe ? 32 possibilities
space group (P690) Done Item - classe symmetry Kristallklasse gruppo 230 possiblities
IMA Number, broad sense (P484) Done String - Nombre IMA IMA number IMA Nummer Numero IMA - IMA Master list
IMA status and/or rank (P579) Done Item - * IMA status IMA Status - Approved, Grandfathered, Redefined, Renamed, Questionable IMA Master list
Proposal String - IMA Symbol IMA-Symbol Simbolo IMA -
chemical structure (P117) Done Media - - crystallographic structure kristallographische Struktur - -
image (P18) Done Media - image image Bild immagine -
Mohs' hardness (P1088) Done Value direction (e.g. kyanite) dureté mohs Mohshärte valoredurezza -
Luster Proposal Item éclat luster Glanz tipolucentezza Adamantine, Dull, Greasy, Metallic, Pearly, Resinous, Silky, Submetallic, Vitreous, Waxy
Transparency Proposal Item transparence diaphaneity Transparenz tipoopacita -
streak color (P534) Done Item trait streak Strichfarbe coloreriflessi -
crystal habit (P565) Done Item Frequency of habit? Habitus Crystal habit Kristallhabitus Abito cristallino -
twinning (P537) Done Item Frequency of twin? Macle Twinning Zwillingsbildung Geminato -
fracturing (P538) Done Item Cassure Fracturing Bruch Frattura -
cleavage (P693) Done Item Clivage Cleavage Spaltbarkeit Sfaldatura -
density (P2054) Done Value densité density Dichte ? -
Crystal faces Proposal Item faciès common crystal faces häufige_Kristallflächen ? Miller indices
refractive index (P1109) Done Value Indice de réfraction Refractive index Brechungsindex ? -
Birefringence Proposal Value biréfringence Refractive index Doppelbrechung ? -
type locality (geology) (P2695) Done Item localité type type locality Typlokalität - - MinDat and
Hermann-Mauguin notation (P1632) Done String - -
CAS Registry Number (P231) Done String Numéro CAS CAS registry number CAS-Nummer Numero CAS MinDat
solid solution series with (P2155) Done Value - - - - - MinDat and
Mass of the chemical formula (u) Proposal Value - Mass of the chemical formula (u) Masse der Formeleinheit (u) ? -
Unit cell volume (ų) Proposal Value - Unit cell volume (ų) Kristallgittervolume (ų) ? - MinDat and
Repeating times of the chemical formula in the unit cell (z) Proposal Value - Repeating times of the chemical formula in the unit cell (z) Anzahl Formeleinheiten pro Elementarzelle (Z) ? -
Density (calculated) (g/cm³) Proposal Value - Density (calculated) (g/cm³) Dichte, berechnet (g/cm³) ? - MinDat and
Cell parameter ratio a/b or c/a Proposal Value - Cell parameter ratio a/b or c/a Gitterparameter a/b oder c/a ? - MinDat and
Cell parameter ratio c/b Proposal Value - Cell parameter ratio c/b Gitterparameter c/b ? - MinDat and
Cell parameter α (°) Proposal Value - Cell parameter α (°) Gitterparameter α (°) ? - MinDat and
Cell parameter β (°) Proposal Value - Cell parameter β (°) Gitterparameter β (°) ? - MinDat and
Cell parameter γ (°) Proposal Value - Cell parameter γ (°) Gitterparameter γ (°) ? - MinDat and

Italics=Value missing in that language. Bold=Best place for data acquisition with bot.