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3rd or higher order metaclasses by superclassEdit

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label description instance of subclass of item
second-order metaclass third-order metaclass third-order metaclass fixed-order metaclass Q24017465
concept semantic unit understood in different ways, e.g. as mental representation, ability or abstract object variable-order metaclass mental representation
abstract object
formal ontology concept concept Q19868531
variable-order metaclass abstract entity representing classes whose instances may or may not be classes themselves variable-order metaclass (meta)class
first-order metaclass metaclass whose instances are classes of individuals second-order metaclass fixed-order metaclass Q24017414
philosophical concept concept used in philosophy concept Q33104279
Wikidata metaclass class of classes, class whose instances are classes second-order metaclass metaclass
class or metaclass of Wikidata ontology
classification system system of organizing objects into classes knowledge organization system Q5962346
technical material system perceptible object perceptible object system Q989870
third-order metaclass type of class in object-oriented programming fourth-order metaclass Q24027474
class group of items sharing common characteristics metaclass class Q16889133
branch of biology first-order metaclass branch of science Q28598684
form of government organisational model of government form of state
administrative type
metaclass in knowledge representation, a class the instances of which are themselves classes concept
formal ontology concept
variable-order metaclass
class Q19478619
type of property Wikidata metaclass type Q96253971
variable and attribute Attribute property Q113312
academic major focus of academic study academic discipline Q4671286
academic discipline academic field of study or profession first-order metaclass specialty Q11862829
computer science term technical term; word or phrase that is part of computer science terminology technical term Q66747126
category of being philosophical concept philosophical concept concept Q714737
Project:Policies and guidelines Wikimedia project page Wikimedia project page
Project:Policies and guidelines
policy Q4656150
Wikimedia project page page in various non-article namespaces on a Wikimedia project Wikimedia page outside the main knowledge tree
Wikimedia internal item
economic concept concept used in economic sciences concept Q29028649
role quality of participation in relation, or identity of an item in relation to another specified item entity
specialty use of chemicals use of chemicals in a research, industrial, or household setting (not including pharmacologic actions) chemical actions and uses Q50413986
organisms known by a particular common name Wikidata metaclass living organism class Q55983715
languoid class e.g. dialect, language, macrolanguage, language subfamily, family, or superfamily; each instance of these is a subclass of languoid Wikidata metaclass rank Q28923954
sign system key concept in semiotics and is used to refer to any system of signs and relations between signs system Q7512598
technique manner or method by which an activity is performed activity
physical object singular aggregation of substance(s) such as matter or radiation, with overall properties such as mass, position or momentum type of object concrete object Q223557
consent expression granting permission; indication of agreement with a proposal; acknowledgement that an item meets requirements intentional human action
award something given to a person or a group of people to recognize their merit or excellence civil decoration
letters patent
legislative act formal written document that creates law, including acts, executive orders, and by-laws legal act
legal transaction
order insignia identifying mark of an order or congregation, usually worn on special occasions insignia Q31931265
class of award class of award (order, medal etc.) class
military rank element of hierarchy in armed forces first-order metaclass rank Q56019
weapon family group of related weapons which share basic design elements class
group or class of chemical substances set of chemical substances that share a common characteristic second-order metaclass group Q17339814
structural class of chemical compounds set of compounds sharing a common structural feature to which is attached a variable part (or parts) defining a specific compound of the class classification system
second-order metaclass
group or class of chemical substances Q47154513
medal round piece of metal, often used as an award order insignia
work of art
work with multiple executions
coin object
certificate document that confirms something deed
badge symbol worn on clothing. broad category including lapel pins, epaulettes, patches, and decorative symbols costume accessory
trophy reward for a specific achievement physical object award Q381165
accolade central act in the rite of passage ceremonies conferring knighthood award Q547314
brevet a warrant giving a commissioned officer a higher rank title as a reward for gallantry or meritorious conduct but without conferring the authority, precedence, or pay of real rank military rank award Q911283
letters patent type of legal instrument in the form of a published written order legislative act
legal transaction Q1511010
warrant an order that serves as a specific type of authorization authorization
legal process
civil decoration decoration awarded for services of a non-military nature award decoration
decoration item worn to signify possession of an honour class of award award Q11796413
commission document appointing an individual as an officer, used by the government, military and organizations document Q60918
language family group of languages related through descent from a common ancestor languoid class languoid
language group
religious concept concept Q23847174
term word or phrase from a specialized area of knowledge concept
lexical item
religious identity type of identity create by a type of religious belief identity Q4392985
ship type group of ships of a similar purpose and function metaclass watercraft type Q2235308
disease abnormal condition negatively affecting organisms health problem Q12136
symbol something that represents an idea, a process, or a physical entity sign
Wikimedia namespace MediaWiki namespace Q35252665
Wikimedia help page page of a Wikimedia wiki in the Help namespace MediaWiki page Q56005592
economic sector conceptual grouping of economic activities classification system
economic concept
system Q3958441
economic order regulates the economic events in an economy abstract noun
designation for an administrative territorial entity type of administrative divisions, usually used in several countries first-order metaclass class (set theory)
legal form
type of system Wikidata metaclass Wikidata metaclass type
type of object
Wikidata reason for deprecation used with P2241 Wikidata internal entity Q27949697
language subsystem linguistics term; language classification scheme linguistics term subsystem
branch of science
abstract noun noun, with which somewhat non-representational is designated noun Q2712963
fictional location place that exists only in fiction and not in reality class of fictional entities fictional entity Q3895768
abstract object object with no physical referents variable-order metaclass
type of object
object Q7184903
affinity kinship created as a result of someone's marriage with blood relatives of the other spouse affinity kinship
nominal kinship
property predominant feature that characterizes a being, a thing, a phenomenon, etc. and which differentiates one being from another, one thing from another metaclass
category of being
entity Q937228
geography term technical term; word or phrase that is part of geography terminology technical term Q66747521
music genre category that identifies pieces of music as belonging to a shared tradition or set of conventions concept art genre
aspect of music
medical equipment equipment designed to aid in the diagnosis, monitoring or treatment of medical conditions equipment
group summarizes entities with similar characteristics together class object Q16887380
economic branch group of companies that produce similar products or services classification system
economic concept
system Q268592
perceptible object entity that is physically perceptible physical object Q337060
class of fictional entities variable-order metaclass fictional entity
type of object Wikidata metaclass Wikidata metaclass type Q96251598
classification in sports classification of age groups, sexes and levels within sports first-order metaclass specialised classification scheme Q1744559
linguistic phenomenon observable fact in a language concept phenomenon Q94255074
aircraft component part of an aircraft technological component Q28816538
structural class of ions set of electrically charged compounds sharing a common structural feature to which is attached a variable part (or parts) defining a specific ion of the class Wikidata metaclass
classification system
group or class of molecular entities Q72044356
fourth-order metaclass type of metaclass fixed order metaclass of higher order fixed-order metaclass Q24027515
ambassador diplomatic envoy diplomatic rank
head of mission
social skills Skills facilitating interactions in a society competence skill
legal concept lexeme with a specific meaning in jurisprudence concept
legal terminology
position social role with a set of powers and responsibilities within a private or public organization or the state role Q4164871
software category metaclass of software class Q17155032
foreign policy doctrine general statement of foreign policy and belief system through a doctrine doctrine Q943260
means means by which an item performs a function action Q21162272
political concept idea, theory, or notion primarily discussed in a political science and/or politics context concept Q33104069
social status position within social structure status Q189970
anatomical metaclass second-order metaclass metaclass Q94945104
grammatical category analytical class within the grammar of a language property
vocabulary body of words used in a particular language group
data set
type of medical test type or family of medical test first-order metaclass type of medical procedure
type of test
style set of linguistic variants with specific social meanings languoid class languoid Q2313235
scientific hypothesis idea that proposes a tentative explanation about a phenomenon or a narrow set of phenomena observed in the natural world (primary features of a scientific hypothesis: falsifiability, testability) hypothesis
specialty field limited to a specific area of ​​knowledge; specialization in an occupation or branch of learning classification system
first-order metaclass
knowledge Q1047113
field of study field of study leading to a specific degree type Q2267705
measure standard against which something can be judged; a criterion object
science Systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge academic discipline academic discipline Q336
profession vocation founded upon specialized educational training Wikidata metaclass
first-order metaclass
course specific set of food items that are served together during a meal, all at the same time part of Q14915034
type of food or dish Wikidata metaclass class Q19861951
cuisine characteristic style of cooking practices and traditions tradition Q1778821
production process process of producing goods process Q1408286
Wikimedia list article page of a Wikimedia project with a list of something Wikimedia project page list
Wikimedia internal item
MediaWiki main-namespace page
Disease Attributes Clinical characteristics of disease or illness. variable and attribute property
bibliographic database database providing an authoritative source of bibliographic information bibliographic database literature database
genre category of creative works based on stylistic, thematic or technical criteria Wikidata metaclass class Q483394
literary genre category of literary composition art genre
literary form category of literary works distinguished by formal characteristics without consideration of content form Q4263830
monad group or series of one thing/object group
music term technical term; word or phrase that is part of musical terminology metaclass technical term
government agency organization in the machinery of government responsible for specific functions government organization Q327333
civil service branch of governmental service or employees of a government agency government agency Q3754509
class of mythical entities class of entities appearing in mythology first-order metaclass mythical entity
geochronological unit geological unit of time unit of time Q6156156
exterior ornament of the shield depiction Q1052804
economics term technical term; word or phrase that is part of economics terminology technical term Q64513524
sociological concept abstract entity in sociology concept Q33104129
Russian folk culture folk culture Q32361182
type of machine element type or family of machine element first-order metaclass type Q44409287
genetic exchange transfer of genetic material (DNA and RNA) from one organism to another multi-organism process Q15710802
geographic location point or an area on the Earth's surface or elsewhere property
geography term
location Q2221906
designation act of setting aside something, or devoting it to a particular purpose; (in the legal planning context) action of choosing a place for a special purpose or giving it a special status nomination Q5264406
section of populated place inhabited territory part of
geographic object
language usage manner in which a language is actually used, e.g., regionalisms, colloquialism, jargon, etc., and as opposed to formal models or prescriptive ideals use Q1308274
technical standard established norm or requirement to facilitate consistency document
estate all belongings of a person or entity property Q2186896
branch of science Primary divisions of science classification system
first-order metaclass
academic discipline Q2465832
ideology set of ideas that form one's aims, expectations and actions morality
group action
notion reflection in the mind of real objects and phenomena in their essential features and relations knowledge Q595523
fixed order metaclass of higher order metaclass of order strictly higher than 4 variable-order metaclass fixed-order metaclass Q24027526
competence ability of an individual to do a job properly competence Q2015382
diplomatic rank system of professional and social rank used in the world of diplomacy and international relations position
typeface family group of stylistically related typefaces group group
type of mathematical function type or family of mathematical function first-order metaclass type Q47279819
item in archival science, the smallest level of description; an individual record or object measure level of description Q11723795
postgraduate degree academic degree awarded after the undergraduate level academic degree Q23015928
camera parts, features and technologies nonbiological component Q20888925
model simplified representation of reality representation Q1979154
intellectual work work created through human thought and perception, including creative work work Q15621286
Wikimedia category use with 'instance of' (P31) for Wikimedia category Wikimedia namespace
Project:Policies and guidelines
Wikimedia help page
Wikimedia internal item
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