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Wikipedia and Wikimedia concepts edit

See also Help:Modelling/General#Relation to sister projects.

Wikipedia categories edit

Relevant items:

Relevant properties:

  • All items that represent Wikimedia categories should use category's main topic (P301) to link to the item that is the subject of the Category.


Some categories represent the intersection of two or more topics. For example:

There is also at least one more specialized use of category combines topics (P971) for a "people from" or "people of" category:

Wikimedia project pages edit

Relevant items:


Wikimedia templates edit

Relevant items:

Relevant properties:


Disambiguation pages edit

Disambiguation pages are pages that include the __DISAMBIG__ magic word. This magic word is available in all the Wiki projects.

Wikipedia and WikiVoyage disambiguation pages should have the description "Wikimedia disambiguation page".

Disambiguation pages are grouped by form, not by meaning. All the Wikipedia and Wikivoyage pages with sitelinks to a Wikidata page should have exact same spelling apart from the exceptions listed in the guidelines of the respective projects.

All disambiguation page items should have the statement 'instance of (P31) Wikimedia disambiguation page (Q4167410)'.

Closely related, first and last names: instance of (P31)family name (Q101352), full name (Q1071027).

See also Wikidata:WikiProject Disambiguation pages/guidelines

Wikipedia lists edit

Every item that corresponds to a Wikimedia list article should have :

⟨ item ⟩ instance of (P31)   ⟨ Wikimedia list article (Q13406463)      ⟩

It should typically use is a list of (P360) to indicate what it is a list of.

This can then be linked back in the other direction with has list (P2354).


Compound Wikipedia articles edit

Compound pages are Wikipedia pages that deal with more than one object or concept and are conflated.

Separate Wikidata items should be created for each of the separate objects/concepts in addition to the Wikidata page linked to the Wikipedia compound page. Assuming that the Wikipedia article is covering a coherent but broader topic, property has part(s) (P527) should be used to link to these pages from the compound page.

Wikidata pages linking to Compound Wikipedia pages will in general have few other properties.



However, there are also Wikipedia pages that simply don't have a coherent subject: they are arbitary conflation (Q14946528), which is a problem for Wikidata item modelling where a unique item and item identifier is required for each object or concept.

Wikidata items for such articles should be modeled with the following statements:

Typically either no or very few other statements would be present on these Wikidata items.

Note that use of has part(s) (P527) would be inappropriate for the items describing these incoherent articles.

Examples of Wikidata items which model "baggy" Wikipedia articles:

Wikipedia articles about the intersection of a topic and place edit

Wikipedia articles about the intersection of a topic and place should have: Properties: