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The following subsections cover various domains. The intent here is:

  • to provide examples of modeling items in these various domains.
  • to indicate where to find further discussion of modeling items in these domains.

Religions and ancient religionsEdit

Typical problems, as things currently stand:




Molecular biologyEdit








See Wikidata:WikiProject Chemistry


There is a consensus that an individual person has only one instance of (P31) value: human (Q5). While in common parlance we say a person is a politician, female, Norwegian, Muslim, etc., all of these should be expressed by properties such as occupation (P106), sex or gender (P21), country of citizenship (P27), religion or worldview (P140), etc.

Awards, prizes ...Edit

As of June 2018, this area probably needs improvement in its standards. ArthurPSmith remarks, "I think what's done right now regarding awards is pretty inconsistent/arbitrary. For example Fritz London Memorial Prizes (Q246592) (along with many other cases like this) is both a subclass of and an instance of award! IEEE Emanuel R. Piore Award (Q5970360) is a direct subclass of award, but also an instance of a subclass of award, which is also stated to be a metaclass, so that's odd. The value type constraint on award received (P166) allows the value to be an "instance or a subclass". So it would be nice to pick a consistent way to do this that makes sense across all of these cases." If anyone is interested in sorting this out, you might try working with Wikidata:WikiProject Award.

Example items
award received
  Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel
point in time 2012
together with Lloyd Shapley

add value

Professions and occupationsEdit

See Wikidata:WikiProject Occupations and professions, but as of 2018-06 that project looks a bit stalled out.

Education and teachingEdit

See WikiProject Education (active?)



There are numerous sport-related WikiProjects, as well as a general Wikidata:WikiProject Sports and Wikidata:WikiProject Sport results:

Built environment (buildings and infrastructure)Edit


  Question Is there any relevant and active WikiProject?

While an institution and the building where it is housed are often conflate into a single item, it is often useful to have separate items for the two even when they have the same name, especially if the institution has had more than one location, or the building has had more than one use. For example:

Another good example of modeling this sort of thing well: St. Helena Public Library (Q58126363)

Dams and reservoirsEdit

Dams and reservoirs should be separate items, linked to each other.

Morris Dam (Q6913670)

Morris Reservoir (Q7335648)

Linking the items:

Wikidata talk:WikiProject Energy#Relationship between hydro power station, dam and reservoir has a more complete model discussion for these items. See table at Wikidata:WikiProject Energy/Review-1.

Man made stuffEdit

Mass-produced itemsEdit




See also Wikidata:WikiProject Railways/Properties for rolling stock.



Operating systemsEdit

Example items:

Typography and alphabetsEdit

Individual charactersEdit

Alphabets, etc.Edit

There is a Wikidata:WikiProject Alphabet, but it is not very active as of June 2018.

Encoding standardsEdit

Fonts and typefacesEdit


Animal husbandryEdit


Administrative divisionsEdit

A lot of items and challenges here, like first-level administrative country subdivision (Q10864048) or Administrative division of the Kingdom of Poland (Q4683505)

Politicians and PositionsEdit

Material cultureEdit

Fashion, clothing, and textilesEdit

For modeling costume, clothes, the fashion industry, fibers, yarn, and cloth, see WikiProject Fashion, especially WikiProject Fashion: Items and properties.

For modeling tapestries, see Wikidata:WikiProject Textile arts/Tapestry.

For modeling textiles, see Wikidata:WikiProject Textile arts.