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Welcome to WikiProject Chemistry
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  • Define properties for items related to chemistry and the rules of use for these properties (qualifiers, datatypes, ...)
  • Define references policy and especially ranking for references in order to ensure a high quality for chemical related data
  • Organize the data implementation between motivated contributors (share of sources,...)
  • Monitor the data implementation through the help of bots (statistics, detection of data without references,...)
  • Link the wikidata community with chemical data users on wikipedias and external persons/organizations


The participants listed below can be notified using the following template in discussions:

{{Ping project|Chemistry}}


How to contributeEdit

  • Add for each pure chemical substance (i.e. not mixtures or solutions) the property instance of (P31) with the value chemical compound (Q11173) (this property has to be added to each chemical in order to be able to retrieve all chemicals on wikidata through a simple query. Additional precisions will be performed using other properties)
  • Give your opinion about property proposals relevant for chemistry here
  • Propose new properties (but first check this and this)
  • Solve the different constraint violations of

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