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and try to import existing interwikis
all these data come from, or
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All TasksEdit

task status description source example
Task 1   approved   running importing VIAF, GND, LCCN, BNF, SUDOC, NDL, IMDb from: de, en, fr, ja, it, nl, ru
Task 2   approved   in development setting descriptions for items of babel templates
Task 3   approved   running daily generate a database report from live public logs diff
Task 4   withdrawn welcoming new users
Task 5   approved   On hold importing "taxon name (P225)", "taxon level" and "IUCN conservation status" from Wikipedia (nl, sv, en, es)
Task 6   approved   On hold set a property "atomic number" based on Wikipedia
Task 7   redundant import Italian cadastre code (municipality) (P806) from
Task 8   approved   running intermittently set and update latest version for some softwares, source: external websites diff
Task 9   approved   running set German description for people, from {{Personendaten}} ("KURZBESCHREIBUNG" field)
Task 10   approved   developing/running fill gaps in asteroid sequence, source: {{Planetkanav}}
Task 11   approved   in development solving item-disambiguations (set descriptions for items with the same label)
Task 12   denied (unneeded) fix links to Commons files
Task 13   approved   running intermittently remove duplicate statements for gender found in the database report
Task 14   approved   running intermittently fix format issues and remove duplicate claims for Library of Congress authority ID (P244) found in the database report
Task 15   approved   in development replace placeholder images with the proper "novalue" or "somevalue" snaktypes
Task 16   approved   almost completed replace "Noruegia" with "Noruega" in Spanish descriptions of Norwegian municipalities
Task 17   approved   running intermittently remove wrong statements for "is a list of (P360)" found in the off-wiki list
Task 18   approved   completed replace "włoskie obec" with "włoska gmina" in Polish descriptions
Task 19   approved   running intermittently set English description from {{Persondata}} ("SHORT DESCRIPTION" field)
Task 20   approved   On hold import named after (P138) from {{Infobox planet}}
Task 21   approved   almost completed import BNCF Thesaurus ID (P508) from BNCF
Task 22   approved   On hold creating new items for species on item
Task 23   approved   running intermittently importing sitelinks from Wikipedia
Task 24   approved   running intermittently importing occupation (P106) and ATP player ID (P536) from {{Profil ATP}}
Task 25   approved   On hold importing MeSH descriptor ID (P486) from {{Infobox disease}}
Task 26   approved   On hold importing date of birth (P569) and date of death (P570) from Wikipedia
Task 27   approved   running intermittently merging and deleting items
Task 28   approved   running intermittently importing sRGB color hex triplet (P465) from Wikipedia
Task 29   approved   On hold setting missing labels from sitelinks
Task 30   approved   almost completed fix wrong statements for anthem (P85) and audio (P51)
Task 31   approved   On hold marking deleted items at WD:RFD as deleted diff
Task 32   approved   On hold importing date of birth (P569) and date of death (P570) from Bibliothèque nationale de France (Q193563)
Task 33   approved   On hold importing sex or gender (P21) from full name (Q1071027) (but also from Italian Wikipedia (Q11920))
Task 34   approved   On hold importing World Heritage Site ID (P757) from Wikipedia (Q52)
Task 35   approved   almost completed crosslinking lists of minor planets (e.g. nl:Categorie:Planetoïdenlijst) diff
Task 36   approved   running intermittently importing interwiki links for Wikivoyage
Task 37   approved   running intermittently removing "/doc"-like suffixes from template-related items diff
Task 38   approved   running intermittently remove VIAF claims that are actually redirected to another id diff
Task 39   approved   On hold import interwiki links for Wikimedia Commons diff
Task 40   approved   running intermittently import ROME Occupation Code (v3) (P867) from fr:Modèle:Infobox Métier diff
Task 41   approved   On hold import a future "surface" property of quantity datatype from Italian National Institute of Statistics (Q214195)
Task 42   approved   running intermittently import Wikisource sitelinks diff
Task 43   approved   running intermittently import Wikiquote sitelinks diff
Task 44   denied (unneeded) replace P107 (P107) with instance of (P31) diff
Task 45   approved   completed replace P60 (P60) with instance of (P31) diff