country of citizenship

the object is a country that recognizes the subject as its citizen

  • subject of (country)
  • citizenship
  • citizen of
  • nation of citizenship
  • national of
  • (legal) nationality

Data type



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nazwa państwa, nie przymiotnik ani nazwa języka (np. "Polska", nie "polski", "polska" lub "polskie") (Polish)
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本欄填入該項人物(包含人、虛構人物、人格實體與群體等)的國籍,建議須檢附相關參考來源 (Traditional Chinese)
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this state had separate citizenships for Cisleithania (Q533534) and the Kingdom of Hungary (Q28) (English)
külön állampolgárság volt a Monarchia magyar (Q28) és osztrák (Q533534) felében (Hungarian)
Österreich-Ungarn hatte keine einheitliche Staatsbürgerschaftt. In Frage kommen Q533534 für den österreichischen Teil („Cisleithanien“) und Q28 für den ungarischen Teil. (German)
this state had separate citizenships for different periods: 1918–1929 Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes (Q15102440); 1929–1943 Kingdom of Yugoslavia (Q191077); 1943–1945 Democratic Federal Yugoslavia (Q1277557); 1945–1992 Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Q83286); 1992–2003 Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Q838261) only for Serbia and Montenegro (English)
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This item indicates a change in the official name of the country, not suitable for indicating citizenship. Citizenship is indicated by the homonymous item Q28. (English)
Ez az elem az ország hivatalos nevének megváltozását mutatja, nem alkalmas állampolgárság jelölésére. Az állampolgárságot az azonos alakú Q28 elem mutatja. (Hungarian)
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Este item solo indica un cambio de régimen en el país. La ciudadanía se indica con Q1747689. (Spanish)
'empire' item indicates a change of mode of government, but not a change of nationality/citizenship (English)
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It's not always clear in Pokémon canon if regions are part of a larger country or are countries in and of themselves. Better to not touch the subject at all with the uncertainty of it. (English)
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Ancient Greece was never a sovereign state in a modern sense, but it was a multitude of small states sharing a common culture. Use one of those small states instead (eg. Athens, Sparta, Achaean League, etc.) (English)
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