Wikidata:WikiProject Disambiguation pages/guidelines

Links edit

Disambiguation items in Wikidata exist only to provide interlanguage links (sidebar links between pages in different Wikimedia projects). They do not model real-world concepts. Disambiguation pages in other projects should be linked only to disambiguation items, and disambiguation items should contain only site links to disambiguation pages.

The item should only contain links to Wikipedia disambiguation pages with the exact same spelling (disregarding the affix to identify the page as a disambiguation page e.g. (disambiguation)) with only the following exceptions:

  1. Special characters can be added/removed (e.g. circumflex, grave ...)
  2. Transcriptions (creating the same pronunciation with a different script)

In the case that more than one page of one language meet the criteria, the page without exceptions has priority over any page with exceptions and a page with an exception further up of the list has priority over any page with an exception further down of the list.

Properties edit

All disambiguation page items should have the statement 'instance of (P31) Wikimedia disambiguation page (Q4167410)'.

Label edit

The label should be identically equal to the Wikipedia page, but a possible affix to identify the page as a disambiguation page has to be removed.

Description edit

All disambiguation page items have a language dependent phrase as description, for the English language this phrase is Wikimedia disambiguation page. It is important that the description notes that this Wikidata page refers to a Wikimedia page and not to any other type of entity. For other languages than English a list can be found here.

Special cases edit

Surname pages edit

Many Wikipedias have pages which list people with the same surname. Sometimes these pages also have a discussion of the origin and usage of that surname, making them more like an article. Sometimes these pages also list places or other things which use that surname - making them more like general disambiguation pages. As long as these pages contain a template containing __DISAMBIG__, they can be linked to other disambiguation pages. Sometimes pages should probably be made into disambiguation pages or disambiguation pages should be turned into surname articles. If you feel the label/template/category on the Wikipedia page is incorrect then take this to the Wikipedia talk page and discuss it there or ask for help if there is an active Wikipedia project (list).