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WikiProject Ontology

The WikiProject Ontology is mainly about reaching deep into the nature of being, becoming, existence, and reality, and applying those insights during Wikidata's maintenance tasks. The more practical aims of the project are:

  • to support a broad semantic interoperability between notable ontologies like DOLCE, BFO, SUMO, Lemon, RDA, etc.
  • to build consensus around the main branches of our core concept tree and how they relate to each other
  • to gain a deep understanding about the meaning of our upper ontology and to transfer this knowledge to others in practical terms

For specific subject areas, the class hierarchy and properties may be covered in detail on a WikiProject page devoted to that subject - for example Wikidata:WikiProject Books, Wikidata:WikiProject Names or Wikidata:WikiProject Chemistry.

We have an active task force that is part of this WikiProject and works to improve the Ontology at Cleaning Task Force.

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  • Wikidata Graph Builder: Makes it easy to visualize our ontology.
  • Classification.js : visualise the parent classes, reports problem on the WikiProject talk page, the classes an item is an instance of, detects loops in the class tree, detects and visualize class disjointedness violations issues.
  • metaclass-check.js This adds a warning text next to instance of (P31) statements on classes if their values are not metaclasses.

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  • Giancarlo Guizzardi; Freddy Brasileiro; João Paulo A. Almeida; Victorio A. Carvalho (April 2016). "Applying a Multi-Level Modeling Theory to Assess Taxonomic Hierarchies in Wikidata" (PDF). Proceedings of the 25th International Conference Companion on World Wide Web: 975–980. doi:10.1145/2872518.2891117. Wikidata Q27037396