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This Wikiproject aims to provide structured data to study people's names throughout history, in the whole world, in all languages, for all people present in Wikidata, through structural properties and linguistic information.

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The participants listed below can be notified using the following template in discussions:

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Basic principles Edit

These are the basic principles of this project. For more specific info, see Wikidata:WikiProject Names/Help

Properties Edit

People names is a complex subject of study, because of historical, cultural, linguistical usages for naming. Therefore, we have a few generic properties, and a LOT of very specific ones, to be able to manage most cases.

→ See the dedicated subpage for a list: Wikidata:WikiProject Names/Properties.

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There are many tools and gadgets that can help you:

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see Wikidata:WikiProject Names/numbers

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Template:Interwikis from P460 (Q21529474)
To display interwikis to similar names in Wikipedia, copy the template to your Wikipedia and transcluded it. This can display interwikis on a Wikipedia article about "Sylvain" from the items Sylvain (Q16281827), Silvano (Q677210), Silvan (Q17565057), Silvanus (Q17565188), Szilvánusz (Q17565212), Silviu (Q2286869), Sylwan (Q17565214)
Template:Interwikis from P1889 (family names) (Q56475678)
To display interwikis from family name items at Wikipedia, copy the template to your Wikipedia and transclude it on disambiguation pages. This can display additional interwikis on a Wikipedia disambiguation page about "Miller" (Q304896) from sitelinks of the item about the family name "Miller" (Q1605060).