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This account control the account User:Iván Hernández Cazorla, a sock puppet to made paid edits according with the Paid contributions amendment of the Section 4 of the Terms of Use.
A bit about me

Hi! My name is Iván Hernández and I'm a History student in the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

I mainly contribute to Spanish wikipedia, where I try to make maintenance tasks (like fix references, put templates to mark errors, orthography, etc.) and try to improve articles. I operate CanaryBot, a little bot that mainly help to change images (for example, a substitution of an image because exists an SVG version, or because the image is incorrect), but it is only on Spanish Wikipedia yet.

You can talk me in the language that you want, I understand that everyone explains better in its own language, and everyone could use a translator machine to understand more or less. But I admit that I has a few language preferences because they are what I understand better. In the rights box you can see what languages I can understand. When I set a knowledge like basic is because I only understand what I read, but I am not able to talk (or write) without a dictionary and a translator machine at my side.

If you have some interest to know something more about me, you can check my spanish userspace.

Contact with me
  • e-Mail: ivan [at] ivanhercaz [dot] com (or clic here).
  • Twitter: @Ivanhercaz
  • Talk page.
  • I'm Ivanhercaz in IRC, but I don't usually use it.


Useful pagesEdit





Pending tasksEdit

Task State
Set label in Spanish to all the properties (check queries)   Waiting until have time to do it
Set description in Spanish to all the properties (check queries)   Waiting
Create Guayre (Q27640145) and Q3323725 with the available sources   Doing…
Geolocation of items situated in Canary Islands (Q5813) (list with items without coordinates)   Doing…
Creating items of the books that I have in my (WikiProject Books)   Waiting until I have more time to organize it
Create item for the edition of Noticias históricas de las tres provincias vascongadas en que se procura investigar el estado civil antiguo de Álava, Guipúzcoa y Vizcaya, y el origen de sus fueros. Parte II, Origen de sus fueros (Q28137567) and check the work item.   Not done yet
Set Spanish and Portuguese label and description to human with country of citizenship (P27) and occupation (P106)   Not done yet
Set Spanish label to scientific journals from its English label (query)   Doing…
Archived tasks
Task State
Set Spanish and Portuguese label to all Indonesian villages   Done with CanaryBot
Creating items of all abandoned villages in Spain from lists in Wikipedia in Spanish   Done
Improving Olga Ulianova (Q18417504) and Q18939169   Done
Set Spanish description for all the scientific journals in Wikidata (query)   Done

Mainly Wikimedia projects in what I workEdit

Wikipedia Commons Wikidata Wikisource Check here all my contributions.
Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan and English English