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Wikidata:WikiProject Wikidata for research/State of the Map 2018

Visual impression from the session, which also got some Twitter comments.

Maps based on Wikidata queries

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Wikidata items with a geolocation as per July 2018 (ca. 6 million)

Sample queriesEdit

Disasters by location and typeEdit

Disasters by location and type

Geolocated topics of scientific articlesEdit

SPARQL query for geolocated places that have been indicated as the topic of scientific articles indexed in Wikidata

Places in Germany whose names end in "-ow" or "-itz"Edit

Distribution of names of human settlements ending in -ow or -itz in Germany

Women by number of streets in the Netherlands that have been named after themEdit

Wikidata query for an image grid of women by number of streets in the Netherlands that have been named after them

Street addresses in Italy by entity typeEdit

Entities for which Wikidata knows a street address in Italy, color-coded by entity type

Historic places in Canada, zoomed in on the city of QuébecEdit

Map of historic places in Canada, zoomed in on the city of Québec

Federated query for ATMs around Munich belonging to a specific interbank networkEdit

Federated Wikidata query for ATMs around Munich belonging to the Bankcard-Servicenetz interbank network

Disputed territoriesEdit

Map of disputed territories - screenshot of Wikidata Query Service as of July 4, 2018

Election resultsEdit

Primary votes for the 2017 federal elections in Germany by election district (geoshapes), political party (color) and vote share of the winning party (color shade).

Birth places of botanists by eraEdit

Birth places of deceased botanists, color-coded by era

Paintings by Johannes Vermeer that depict mapsEdit

Wikidata query for paintings by Johannes Vermeer that depict maps

Hierarchical tree graph of territorial entities, with flags and populationEdit

Wikidata query for a hierarchical tree graph of territorial entities, with flags and population

Time seriesEdit

Czech places by first mention in historic recordEdit

Czech places by first mention in the historic record

Geolocated Wikidata items between 2014 and 2017Edit

Geolocated Wikidata items between 2014 and 2017

Wikidata items by time and latitudeEdit

Wikidata items plotted in 2016 by their latitude (vertical axis) and earliest time point (horizontal axis)

Off EarthEdit

This list is periodically updated by a bot. Manual changes to the list will be removed on the next update!

WDQS | PetScan | YASGUI | TABernacle | Find images Recent changes | Query: SELECT DISTINCT ?item { ?item wdt:P31 wd:Q8502 ; p:P625 [ psv:P625 [ wikibase:geoLatitude ?lat ; wikibase:geoLongitude ?lon ; wikibase:geoGlobe ?globe ; ] ; ps:P625 ?coord ] FILTER ( ?globe = wd:Q405 ) SERVICE wikibase:label { bd:serviceParam wikibase:language "en" . ?item rdfs:label ?name } } LIMIT 10
image label description coordinate location
Mons Agnes (Sun at 6.6 deg).png
Mons Agnes mountain 18.6/5.3
Normal King-Peaks AS16-M-2094 LTVT.jpg
Mons Ardeshir mountain 5/121
Littrow + Dawes + Vitruvius - LROC - WAC.JPG
Mons Argaeus mountain 19/29
Lucian-Esam-Grace-Diana AS17-M-0306 LTVT.JPG
Mons Esam mountain 14.6/35.7
Mons Herodotus AS15-M-2484.jpg
Mons Herodotus mountain 27.5/-53
Mons Moro AS16-M-2824.jpg
Mons Moro mountain -12/-19.7
Mont Blanc 4115 h2.jpg
Mont Blanc mountain on the Moon 45/-1
Montes Agricola (LRO).png
Montes Agricola mountain 29.06/-54.07
Montes Archimedes (AS15-0421).jpg
Montes Archimedes mountain 25.39/-5.25
Montes Teneriffe (LRO).png
Montes Teneriffe Mountains on the Moon 47.89/-13.19
End of automatically generated list.


Places from which Illuminati have sent lettersEdit

Screenshot of a Wikibase SPARQL query and results for places from which members of the Illuminati had sent letters contained in the FactGrid database.

Wikibase ecosystemEdit

Wikibase instances indexed in the registry as of April 2018.

Key messageEdit

Everything is Connected


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See alsoEdit

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This page provides the basis for a lightning talk at State of the Map 2018 in Milano, given on Sunday, July 29, 2018, in the Lightning talks 4 session starting at 15:00 local time (UTC+2).