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This page brings together initiatives directed at enhancing the interaction of Wikidata and research, both on a technical and a community level.
Contributions to the "Wikidata for research" project (including Wikidata:WikiProject Wikidata for research and all its pages) are dual licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 (the Wikimedia default) and the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.
Contributions by the project to the item and project namespaces of Wikidata shall be under CC0.


WikiProject Wikidata for research is intended to facilitate activities at the interface betwen Wikidata and research.

How you can get involvedEdit

  • Think about ways in which Wikidata could be integrated more closely with research, and let us know.
  • Make this page more useful or user-friendly.
  • Join our mailing list and the discussions there.
  • Blog, (re)tweet (#WD4R) or otherwise communicate about the project.
  • Attend one of our meetups.

Mailing listEdit

A mailing list has been set up for the WikiProject:

@Daniel_Mietchen: How can I subscribe or access the list without a email? It says "This group is on a private domain. Please sign in with an authorized account to view this content."

Interested participantsEdit


The following subpages belong to the project: