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Online coverageEdit





There will be themes:

  • Infrastructure
  • Data modelling for grants/grant-related data
  • Write bots to populate Wikidata and Wikibase


  • Another version - highlighting different points - is here

Sunday June 17th (Introductions & setting the scene)Edit

  • 13:00-18:00


  • Modeling
    • Working towards a Grant linked landscape (Diego)
    • "Federate is RDF spelled backwards" or how different views on federation exist (Andra/ Lydia?)
    • Modelling linked data with Shape Expressions (Eric)
    • Modelling linked data FAIR (Mark)
    • Using a Wikibase as a FAIR data point (FDP) (Mark)
  • Infrastructure
    • Launching Wikibase from a Website (Raz)
    • Wikibase registry (Adam/ Daniel)
    • Scholia as an interface to grant information (Finn) [1]
    • An introduction to OpenAIRE and its API (Najko Jahn)
  • Loading of data

Monday June 18th (hands on & getting things done)Edit

  • 9:00-18:00


Modeling Software and File Formats: ShEx for data models, Katherine Thornton

Reviewing and extending proposed modelsEdit

As a preparation we have created a set of schemas for grant related data in Wikidata. During this session we will review these and where necessary adapt and extend them.

Working GroupsEdit


Infrastructure Working Group Etherpad

Feeding Wikidata and a Wikibase where necessary with public data on grantsEdit

During this session both the Wikidata integrator and Open Refine will be used to populate both Wikidata and Wikibase with data. There is a collection of grant data is available.

Tuesday June 19th (Documentation, wrapping up and future steps)Edit

  • 9:00-16:00


Schema proposalsEdit


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