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Welcome to Wolfgang8741's user page. I am also known as Jonathan Brier a PhD student in the Information Studies program at the University of Maryland College of Information Studies.

I study the health and sustainability of communities and cyberinfrastructure with a primary focus in citizen science thus much of my Wikidata work is focused on supporting citizen science in Wikidata. Check out Wikidata:WikiProject Citizen Science to share your ideas and help set focus of needed work.

Someone even added me to Wikidata: Jonathan Brier (Q57978392)

You can find out more about me:

My interest in Wikidata is to expand the completeness on topics used by citizen science cyberinfrastructure. I'm also interested in database key linking for making Wikidata a research infrastructure for linked open data while simultaneously building robust data for Wikipedia to enable scalable trusted data and enhance maintenance tools development.

Larger automated edits made by user:Wolfgang8741_bot i.e. Openrefine or as Wolfgang8741 QuickEdit batch.

My Current Focus: cleaning up Lakes and the GNIS ID import.

I've mainly focused on Michigan Lakes GNIS ID cleanup and import and cleaning up en.Wikipedia's Lake infoboxes as well as linking to OpenStreetMap. To give a reference of what the completeness can build.

Check out the tool for helping link geo items to OSM.