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Joined 30 January 2015

Welcome to Wolfgang8741's user page. I am also known as Jonathan Brier a PhD student in the Information Studies program at the University of Maryland College of Information Studies aka Q7895683. I study the health and sustainability of communities and cyberinfrastructure with a primary focus in citizen science.

Someone even added me to Wikidata: Q57978392

You can find out more about me:

My interest in Wikidata is to expand the completeness on topics used by citizen science cyberinfrastructure. I'm also interested in database key linking for making Wikidata a research infrastructure for linked open data while simultaneously building robust data for Wikipedia to enable scalable trusted data and enhance maintenance tools development.

Larger automated edits made by User:Wolfgang8741_bot ie Openrefine.

Current focus is on Lakes and the GNIS ID import

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