Duplicate catalogsEdit

Hello Jonathan, I noticed that some of the catalogues you uploaded to mix'n'match are duplicates of others which you had uploaded earlier:

Perhaps @Magnus Manske: can help you merge these catalogues (or just delete one of them). Mahir256 (talk) 04:53, 16 December 2018 (UTC)

Thanks for the note, I am aware of my duplication (after the fact of hitting submit), doh! A limitation to Mix-n-match as uploaders cannot truly fix their mistakes even marking not active won't hide the old. You beat me to pinging Magnus on those. Thanks for the note, and it is nice to know people actually are using Mix-n-match (or at least watching). I can't do all these on my own. My technique matured in OpenRefine so that I need to fix some older uploads as they are not complete and excluded some territories etc. I know of a few other corrections to descriptions that are needed ie outlying " , " and Louisiana has Parishes not Counties... well learning is fun, but it doesn't harm the matching. Thanks again. Wolfgang8741 (talk) 05:10, 16 December 2018 (UTC)

GNIS MatchesEdit

Hi Jonathan, thanks for contacting me about helping with the GNIS catalogs on mix & match. I had fun working on them (love mix & match) and the best thing is, someone finds the effort useful! I'll continue to work on them. Hope you will come to one of the upcoming Wikimedia DC events in the New Year. Best wishes, Uncommon fritillary (talk) 02:56, 17 December 2018 (UTC)

New page for cataloguesEdit

Hi, I created a new page for collecting sites that could be added to Mix'n'match and I plan to expand it with the ones that already have scrapers by category. Feel free to expand, use for property creation. Best, Adam Harangozó (talk) 10:45, 6 November 2019 (UTC)

Thank you for participating in the FindingGLAMs Challenge!Edit

  Thank you for participating in the FindingGLAMs Challenge!
By improving information about GLAM institutions on Wikidata, you made the Wikimedia projects better for everyone!

Alicia Fagerving (WMSE) (talk) 14:19, 16 March 2020 (UTC)

New OpenRefine reconciliation serviceEdit


Thank you for wearing the {{User loves OpenRefine}} userbox on your user page!

Because the existing Wikidata reconciliation service has had severe performance issues recently, I have created a new one which should be faster and more robust. You can add it to OpenRefine in the reconciliation dialog with the following URL: https://wikidata.reconci.link/en/api (or by replacing en by any other language code).

If you have any issues with this new service, let me know.

Happy reconciling! − Pintoch (talk)