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This Wikidata stamp or similar images can be used by external sites to indicate that they are using Wikidata.

Wikidata identifiers (QID for short) can be used externally for authority control. This page lists some examples (in order of the English alphabet). For an introduction to Wikidata, go here.

Please use instance of (P31) -> Wikidata property for authority control, with reciprocal use of Wikidata (Q24075706) on the (inverse) Wikidata properties, as appropriate.

Wikidata Q identifier (Q43649390) contains data about the QID concept; with Q43649390#P1535 repeating some of the information below, in machine-readable form.


The summary of Wikidata: A Free Collaborative Knowledge Base links to the Wikidata item Q18507561 about that paper.


The page for ORCID: links to ORCID iD (Q51044).


The BBC "makes extensive use of identifiers from the Wikimedia family (Wikipedia and Wikidata)" (Quote from 2013 blog post; see also [1]

BBC ThingsEdit

The BBC Things item for Rembrandt links to (see Rembrandt (Q5598)).


The BBC's Research and Education Space (RES) project uses Wikidata. For example, refers to Judi Dench (Q28054) (in a collapsed section under the subheading "Judi Dench from").

Crotos – CallistoEdit

The Crotos entry about the painting "Embrasement de la tour Eiffel pendant l’Exposition universelle de 1889" links to the Wikidata item about the painting, Seine and Eiffel Tower in the Sunset (Q19018337). The associated Callisto map provides a convenient way to browse artworks by geolocation from Wikidata.


See #Machine tagging, below.


See Edward Armstrong Wilson (free registration required)


Global Research Identifier DatabaseEdit

The GRID entry for Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology links to KAIST (Q39949)


The International Press Telecommunications Council (Q1571780)'s NewsCodes Working Group has mapped the top two levels of hierarchical terms of Media Topics to Wikidata, using Simple Knowledge Organization System (Q2288360) mapping relationships.


The entry for Jasper Fforde (Q713778) - at - links to his item, under "Sources:", using the link text "WKD".


The Kulturnav page about Ralph Erskine links to the Wikidata item Q959698 about the architect using "same as".

Library of CongressEdit


The Library of Congress "Format Description Document" page: links to TIFF Revision 6.0 (Q27231633).

See also Yale blog post about this use.


The (Q27926115) page links to Amazon Echo (Q18511815)

- see blog post:

Museum of Modern ArtEdit

The MoMA page about Eija-Liisa Ahtila lists her Wikidata item Q267559 as part of the "Wikipedia entry" section.


The MusicBrainz page about Ludwig van Beethoven lists his Wikidata item Q255 in the "External links" section.

The same page also includes, in its markup:

<script type="application/ld+json">

[Whitespace added, and extraneous detail removed, for clarity]

Open Beauty FactsEdit

e.g. entry for shampoos.

Open Food FactsEdit

e.g. entry for apple juices.

Inverse properties: Open Food Facts food additive ID (P1820), Open Food Facts food category ID (P1821)

Open LibraryEdit

After experimenting with linking to Wikidata from the JSON versions of its entries (see example for Tim Berners-Lee), Open Library have since added Wikidata links (via Reasonator) to the HTML versions as well.

Inverse property: Open Library ID (P648)

Open PlaquesEdit

Inverse properties: OpenPlaques subject ID (P1430); OpenPlaques plaque ID (P1893)


OSM objectsEdit

Over 142,000 (as at October 2016) objects in OpenStreetMap (OSM) include a tag with the equivalent Wikidata ID.

For example, the OSM object for Baldwin Street in Dunedin, New Zealand links to Baldwin Street (Q804877).

OSM also uses Wikidata IDs for secondary values; for example, the above object has the tag name:etymology:wikidata=Q8004980, referring to the fact that the street is named after William Baldwin (Q8004980).

OSM documentationEdit

OSM documentation also uses Wikidata IDs; for example, the page about how to tag postboxes links to post box (Q49844).


Over 31,000 (as of April 2016) institutions and organizations in the OrgRef database include Wikidata ID's.

For example, "Ahi Evran University", OrgRef ID 38654481, links to Ahi Evran University (Q6088997).


172K topics (as of October 2017) matched to Wikidata items; linked to Wikidata from each Quora "topic management" pages

Example: links to SPARQL (Q54871)

See Quora blog post.

Also using coordinates from Wikidata to add maps to pages like

National Galleries of ScotlandEdit

The page on Paul Gauguin, under the heading "Wikipedia entry", uses text from the English-language Wikipedia and the identifier "37693", in reference to Paul Gauguin (Q37693).

See blog post

SHARE CatalogueEdit

The SHARE Catalogue (Q56557486) entry for Alfonso Gatto links back to Alfonso Gatto (Q2755854).


TextRazor (Q54365914) is a web service which analyses text and identifies the entities and concepts discussed, returning the corresponding Wikidata QIDs. See

Virtual International Authority File (VIAF)Edit

The VIAF page about "Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot" links to the Wikidata item Q148475 about that creator. There is also a VIAF page at using Wikidata's QID

WikiTreeEdit links to Stanley Kubrick (Q2001); and to the Reasonator page for that ID.

Inverse property: WikiTree person ID (P2949)

WorldcatEdit links to Andy Mabbett (Q15136093)

Use Library of Congress authority ID (P244)


The tags at the end of this article include one named "Auston Matthews", which links to an overview page for this tag, whose URL includes the Wikidata identifier Auston Matthews (Q20090644) (blog post).


Defunct websitesEdit


The William Temple (1881-1944) entry links to William Temple (Q336315).

Home page taggingEdit

The home page of includes:

<script type="application/ld+json">
		"@context": "",
		"sameAs": [

referring to Apple Inc. (Q312).

Machine taggingEdit

User-generated content on any site which allows the use of machine tags (aka "triple tags") can include Wikidata IDs.

For example this image of a Wild Turkey on Flickr (Commons' version shown) is tagged Wikidata:item=Q26844, referring to Meleagris gallopavo (Q26844).

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