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Linking translations of articles to their originalsEdit

As some no doubt already know, there are journals such as Entomological Review (Q47161189) which publish English-language versions of articles that were originally published in Russian (e.g, in Entomologicheskoe Obozrenie (Q4532102)). As we see more and more taxonomic papers added by their DOIs there are going to be a growing number of articles such as Two New Species of the Weevil Genus Mecysmoderes Schoenherr, 1837 (Coleoptera, Curculionidae: Ceutorhynchinae) from Vietnam (Q99837830), which is an English version of ДВА НОВЫХ ВИДА ДОЛГОНОСИКОВ РОДА MECYSMODERES SCHOENHERR, 1837 (COLEOPTERA, CURCULIONIDAE: CEUTORHYNCHINAE) ИЗ ВЬЕТНАМА (Q99838137). I've added these two articles, and linked them via edition or translation of (P629) and its inverse has edition or translation (P747). At some point I hope to automate the linking of articles such as this pair. I'm curious as to how many cases there are of articles being published in one language then published again in a different language.  – The preceding unsigned comment was added by Rdmpage (talk • contribs).

Annals and magazine of natural historyEdit

  WikiProject Taxonomy has more than 50 participants and couldn't be pinged. Please post on the WikiProject's talk page instead. I have "finished" adding as many articles of Annals and Magazine of Natural History (Q19798858) for which I have DOIs and associated data. Based on some rough work I did on BioNames a few years ago (this chart is rather out of date), this journal is second only to Zootaxa (Q220370) as a source of new animal names.  – The preceding unsigned comment was added by Rdmpage (talk • contribs).

new property "taxonomic treatment" (P10594)Edit

taxonomic treatment (P10594) has been created and because WikiProject Taxonomy (Q8503033) has more than 50 participants and couldn't be pinged I am posting it on this talk page instead. UWashPrincipalCataloger (talk) 21:34, 8 April 2022 (UTC)

FAQ for synonymsEdit

At the risk of opening a major discussion (e.g. see, I was wondering what to do about synonyms like Manis gigantea vs Smutsia gigantea. In particular, I noticed that the Manis gigantea item contains information about the NCBI identifier for Smutsia gigantea, but the Smutsia gigantea item does not contain any NCBI identifier. Should Q20085878 duplicate properties such as the NCBI identifier? Or (more controversially), should there be only a single item for the taxon? Either way, this seems like if would be a good FAQ for this project, if there is anywhere to put such a thing? (NB: accidentally this was originally posted to the main Wikidata chat page) HYanWong (talk) 10:34, 21 May 2022 (UTC)

New property proposalEdit

Wikidata:Property proposal/феноритмотип is being proposed, I post this here because wikiprojects with more than 50 participants can't be pinged. --Tinker Bell 22:19, 3 June 2022 (UTC)

Afanasovich: Most likely I did not accurately choose the term to describe the property "deciduous / evergreen". If you look more broadly, then I propose to introduce a system of key properties that are immenent to plant taxa

In general, I like the way the key traits of plants are organized on the Plantarium (Q59786454) site. This is a more correct system from the point of view of botany, and this classification allows you to determine which taxon a particular plant specimen belongs to. Unfortunately, they are not translated into English, but only into Russian.

Here is a part of their plant classification system:

errors are possible! not all morphology terms exist in wikidata and i don't know the terms in english, i'm not a botanist

System of key features of plant taxa  
Q112226581 floating in the water column  
Q112226581 floating on the surface  
land plants  
part of sod (Q525728) (in Russian there is an existing adjective)  
with loooooong rhizome (Q184208) (in Russian there is an existing adjective)  
look like Poaceae (Q43238) (in Russian there is an existing adjective)  
with tuber (Q183319) (in Russian there is an existing adjective)  
look like liana (Q14079) (in Russian there is an existing adjective)  
with bulb (Q188748) (in Russian there is an existing adjective)  
with rosette (Q753457) (in Russian there is an existing adjective)  

What are your thoughts on implementing a similar system of key features for taxa? I myself have neither the rights to create / edit the properties of the wikidata, nor the skills.

Afanasovich (talk) 13:25, 23 June 2022 (UTC)

merging of Taxonomy templatesEdit

I noticed that there are in some way two galaxies of wiki regarding the Taxonomy templates : Template:Taxonomy/Animalia (Q19361053) vs Template:Animalia (Q14462312). This involves several thousands of items. Should these two templates be merged ? I have a bot ready to do this. Waiting for comments. @Vikiolog: Louperivois (talk) 14:15, 24 June 2022 (UTC)

Louperivois, I'm not 100 % sure (since i'm not familiar with the languages linked or their way of using taxons) but as logic from Turkish template usage, they are different things as: Template:Taxonomy/Animalia (Q19361053) serves as one of the pre-defined automated takson hierarchy step where all kingdoms included under Template:Automatic taxobox (Q6705326). Template:Animalia (Q14462312) serves for half automated/manuel which is like one of the variables under Template:Taxobox (Q52496) (which have different pre-defined colorization/box style for each kingdoms separately). Template:Taxobox (Q52496) is an old template used when there are no connection between taxons or for users who dont know how to add hierarchical connection templates, so they choose kingdom and just write the taxon names and info as they see and voila there is taxon box :) In Turkish there are manuel templates for plants, arachnids, reptilias, birds etc but not for animals as an equal to that :) Also for Turkish, no need to bother connecting them since i'm clearing these old template connections by passing each of them to automated style and emptying them to delete. So users dont need to bother thinking about taxon parents, citations for hierarchy, coloring or keep typing samethings over and over etc. New automated styled templates can be connected like Template:Taxonomy/Acacia (Q13218333). But i cant decide for other languages if they can act as fully automated or will be used in future or part of automatic taxon box to be added there :/ Vikiolog (talk) 19:47, 24 June 2022 (UTC)
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