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allowed entity types constraint (Q52004125) specifies that a property may only be used on a certain entity type.

For example, Wikidata property example (P1855) should only be used on properties—not on items—so P1855 has the following statement:

property constraint (P2302)
Preferred rank allowed entity types constraint (Q52004125)
item of property constraint (P2305) Wikibase property (Q29934218)
0 references
add reference

add value

The qualifier constraint scope (P4680) can be used to restrict the constraint to only apply when a property is used as a main value, as a qualifier, or as a references.

If no constraint scope (P4680) is specified, this constraint is checked everywhere.

Possible actionsEdit

There are several possible ways to address a violation of this constraint:

  • It’s possible that the property is not the correct one to use for the statement, and a similar but different property should be used instead.
  • It’s possible that the statement should not exist at all, and should be removed.
  • It’s possible that the statement is a rare, but legitimate exception to the constraint, and nothing should be done.


This constraint has one mandatory parameter:

item of property constraint (P2305)
Contains the allowed entity type(s), a subset of Wikibase item (Q29934200), Wikibase property (Q29934218), lexeme (Q51885771), form (Q54285143), sense (Q54285715), Wikibase MediaInfo (Q59712033).