Library of Congress Control Number (LCCN) (bibliographic)

record number for entries in the LoC bibliographic catalog (for authority records use P244)

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Data type

External identifier


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An LCCN has three parts, as shown at http://lccn.loc.gov/#n9 (both left and right columns): (English)
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Year: 2 digits if assigned in the years 1898-2000; 4 digits if assigned in the year 2001 or after (English)
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Serial: 1 to 6 digits; best practice is now to always type this number with 6 digits, padding the number with zeroes on the front if needed. (English)
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For records in Library of Congress Authorities (Q13219454), including titles of famous works, and names of people, use LCAuth identifier (Property:P244). (English)
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Alphabetic prefix: A possible prefix of 1 to 3 lower-case letters. (Bibliographic records after 2000 never have a prefix, but pre-2001 bibliographic records often do, and other kinds of LCCNs always do. Bibliographic records do not have prefixes n, nb, nr, ns, sh, sj, sn: use Property:P244 for those.) (English)
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On Wikidata, an optional space or hyphen may appear before the year. An optional hyphen may appear before the serial number; if the serial number is typed as less than 6 digits, the hyphen is required. The preferred and best formatting now is to remove all hyphens and spaces and insure that the serial is always 6 digits, as shown in the right column of http://lccn.loc.gov/#n9. (English)
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