head coach

on-field manager or head coach of a sports club (not to be confused with a general manager P505, which is not a coaching position) or person

  • manager
  • club manager
  • senior coach
  • team manager
  • coach
  • coached by
  • led by
  • trainer

Data type



entraîneuse (French)
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entrenadora (Spanish)
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trenérka (Czech)
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adestradora (Galician)
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entraîneur (French)
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entrenador (Spanish)
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Für die Angabe des Trainers eines Individualsportlers sollte die Eigentschaft P10449 verwendet werden. Bei Mannschaftssportlern erfolgt die Angabe des Trainers über die Mannschaft des Sportlers und eine Angabe im Datenobjekt des Sportlers ist nicht notwendig. (German)
Property P10449 should be used to indicate the coach of an individual athlete. In the case of team athletes, the coach is specified via the athlete's team and it is not necessary to specify the athlete's data object. (English)
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