number of platform faces

number of continuous platform edges facing a track or vehicle guideway in a station (often, but not always, the same as P1103 and the number of platform numbers). See property talk page for illustrated samples

  • platform faces
  • platforms
  • number of platforms

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A 'platform face' is a single continuous platform edge that is facing one or more tracks or vehicle guideways, regardless of the number of stopping positions or unique tracks along that edge. In contrast, a 'platform track' (P1103) is a part of a track or guideway which faces the length of at least one platform. Refer to the talk page for complete examples. (English)
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Faces that are partially fenced are still considered a single face provided that the edge is entirely continuous. However, a face that is completely blocked off is omitted from the total. (Discuss any special cases on this property's talk page.) (English)
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Property translators: please take extra care when naming and describing this property to distinguish it from "number of platform tracks" (P1103). A more precise definition is being used for this property. (English)
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