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note that describes what a term means in the context of a controlled vocabulary; use as a qualifier for identifier statements when a controlled vocabulary has a scope note

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הֶעָרַת הֶקֵּף (Hebrew)
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Here are entered works on methane as a combustible gas formed in coal mines. Works on methane present in a stratum of coal are entered under Coalbed methane. (English)
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Sous cette vedette, on trouve les documents qui traitent du méthane comme gaz combustible formé dans les mines de charbon. Les documents qui traitent du méthane présent dans les filons de houille se trouvent sous Gaz de charbon. (French)
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Tajiks (Central Asian people)
Ethnic Tajiks. For residents of Tajikistan see Tajikistanis. (English)
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Residents of Tajikistan. For ethnic Tajiks see Tajiks (Central Asian people). (English)
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prepared violin
A violin that has been altered by attaching wire or objects on and/or between the strings. (English)
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Political and educational movement stressing African cultural values and the achievements of African civilizations, aimed at increasing confidence, identity, and unity among African-Americans and others of African descent (English)
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Ornaments which terminate the point of a spire, pinnacle, or other vertical member; found on furniture as well as architecture (English)
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intersex fiction
Fiction pertaining especially to intersex persons and/or culture. (English)
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Aromantic people
Individuals who do not generally experience romantic attraction or desire (English)
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