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Concerning zhwp, jawp and krwpEdit

This is pretty confusing. The enwp disambiguation page "Happiness (disambiguation)" refers to the concept of happiness, whereas the corresponding pages of this item in jawp and krwp, respectively "ハピネス" and "해피니스", refer instead to the word "happiness" itself. And the real disambiguation pages for the concept of happiness in jawp and krwp are linked to Xingfu(Chinese pinyin for happiness) which corresponds to an enwp disambiguation page for Places named Xingfu in China. The "Conceptal" disambiguation page of zhwp was also linked to Xingfu but I fixed it here, for there is no "textual" disambiguation page for "happiness". This still needs repairing.--Hal 0005 (talk) 07:10, 12 April 2018 (UTC)

  • I haven't deal with too much disambiguation pages before, but I checked the guideline on the Wikidata:WikiProject Disambiguation pages/guidelines; it seems that it only make sense to link disambiguation page with other wiki disambiguation page, and they need to have the same spelling. So I think: 1. About item Q396789, for the enwp's "Happiness (disambiguation)", it shouldn't refer to the concept of happiness, that should be another page of its own. Everything spelling with the "Happiness" should be link with this item (Q396789), so about jawp and krwp's "ハピネス" and "해피니스", I'm not sure these kind of character fits into the guideline, it may make sense since they're maping to the rome chars "Happiness" (I may be wrong on this). 2. For the xingfu item Q800035, I think it make sense to move the zhwp "幸福" to link with this one because of the spelling. Does this make sense? Li Song (talk) 10:35, 25 April 2018 (UTC)
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