Wikimania 2014
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I am Andrew Gray, a librarian from the UK. I've been working with the Wikimedia projects since 2005, including several years handling public enquiries on the OTRS service. In 2012-13 I was the Wikipedian in Residence at the British Library in London. In the unlikely event you want to listen to me rather than read this, I made two short podcasts for AHRC, the project funder: about the Wikipedian in Residence program and about how to get involved with Wikipedia.

Ongoing projects

On Wikidata, my main project is on trying to structure data on British members of parliament; full details on this are at Wikidata:WikiProject British Politicians. I have also done work on:

Long term plans

There's a few things I would really like to set some time aside to work on.

  • Modelling legislation - we have a reasonably good way to handle statutes/SIs but we haven't imported much data
  • Overhauling how we handle death - modelling causes and contexts. The existing properties aren't quite suitable for some situations.
  • Sorting out the taxonomy of mythical/legendary people, gods, etc and how we handle their connection to historical figures - it's all a bit muddled
  • Military affiliations - it's potentially quite interesting to model people by regiments etc, especially in the 18th/19th century, but we don't have a good system for it
  • Sort out our taxonomies for agriculture/farming