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located in the administrative territorial entity (P131) (is or recurses back to) Illinois (Q1204) tree[1204][][131]

To figure outEdit

  • Found neighborhood (Q123705) (type of location) and neighbour (Q1986893) (type of person), but haven't found the item for the status of being a neighbor (maybe "voisinage" in French; possibly no equivalent word in English)

To-do and problems to repairEdit

Labels cut off before parentheses
Items with parentheses in names have labels cut off before the first parenthesis even if the parenthetical phrase wasn't at the end. Known to affect at least album titles created by GZWDer (flood) (talkcontribslogs); duplicated to other languages by PLbot (talkcontribslogs). Examples: 39 (Skinners) Signal Regiment (Volunteers) (Q16823887); 12 (+6) in a Row (Q17507477) (Suitable for automated fix.)
Labels cut off before commas
Similar to above, but slightly more complex: Some items with commas have labels cut off before the first comma even if the item isn't a geographic location. Example: 23, Male, Single (Q17435173) set in [1] by Dexbot (talkcontribslogs) (Reasonable for automated fix if it also generated a list of items where it couldn't determine the purpose of the comma, so humans can do it manually.)
Radio/TV program seasons labels cut to series title
en.wp articles "Title (season #)" or "Title (series #)" have just the label "Title" on Wikidata. Known to affect at least seasons imported by GZWDer (flood) (talkcontribslogs). Example: The Exes, season 4 (Q18389643). Many of the entries in Top 1000 labels in en, without descriptions are caused by this. (Suitable for automated fix.)
Standard populated settlement aliases for USA, Canada, maybe others
Towns should have at least the aliases "Townname XY" and "Townname, State" for U.S. and Canadian names. Some already have "Townname, State" for a the label; community should decide whether to move to alias or keep them, but consensus as of 2014 was to move "State" to alias. (Suitable for automated fix, at least for U.S. and Canada.)
Standard aliases for Catholic dioceses and archdioceses
Should have "Catholic Diocese of X", "Diocese of X", and "X Diocese" aliases, and possibly just "X"; spelling out "Roman" in diocese names is relatively rare off-wiki, and so is "Catholic" unless there are nearby non-Catholic dioceses. Also, aliases for "Roman Catholic Diocese of X in Y" should have aliases without "in Y". (Suitable for automated fix.)
diocese (P708) for cathedrals and other churches
Probably all cathedrals are attributable to a specific diocese, since the point of a cathedral is that it's the seat of a diocese. This can be tricky though: Latin Rite and various Eastern Catholic rites overlap territory, so the "most famous" cathedral in an area is usually Latin Rite diocese in the West, and an Eastern Catholic diocese in the Middle East, but other cathedrals in that country could be for the other rites' overlapping dioceses.