I'm the one on the very right, next to the window, front row

I'm Jens Ohlig and this is my private account.

I'm employed by Wikimedia Deutschland and in 2012 I was part of the initial team that developed the software that runs Wikidata. However, this private account does not have any special rights, and when I use it, I do so as a regular wiki user, not as a Wikidata developer or Wikimedia employee.

One of my technical contributions to Wikidata I'm both proud of and happy to talk about is the integration of Lua scripting for Wikidata objects. However, recently Hoo man has taken over the Lua part and he has greatly improved it and made it much more excellent.

Long-eared hedgehog
Alpine pika
Garden Hyacinth

The many mascots of Wikidata edit

Long-eared hedgehog edit

The long-eared hedgehog (Hemiechinus auritus) lives here as Q1459. It became the first mascot of Wikidata when Achim Raschka dedicated the corresponding article on the German Wikipedia to the Wikidata team and especially Denny Vrandečić. [1]

Alpine pika edit

The Alpine Pika (Ochotona alpina), a mammal in the Ochotonidae family, lives here as Q4524. It became the second mascot of Wikidata when Achim Raschka dedicated the corresponding article on the German Wikipedia to Lydia Pintscher of the Wikidata Team. [2]

Hyacinth edit

Hyacinths, growing here at Q158758, are the official flowers of Wikidata. The background story to this is a little more complicated. When working on localization and internationalization issues, a test instance of Wikidata was prepared for the Hebrew Wikipedia. Wikidata in Hebrew is ויקינתונים. If you paste this into Google Translate, no adequate translation of the Hebrew word ויקינתונים can be found and the closest one that the automatic translation can come up with is "And hyacinths". [3]

Some items to explore edit

Items on Wikidata have random numbers, but some are more random than others. Giving them all away would spoil the fun, but here are some items you could look into:

  • Universe
  • death
  • triskaidekaphobia
  • Jack Bauer
  • leet
  • Paul Otlet
  • Stanley Kubrick
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